Nelco n4000-13SI PCB

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Key Electrical Property of Nelco N4000 13 SI Compared with Other Nelco 4000-13 Series Materials

The Nelco N4000 13 SI is suitable for PCB material applications that requires optimum signal integrity and precise impedance control to maintain high reliability through CAF and thermal resistance.

Among the Nelco 4000-13 series of materials, especially N4000-13 SI, have excellent electrical properties for high-speed digital applications. SI (Signal Integrity) material is based on specially formulated glass cloth with very low Dk over a wide frequency range, closely matching the Dk of the resin.


Is NELCO N4000-13SI a High Tg Material?

Yes, N4000-13SI is a high Tg material developed by American Nelco company, it is mainly used for producing high-performance PCB substrates.

NELCO N4000-13SI PCBs are widely applied for aerospace products because they are high density and light weight.

Why Choose Venture as Your Nelco N4000 13 SI PCB Supplier?

Venture owns leading Nelco n4000-13SI supply design capabilities and our automatic production line can produce hundreds of Nelco n4000-13SIs PCBs per day, so you will always have enough Nelco n4000-13 SI supply even during peak times.

No matter you are a Nelco n4000-13SI design reseller, retailer or custom Nelco n4000-13SI design factory, Venture is always your right choice to meet your demands.


Your Best Nelco n4000-13SI Partner

We are a professional Nelco n4000-13SI design supplier in China for over 10 years of experience. We offer our valued customers the very best products at the most affordable pricing. Venture can also supply other design that is related to Nelco n4000-13SI such as:

  • Thin Board PCB Nelco n4000-13SI
  • High-Frequency PCB Nelco n4000-13SI
  • Tab PCB Nelco n4000-13SI
  • FPCB Nelco n4000-13SI
  • Metal Core PCB Nelco n4000-13SI
  • HDI PCB Nelco n4000-13SI

Your Leading Nelco n4000-13SI Supplier in China

Venture Nelco n4000-13SI is built for different printed circuit board use. We are a professional Nelco n4000-13SI supplier design in China for over 10 years. Venture Nelco n4000-13SI has outstanding performance and durability. These features a lead-free assembly compatible. It has an excellent thickness control for strong tolerance impedance utilization also it provides both exceptional thermal and high signal speed or low signal loss properties.

Venture Nelco n4000-13SI is perfectly suited for assemblies with a maximum reflow temperature of 245°C. It features a conductive anodic filament resistance. Venture Nelco n4000-13SI is widely used in different industries. You can use our Nelco n4000-13SI for circuit board and etc. Also, use conveniently our Nelco n4000-13SI into different uses.

Venture has a leading  Nelco n4000-13SI supplying design capacity, we can produce hundreds of Nelco n4000-13SI every day with our automated production line, so you will always have enough Nelco n4000-13SI even in peak days.  We have some sets of various Nelco n4000-13SI supplying design lines and in the Nelco n4000-13SI fabrication facility. Whether you are in need of a 3Nelco n4000-13SI design distributor, retailer, or a custom Nelco n4000-13SI design factory, Venture is always your most reliable choice because we can always accommodate your demands.

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If you are in need of a Nelco n4000-13SI feel free to contact us for assistance.

Nelco n4000 13SI: The Ultimate FAQ Guide


If you have any question about Nelco n4000 13SI PCB material, then you will find the answer right here.

Starting from features, dielectric constant, properties to specifications – this guide covers everything you need to know about these Nelco PCB materials.

Keep reading to learn more.

What are Nelco n4000- 13SI Laminates?

Nelco n4000-13 SI are special types of laminates you will use for different applications that need great signal integrity.

It is the laminate that will help in precise impedance control, while maintaining high reliability through thermal and CAF resistance.

Impedance controlled PCB

Impedance controlled PCB

Which Features Make the Nelco n4000 13 SI Laminates Unique?

Nelco n4000-13 SI are special types of laminates which have unique features that you ought to know more about.

Here are the key features of the Nelco n4000-13SI laminates that you should consider.

· Compatible to Lead-Free Assembly

Nelco laminates are compatible to applications that will work free of lead components.

You will use them in assemblies that have maximum reflow temperature of about 245 degrees centigrade.

It has also worked well in applications with reflow conditions reaching 260 degrees centigrade.

This is, however, dependent on the design as well as the manufacturing processing of the printed circuit boards.

· Great Thermal, Signal Loss and Electrical Properties

You will realize that Nelco n4000-13 SI has great thickness control great for tight tolerance and impedance applications.

It also has low dielectric constants and dissipation factors that allows for faster propagation of signals and low signal distortion.

You can, therefore, use it in applications that require high reliability and high frequency ranging between 1 to 10 GHz.

· CAF2 Resistant

It has low Z-CTE with proven CAF resistance2 that provide long term reliability for both digital and radio frequency applications.

· Buried Capacitance and Great Signal Integrity Options

It has a signal integrity glass which will provide enhanced electrical performance even in the greatest demanding applications.

It also features approved ZBC-2000 substrates that are available for more reliable and thinner assemblies thus increasing board densities.

· High Tg and FR4 Processing

The processes of the Nelco n4000 -13 SI laminates are similar to traditional high Tg FR4 materials.

You can manufacture it through increased pressure between 275 to 350 psi and temperature of 193 degrees centigrade.

In addition to that, you will allow it under those conditions for about 90 minutes.

There are also numerous construction features of Nelco n4000-13 SI that you should have a look at.

Here are the main construction features that you will find in the Nelco n4000-13 SI laminates.

  • Vacuum Lamination Processes
  • Varying construction, glass styles, and copper weights such as double treat, standard copper and RTFOIL laminates.
  • Meets the specifications of capacitive laminates due to the availability of the 2 mil core products.
  • Meets quality certification properties such as RoHS, IPC-4101/21 and UL 94V-0.

What is the Recommended Nelco n4000 13 Thickness?

Well, you should note that Nelco n4000-13 SI laminates are available in different sizes as well as weights.

Due to the variation in size and weight, you should also expect the thickness of the Nelco n4000-13SI laminates to vary.

Implying that, there are no standard thickness parameters for the Nelco n4000-13 SI laminates.

You will dictate the dimensions including the thickness of the Nelco n4000-13 SI laminates that you want.

Of course, your dimensions will depend greatly on the application requirements or specifications.

What are the Main Applications of the Nelco n4000-13 SI Laminate?

You can use the Nelco n4000-13 SI laminates in applications that require great signal integrity.

Here are some of the applications where Nelco n4000-13 SI laminates come in handy.

  • Fine Line Multilayer Applications
  • Backplane Applications
  • Surface Mount Multilayer Applications
  • BGA Multilayer Applications
  • MCM- Ls Applications
  • CSP Attachment Applications
  • Wireless Communication Infrastructure Applications
  • High Speed Service Applications
  • High Speed Storage Network Applications
  • Internet Routing or Switching Applications

What is the Dielectric Constant of Nelco n4000-13 SI Laminates?

The dielectric constant is a variable that will vary from one type of Nelco n4000-13 SI laminate to another.

Implying that, different types of Nelco n4000-13 SI laminates have different dielectric constants.

In this case, you will have to maintain low dielectric constants for faster signal propagation and lower signal distortions.

Despite the variation, most Nelco n4000-13 SI laminates have dielectric constants of 3.6 @ 10GHz.

What is the Dissipation Factor of the Nelco n4000-13 SI Laminates?

Just like the dielectric constants, Nelco n4000-13 SI has low dissipation factor which is a measure of energy loss.

On the same note, you will realize that the dissipation factor of the Nelco n4000-13SI also varies according to application requirements.

Implying that, your application specifications will dictate the measure of energy loss (dissipation factor) of Nelco n4000-13 SI laminates.

Despite the variation, you will find most Nelco n4000-13 SI laminates with dissipation factors of 0.008 @ 10 GHz.

Which Chemical Properties Make Up the Nelco n4000-13 SI Laminates?

When choosing the Nelco n4000-13 SI laminates, you should pay close attention to the chemical properties.

Chemical properties of Nelco n4000-13 SI are the properties that become evident on the laminate after a chemical reaction.

Here are the main chemical properties of Nelco n4000-13 SI laminates you should look at.

· Moisture Absorption Rate

The rate of moisture absorption of Nelco n4000-13 SI laminates are at 0.1 of weigh percentage.

· Resistance to Methylene Chloride

It also has great resistance to methylene chloride at 0.7 percent of the weight chg.

· Density of Nelco n4000-13 SI Laminates at 50% Resin Content

The density of Nelco n4000- 13 SI at 50% resin content is 1.79 grams per cubic centimeters.

Apart from Nelco n4000 13SI, which other Nelco Laminates Do You Supply?

Well, there are numerous other Nelco laminates that we supply other than the Nelco n4000 -13 SI.

Here are a few of the Nelco n4000 – 13 SI laminates that you can choose from.

You should know that the Nelco n4000 laminates have varying features as well as properties.

You will also use them in different applications depending on the application specifications.

What is the Main Lamination Process of the Nelco n4000 -13 SI Laminates?

Well, lamination of the Nelco n4000-13 SI follows the same process as the lamination of multilayer printed circuit boards.

Here is a step-by-step process that you can follow in order to securely laminate multilayer PCBs with Nelco n4000-13 laminates.

1. Preparation of the Materials

Firstly, you will have to prepare all the materials and machines that you need for the whole lamination process.

You must have the Nelco n4000-13 laminates at hand as well as the multi-layer printed circuit boards.

In addition to that, you will have the lamination machine which will secure laminate on the multilayer PCB.

You can begin by setting up the machine and leaving it on stand-by mode.

2. Bonding with Lamination

Secondly, you will place the Nelco n4000-13 SI Laminates on one of the layers of the printed circuit boards.

Males sure that it sits or rests upon the printed circuit board accordingly before placing it on the lamination machine.

As soon as it is on the machine, you will go to the control panel and configure the lamination details.

You will program the lamination machine and set it with the following parameters.

  • High Lamination Pressure of 275 t0 350 Psi
  • Lamination Time of about 90 mins
  • High Lamination Temperatures of 193 degrees centigrade

After that, you will allow the machine to proceed with the lamination process for the said period.

As soon as the time is complete, you will allow the laminate to cure on the PCB at high temperatures.

You will release the pressure at a slow rate as you cool the materials at a very slow rate.

How Does the Nelco n4000-13 SI Laminates Compare to Nelco n4000-13 Laminates?

Nelco n4000-13 and Nelco n4000-13 SI laminates fall in more or less the same category with very small differences.

Nelco n4000-13 laminates is a special type of epoxy resin that provide high signal speed and outstanding thermal properties.

In addition to that, Nelco n4000 – 13 also have very low signal loss properties.

On the other, hand, you will use the Nelco n4000 – 13 SI laminates on applications that require high signal integrity.

Apart from that, it is significant in applications that require precise impedance control, high reliability and CAF resistance.

Nelco n4000 – 13 SI also has great thermal properties allowing you to use them in applications with very high temperatures.

What are the Quality Certifications of Nelco n4000-13 SI Laminates?

Nelco PCB material

Nelco PCB Material

You should purchase Nelco n4000 – 13 SI laminates that adhere to the international quality standards.

These international quality standards will protect you from counterfeit products while increasing durability.

Here are some of the quality certifications that your Nelco n4000-13 SI must adhere to.

  • RoHS Quality Certifications
  • CE Quality Certifications
  • UL Quality Certifications such as UL 94V-0.
  • IPC Quality Certifications such as IPC 4101/29
  • RoHO Quality Certifications

What are the Electrical Properties of the Nelco n4000-13SI Laminates?

You must also consider the electrical properties of the Nelco n4000 – 13 SI laminates before making a purchase.

Here are some of the electrical properties of the Nelco n4000 – 13 SI laminates you ought to pay close attention to.

· Dielectric Constant

The dielectric constant of the Nelco n4000 – 13 Si laminates at 50% resin content vary depending on the specifications.

You can get a dielectric constant @ 1 GHz radio frequency impedance or @ 2.5 GHz spilt post cavity among others.

· Dissipation Factor

You must also look at the dissipation factor of Nelco n4000 – 13 SI laminates at 50% resin content.

The dissipation factor will vary with special factors such as @ 2.5 GHz split post cavity or @ 10 GHz strip line.

· Volume Resistivity

It is also very important to look at the volume resistivity of the Nelco n4000 – 13 SI laminates.

There are varying options of volume resistivity such as C – 96/36/90 and E – 24/125.

· Surface Resistivity

You must also have a look at the surface resistivity which depends on a number of different factors.

The varying options of surface resistivity can be C – 96/35/90 and E – 24/125

In addition to the above electrical properties, you can also look at the electric strength and dielectric breakdowns.

Apart from that, arc resistance is also a great factor of the electrical properties you ought to consider.

Can You V-score High Frequency Materials on Nelco n4000-13 SI Laminates?

V score on PCB

V score on PCB

No, you cannot V-score the high frequency materials on the Nelco n4000 – 13 laminates.

Most of the high frequency materials of the Nelco n4000 – 13 SI laminates are fibrous and soft.

V- scores have two circular saws that face one another that will not hold up on soft materials.

It is the reason why you should avoid v-scoring of the high frequency materials of Nelco n4000-13 SI laminates.

How Much Does the Nelco n4000-13SI Cost?

Well, the cost of the Nelco n4000 – 13 SI laminates often varies depending on the type and size of laminates.

In addition to that, the higher the quality of the Nelco n4000 – 13 SI laminates, the higher the price.

You should note that an increase in size as well as quantity will also increase the cost of the laminates.

Generally, Nelco n4000 – 13 SI laminates cost between 1.10 to 5 US dollars.

Why Should You Import Nelco n4000-13SI from China?

You should consider importing the Nelco n4000-13 SI laminates from China because of numerous advantages.

Here are the main reasons why you should import the Nelco n4000-13 SI laminates from China.

· High Quality Products

You will get very high-quality products that adhere to the international quality standards from China.

Chinese manufacturers use state of the art technology, techniques and materials to make Nelco n4000 -13 SI laminates.

· Affordable Prices

You will also get the high quality Nelco n4000 -13 SI laminates at very affordable prices from China.

The prices will, however, vary according to a number of factors such as quantity, size and of course quality.

· Great Infrastructure

China also has great infrastructure that would increase the ease of doing business with the Chinese manufacturers.

You will depend on the great transport and communication system to order and deliver goods accordingly.

Do You Customize the Nelco n4000-13SI according to Customers Specifications?

Yes, we also work close with you as our customers to come up with custom Nelco n4000 – 13 SI laminates.

We have a great team of designers with plenty of experience who will assist in the designing of the laminates.

We will be in constant communication with you to specify every detail according to your application requirements.

Which Parameters Will Determine Your Choice for Nelco n4000-13SI Laminates?

Nelco PCB Material

Nelco PCB Material

There are three main parameters which help in the determination of choice of the Nelco n4000-13SI laminates.

Here are the main parameters that you ought to pay very close attention to.

  • Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE)
  • Glass Transition Temperature (Tg)
  • Dielectric Constant (Dk)

Which Specifications Do You Look at When Choosing the Nelco n4000-13SI Laminates?

There are particular features or specifications that you should pay very close attention to when choosing Nelco n4000 – 13 SI laminates.

Here are the main specifications you have to consider.

  • Physical, mechanical and electric performance
  • Thermal Conductivity
  • Dielectric Constants
  • Appearance and Size
  • Transition Temperature
  • Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE)
  • Chemical, Moisture, and Temperature Resistance
  • Ability to operate in different thermal environments

At Venture Electronics, we help you get high performance Nelco n4000 13SI PCB materials.

For any questions or inquiries on Nelco n4000 13SI material, contact Venture Electronics team now.

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