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PCBs For Railway System

We provide reliable PCB solutions for the railway industry. We design and manufacture to meet the stringent requirements for stability and reliability of railway systems, covering key areas such as signal processing, control systems and power management.

Diverse PCB Solutions for Railway Systems

Signaling PCB

Essential for automatic block signaling, track circuit monitoring, and ground fault indication, these PCBs ensure reliable signaling data transmission and accurate train detection.

Communication PCB

Used in public address systems, digital selective calling, and trackside communication nodes, these PCBs guarantee robust and clear communication between train operators, control centers, and passengers.

Power Supply PCB

Designed to provide stable and reliable power to various railway systems, our Power Supply PCBs are integral to uninterruptible power supplies, battery chargers, and power distribution units.

Protection PCB

Mainly used in transient voltage protection devices, surge protection devices and earth fault indicators to protect sensitive railway electronic equipment from voltage spikes and disturbances.

Control & Monitoring PCB

Central to the automation and supervision of railway systems, our Control & Monitoring PCBs are employed in current loop converters, digital track circuit monitoring modules, and environmental monitoring sensors.

What is a PCB Antenna All You Need to Know

Others PCBs

We also have specialised PCBs designed for unique applications in the railway industry. These include user interface PCBs for passenger information systems, GPS navigation modules and energy management PCBs for optimising power usage.

Advantages of PCB in Railway

  • Reliability and Stability: precise manufacturing ensures long-term stable operation, guaranteeing the reliability and safety of the rail transit system.
  • Optimised Wiring Design: reduces electromagnetic interference, improves signal transmission efficiency, ensures stable system performance and reduces failure rate.
  • Efficient Thermal Management Capability: Optimised heat dissipation design effectively controls the temperature of components and prolongs the service life of PCB board and system.
  • Environmental Adaptability: Adoption of professional protective materials and coatings ensures that the PCB board still operates reliably in harsh environments, guaranteeing the long-term stability of the system.

We Implement PCB Functions for These Products

Digital module for monitoring track circuits
Automatic Block Signaling System with Centralized Control and Audio Frequency Track Circuits
digital track circuit signal generators
digital track circuit signal receivers
trackside impulse relays
insulation resistance meters
Safe voltage monitoring device
Digital ground fault indicator
Current Loop to RS-485 Converter
Ground Fault Indicator Parameter Test Set
Digital Track Circuit Receiver-Decoder
Tram junction control cabinets
Digital Private Branch Exchange (DPBX)
Surge Protection for Railway System
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
Telecom Power Supply Unit with Surge Protection (PSU with Surge Protection)
Trackside Communication Node
Railway Communication Relay Node
Tonal Selective Dispatch (TSD) System
Public Address (PA) System Amplifier
Digital Selective Calling (DSC) Receiver
Selective Calling Handset
Console Voice Communication Systems
Push-to-Talk (PTT) Telephone
PBX Phone
PBX Phone with Speakerphone
Railway/Metro Communication Phone
Telephone Line Repeater
Yard Communication System
Two-Way Communication System
master station
Industrial Intercom
Public Address Amplifier (PA Amplifier)
Passenger Communication System (PCS)
Passenger-Cashier Intercom System
Linear broadcast transformer
Public Address and Intercom System (PA/IS)
Transient Voltage Protection (TVP) for Railway Signaling
Railway Signaling Relay Cabinet
Power Line Filter for Railway Signaling
Railway Power Supply Unit (RPSU)
DC Uninterruptible Power Supply (DC UPS)
Main Distribution Board (MDB)
Power Supply and Distribution Cabinet (PSDC)
24V DC Battery Charger Cabinet
Critical Power Distribution Unit (CDU)
Uninterruptible power supply cabinet
battery cabinet
Emergency Disconnect Panel (EDP)
Rectifier Charger System (RCS)
Uninterruptible power supply units
Power Supply Unit with Surge Protection (PSU w/ Surge Protection)
power supply device
Uninterruptible DC power supply unit
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