PCB Engineering Solutions

Venture offers the following PCB engineering solutions to meet your needs and quality expectations:

Design Rule Check (DRC)

We have related tools and engineers to make sure your chip layout meets all design rules and parameters. Our reliable Design Rule Check methods and experienced design & layout engineers will make sure you receive boards that the manufacturer has optimized for use of space.

PCB Design for Manufacturability (DFM)

At Venture, we offer Design for Manufacturability (DFM) analysis , we completely check customer’s design drawings, including fabrication circuit/trace routing, component positioning and spacing, potential fault reduction and process selection, and also provide proposal to promote customer’s circuit design. By doing this we, we can help customers reduce the possibilities of repair, defects and ensure production quality.

An optimal PCB design is what you should expect from Venture, and that is what you will always get, with respect to all crucial factors: cost, safety, compliance, time-to-market, reliability and customer satisfaction.


Quality Panelization is a key element in PCB manufacturing process that Venture engineers take very seriously. Our PCB engineering solutions are able to meet the requirements of anything from basic rectangular printed circuit boards to boards with panels that are multiple routed rounded polygons or have other complex designs, while at same time also provide customization or separation you need.

DXF to Gerber Conversion

Gerber is now the most frequently used (standard) PCB design format. Gerber files are more flexible, and can make it easier to eliminate errors and lead to faster production. Venture PCB engineering solutions also include a quick and easy DXF and DWG to Gerber conversions. This simplifies your design process and getting your PCBs faster.

Controlled Impedance Modeling

Not all PCB require controlled impedance, but if you need this in your application, Venture offers support for controlled impedance modeling. Our design engineers will give you suggestions on how to model impedance to ensure that signal reflections are prioritized.

There’s no job too small or too large for Venture. Through our 2 hours rapid response services and our 24/7 sales and engineering team support, and excellent after-sales service, we will be your best PCB design, manufacturing and assembly partner in China.