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High-Quality Rogers Materials

Venture specializes in PCB materials manufacturing for more than 10 years. We are experts in most Roger materials that suit your project design. Venture recommends Rogers laminates as electrical properties and performance is very important in your design. 

Venture Rogers Materials

Venture offers Rogers materials designed with a low-loss dielectric that brings greater performance. Venture Roger laminates are one of the popular PCB materials for high-frequency PCB we offer. As a leading manufacturer and supplier, we can offer you our Rogers laminate series such as Rogers 4350b, RO4350, RO4003C, RO4360, RO4233, RO3003, RO3006, RO3010, RO3035, etc.

Venture Electronic

Your Best Rogers Materials Supplier in China

Through the years as an industry leader, Venture is the top PCB assembly manufacturer that offers high-quality Rogers materials in China.

At Venture, we highly specialized in PCB assembly and quick-turn PCB prototype. Apart from it, we also specialize in small and medium volume PCB fabrication.

Venture is the best place to fabricate your PCB with high-quality Rogers material to meet your demands. Also, we are committed to adhering to the strict PCB assembly and fabrication standards.

For your inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

No matter what you need for your project, we can provide a wide range of Rogers material series.

Venture Rogers laminates can provide a fundamental standard for PCB substrates. It keeps a widely effective balance between durability, cost, performance, manufacturability, and electrical properties.

Venture Rogers laminates have advantages as follows:

  • Effective-cost PCB fabrication
  • Low electrical signal loss
  • Better thermal management
  • Lower dielectric loss
  • Improve impedance control
  • Low outgassing for space applications

We can provide Rogers materials that can withstand conditions. Our Rogers materials have high-speed and high-frequency performance mostly categorized under Thermoset materials and PTFE-based materials.

Venture Rogers materials or Rogers laminates are widely used for military, wireless, automotive, defense, and telecommunication industries.

A few application examples of PCBs manufactured from Rogers materials are:

  • Power Amplifiers
  • Cellular Base Station Antennas
  • Automotive Radar and Sensors
  • RF identification (RFID) Tags
  • Direct Broadcast Satellites

What Is Rogers PCB?

Rogers PCB is a high frequency board, which is different from traditional FR4 PCB boards. It has no glass fiber in the middle, and the high frequency material uses a ceramic base.

Rogers materials have excellent dielectric constant and temperature stability. Its dielectric constant and thermal expansion coefficient are very consistent with copper foil, which can be used to improve the deficiencies of PTFE based materials.

It is ideal for high-speed electronic design, commercial microwave and RF applications.

Rogers PCB

Advantages of Rogers PCB

The Advantages of using Rogers PCB are as below:
1) Rogers PCB has low moisture absorption, low thermal expansion and solid dimensional stability suitable for different conditions.

2) The material of RogersPCB is compatible, and the PCB is as thin as 0.1mm, which is easy to manufacture.

3) Rogers PCB has excellent thermal management capability, ideal for electronic devices and circuits that generate overheating.

4.)Outgassing in space applications can be reduced when Using Rogers PCB.

5)Rogers PCB matches trace location and size for enhanced impedance control.
6)Rogers PCB provides stable high frequency performance.


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Why Choose Venture as Your Rogers PCB Supplier?

Venture is a PCB prototype manufacturer specializing in Rogers high frequency PCB boards, which can meet various high frequency PCB needs of customers.

At present, 4~10 layers of ceramic pure pressing and 4~12 layers of mixed pressing can be realized. We will use automated optical inspection and X-ray inspection for final testing before shipment. There will be strict impedance control and test reports for your confirmation.

We continually strive to create high quality Rogers PCB products and want to be the best partner with you.

Why Choose Venture as Your Rogers PCB Supplie