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Venture Electronics has 10 years of experience in multilayer PCB stack-up. We guarantee the best possible performance of the Venture 10 layer PCBs.

As a professional designer of 12 layer PCB stack-up, your PCB has some advantages:

  • reduce electromagnetic emissions
  • improve signal integrity
  • make PCBs more susceptible to outside noise

Your Leading 10 Layer PCB Stack-up Supplier in China

For more than 10 years, Venture Electronics is a leading Chinese manufacturer and supplier of top quality 12 layer PCB. Our 12 layer PCB stack-up is designed with excellent mechanical and electrical stability at a competitive price.

When selecting 12 layer stack-up, our expert design team is focused on the following aspects:

  • a signal layer should always be adjacent to a plane
  • a power plane can be used for the return path of the signal
  • signal layers should be tightly coupled to their adjacent planes
  • determine the return part of the signal

Venture can expertly stack and routed 12 layer PCB to meet all high-speed requirements and will have excellent EMC performance and signal integrity.

If you are looking for an expert designer to stack-up your 12 layer PCB, Venture Electronics is always the best place to rely upon.

We designed a 12 layer PCB stack-up to generate PCB through a reliable predefined mutual connection between them.

Also, Venture 12 layer PCB stack-up is designed to reduce the radiation and stop the circuit from being interfered with by an external noise source.

Venture Electronics is committed to excellence and innovations in our 12 layer PCB stack-up. We are professional in providing satisfying 12 layer PCB stack-up.

We will be your expert 12 layer PCB stack-up designer for your applications.

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