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RF PCB design (Radio Frequency printed circuit board design, RF printed circuit board design) is one of the most exciting application for electronics designers today, any smartphones, sensors, robotics, and security systems are in demand of complicated and high frequency boards, which will require RF PCB design. The greater complexity of circuitry also brings greater headaches for RF PCB designers, Venture RF PCB design team are here to help!

RF PCB (also named Radio frequency PCB or Radio frequency printed circuit board)and Microwave PCB, is designed to operate high frequency signals with small wave length, surely related to radio frequency, The laminate materials for RF PCB design contains very specific characteristics, such as dielectric constant (Er), loss tangent, and CTE (co-efficient of thermal expansion), these laminates have more advanced composites compare to normal FR-4 material.

IEEE standard designate RF(radio frequency) is from 20KHz to 300GHz, and Frequencies ≥ 1 GHz are called microwave(1MHz=1000KHz,1GHz=1000MHz), This is roughly between the upper limit—audio frequencies and the lower limit —infrared frequencies.

In PCB industry, however, any high frequency PCB design that operates above 100MHz are considered as RF PCB design, and any PCB operates above 2GHz we call it a Microwave PCB.

Venture RF PCB design team can properly design your RF PCB and microwave PCB projects with proper high-frequency laminates with tight turnarounds, our RF PCB design team will provide detail information of material options and DFM considerations, and also produce with high-quality controls to ensure performance of your products life cycle. We use vias for transmission Line Layer Changes, properly adding Line Bends and Corner Compensation, and route on Bias and Ground Layers

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Venture is the perfect place for your RF PCB design requirement; we are trusted by thousands of electronic engineers all around the world through our 100% quality guaranteed policy.

General materials we are familiar that fit for your RF PCB designs are still from top companies such as Rogers、Arlon、GIL Taconic、Metclad、Isola、Polyclad,Asaki、Hitach、ehemical、Chukok..etc, but there are also China local companies coming into market such as Shengyi, taxing, wangling..etc we can offer you to choose, we know that different applications may have different demands and budgets, Venture RF PCB design team is happy to help you choose the proper material that suit for your application and meet your budget, for details pls feel free to contact our sales.

Popular Materials for RF PCB and Microwave PCB
RogersRO4003C, RO4350B, RO4360, RO4533, RO4535, RO4730, RO4232, RO4233, RO3003, RO3006, RO3010, RO3035, R03203, RO3206, RO3210, RO3730, RO5780, RO5880, RO6002, RO3202, RO6006
TaconicTLY-5A, TLY-5, TLY-3, HT1.5, TLX-0, TLX-9, TLX-8, TLX-7, TLX-6, TLC-27, TLE-95, TLC-30, TPG-30, TLG-30, RF-30, TSM-30, TLC-32, TPG32, TLG-32, TLG-34, TPG-35, TLG-35, GF-35, RF-35, RF-35A, RF-35P, RF-41, RF-43, RF-45, RF-60A, CER-10
ArlonAD255 C03099, AD255 C06099, AD255 C04099, AD300 C03099, AD300 C04099, AD300 C06009, TC600, AD250 C02055C, TC350, MCG300CG, DCL220, CUCLAD 217LX, CUCLAD 250GX, ARLON 55NT
Wangling, TaixingF4BK225, F4BK265, F4BK300, F4BK350, F4BM220, F4BM255, F4BM265, F4BM300, F4BM350


Through our 2 hours rapid response services from our 24/7 sales and tech support team, and excellent after-sales service, we will be your best RF PCB design partner in China. At Venture we can answer any RF PCB design questions that you may have, please feel free to contact us anytime.