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Every day, hundreds of millions of people are traveled in vehicles for work and play, automakers and their suppliers, together with Venture strive to make IPC class III standard automotive PCBs, in order to deliver the better driver experience and passenger experience.

Automotive PCB

Automotive PCB: 4 Layer board for electrical car

Automotive PCBs are within complex systems and facing extreme temperature, dirt, chemicals and moisture, every technological improvement needs to concern high-reliability, better control, and care in automotive design. Years before, traditional vehicles use standard rigid printed circuit boards, but now new generation PCBs like HDI(Every-layer Interconnect) boards, flex, and Rigid-Flex are widely used in every part of your vehicles, such as GPS systems, sensors.

1+N+1 , 6 Layers HDI Automotive PCB GPS System


Your Leading Automotive PCB Supplier in China

We have experiences in delivering automotive PCBs to below applications:

  • Instrumentation
  • Digital displays
  • Engine control
  • Transmission control modules
  • Stalk switches
  • LED lighting
  • Sensors system
  • Door latch/locking systems
  • Occupant detectors
  • LCD displays & touch screens
  • Comfort systems
  • Infotainment systems
  • GPS system
  • Sound systems and more
  • Emergency assist system

The use of LEDs in the automotive industry  has posed new challenges in the shape and design of printed circuit boards. When installing LEDs in front the automobile headlights, for example, the printed circuit board is bonded to an aluminium heat sink to which the LEDs are then attached. The printed circuit boards offered by Venture have either one, two or three layers (HDI).

Automotive PCB 9

Flexible PCB Bonded to Aluminum Heat Sink for Automobile headlights

As a leading automotive PCB manufacturer of 10 years’experience with ISO/TS16949 compliant, we support PCB and PCB assembly prototyping to mass production for all your automotive PCB projects, by providing standard rigid PCBs, flexible circuits and rigid-flex solutions to automotive manufacturers and their suppliers. We at Venture deeply understand the automotive industry,  you can expect high-quality automotive PCBs with on-time delivery, reliable, and traceable and strict process control solutions with the economic cost. Automotive PCB 7

 2 Layers, 6 Oz thick (heavy) copper PCB for automotive

An automotive PCB used in cars or trucks, subassembly or dealer support system must be highly reliable and long-lasting under extreme temperature, dirt, chemicals, and moisture, and also important be highly competitive in price. Venture meets these criteria by providing automotive PCBs specifically designed to withstand the harsh conditions, we offer high-temperature laminates and copper & aluminum substrates, as well as differential copper, plated PCBs that are leading in the industry. Automotive PCB 8

Automotive PCB: Oil circuit control system board

Through our 2 hours rapid response services from our 24/7 sales and tech support team, and excellent after-sales service, we will be your best automotive PCB manufacturers and suppliers in China. At Venture we can answer any automotive PCB questions that you may have, pls feel free to contact us anytime.