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Guitar Preamp PCB: The Ultimate FAQ Guide


If you’re looking for any information about guitar preamp PCB, you will find it right here.

So, keep reading to learn more.

What Is A Guitar Preamp PCB?

A guitar preamp PCB is an electronic device that will boost the original signal output from your guitar.

Besides, you will install guitar preamp PCBs before the power amp.

Guitar preamp PCB

guitar preamp PCB

Why Is It Important To Have A Guitar Preamp PCB?

 Guitar pre amp pcb diagram

Guitar preamp PCB diagram

When you plug a guitar directly into audio or PA systems, it produces weak and fuzzy sound signals.

The guitar preamp PCB will increase the signal of the guitar to an audible volume, ensuring a consistent sound through the addition of compression.

Guitar preamp kit

Guitar preamp kit

How Does A Guitar Preamp Operate?

Guitar preamp PCBs will change the guitar signal to a line-level signal.

A guitar will record weak signals with some frequencies being inaudible.

The guitar preamp PCB is the first section of an amplifier that the guitar will interact with.

Suitable guitar preamp PCBs are linear to support a constant gain throughout its operation.

Besides, it would have high input impedance meaning it requires small amounts of current to notice the input signal.

Also, it has low output impedance which causes small changes in output voltage when you draw current from the output.

What Should You Consider Before Selecting A Guitar Preamp PCB?

Guitar preamp PCBs have several terminologies and functionalities that would be confusing.

Here are factors to consider when choosing guitar preamp PCBs:

Type Of Guitar Preamp PCB

There are different types of guitar preamp PCBs such as tube and solid-state guitar preamp PCBs.

Tube guitar preamp PCBs are colorful while solid-stage guitar preamp PCBs produce a cleaner sound.

For this reason, select the one suitable for your application.

Number Of Channels

Guitar preamp PCBs may have one, two, or multiple channels, so consider the number of channels before purchasing one.

Inline Processing

Consider if you need compression and EQ from a channel strip.

Maximum Gain

The gain will range depending on the type of guitar you are using.

For instance, the gain can range between 30dB and 70dB.

What Are The Types Of Guitar Preamp PCBs?

There are various groups that you can use to identify the type of guitar preamp PCB.

Examples of aesthetic guitar preamp PCBs include:

Transparent Guitar Preamp PCB

This type will reproduce sound without changing the tone or timbre of the guitar sound.

They take guitar signals and change them to line-level volume with minimal to no distortion.

Colored Guitar Preamp PCB

This type will boost the volume of the guitar signal while introducing harmonic distortion.

They add flavor to the signals by using vacuum tubes or transformers.

However, ensure you properly use it since it may make your signals over the top.

Examples of guitar preamp PCBs in terms of circuit design include:

Tube Guitar Preamp PCB

These preamps have thermotic tubes that create gain.

They add color or flavor to the guitar signals comprising of deep bass and an airy open high.

Also, it adds warmth in the midrange since the tube experiences some distortion as signal volume increases.

They also operate as low-pass filters hence minimize high frequencies.

Solid-state Guitar Preamp PCB

This type produces more transparency than tube guitar preamp PCBs since they accept a higher gain without producing distortion.

When the gain increases, transistors begin to operate consistently, hence produce minimal distortion to a maximum level.

This preamp is suitable for guitars that have quick and powerful stacks and transients.

Examples of guitar preamp PCBs in terms of format include:

500 Series Guitar Preamp PCB

This type has single signal processing systems within powered enclosures.

Most of them come as single channels and channel strips are available for those with extra EQ or compression.

Also, they are small hence are cost-effective.

Racked Guitar Preamp PCB

These are old-fashioned preamps and are suitable for those requiring preset tones and interchangeable components.

Desktop Guitar Preamp PCB

These are suitable for musicians requiring high-quality channels.

They have a powerful gain with expanded bass and are compact.

Digital Guitar Preamp PCB

This type converts analog signals to digital signals.

They also incorporate the signal’s sonic trademark before it outputs it to digital audio workstations.

How Does A Guitar Preamp PCB And Receiver PCB Compare?

A guitar preamp PCB will boost weaker signals before relaying them to amplifiers.

Preamp kit

Preamp kit

Besides, receiver PCBs receive signals from the input systems then relays them to the output system.

 Receiver PCB

Receiver PCB

How Does Active Guitar Preamp PCBs And Passive Guitar Preamp PCBs Compare?

Here is how these two compare:

Active Guitar Preamp PCB

This guitar preamp PCB needs an external power source, meaning it can also power speakers.

 Active guitar preamp

 active guitar preamp PCB

Passive Guitar Preamp PCB

This guitar preamp PCB has no external power source meaning it sends signals to amplifiers by boosting the signals.

 Passive guitar preamp

 Passive guitar preamp PCB

How Does A Guitar Preamp PCB And A Power Amplifier Compare?

A guitar preamp PCB will boost weaker signals to line levels signals before transferring it to amplifiers.

Besides, power amplifier PCBs come after the preamp and will amplify the sound from guitars by boosting the line level even more.

What Are The Thermal Properties Of Guitar Preamp PCBs?

These properties include:

Glass transition Temperature

The substrates of guitar preamp PCB will soften then harden when you expose them to specific temperature ranges.

Decomposition Temperature

Avoid reaching the decomposition temperature as substrate materials will decompose beyond a specific temperature.

Thermal Expansion

The laminates of guitar preamp PCB expand beyond a specific temperature.

Therefore, choose laminates with low thermal expansion to eliminate changes of the PCB from dimensionally changing.

Thermal Conductivity

To ensure suitable heat distribution within material layers, thermal conductivity needs to be high.

Do You Need To Connect Audio Interfaces With Guitar Preamp PCBs?

Audio interfaces will enable you to connect the guitar to other devices such as a computer.

Besides, high-quality audio interfaces have inbuilt preamps hence does not necessitate the need to install separate preamps.

If you need to add color to the sound, you can add a separate guitar preamp PCB.

Where Will You Connect A Guitar Preamp PCB?

Guitar preamp PCBs boost weak signals to line level, hence, place it near the beginning of the chain for it to receive weak signals.

In other words, plug the guitar directly into the guitar preamp guitar input.

How Will You Connect A Guitar Preamp PCB To A Receiver?

Audio interfaces contain guitar preamp PCBs hence avoid running signals through both of them as it causes distortion.

Ensure you plug the guitar preamp PCB to the line input of the interface and not the guitar output.

How Will You Connect A Guitar Preamp PCB To A Mixer?

The guitar preamp PCB will connect into the line input of the mixer.

How Will You Connect A Guitar Preamp To An Amp?

Plug a cable in one of the guitar preamp PCB outputs and then into the corresponding input of the amplifier.

This usually has letter markings.

How Does A Guitar Preamp PCB Output Operate On A Receiver?

Outputs should connect to outboard amplifiers on receivers.

Besides, you can connect separate amplifiers to provide power to the speaker if you need more power than that within the receiver.

What Does A Guitar Preamp PCB Out Mean In Power amps?

On guitar power amps, the guitar preamp PCB out operates as an effects loop or daisy chain several amplifiers together.

Do You Need Guitar Preamp PCB If You Have Amplifiers?

Yes, guitar preamp PCBs will change weak signals to line level.

Guitar preamp PCBs strengthen low-level signals from the guitars to stronger line level signals then relay it to power amplifiers.

Besides, you cannot use guitar preamp PCBs are amplifier PCBs.

The guitar preamp PCB lacks the power to operate as an amp PCB since it cannot boost the line signal loud enough to be heard.

What Is Line Level In Guitar Preamp PCBs?

This is the signal that flows via guitars after the guitar preamp PCB amplifies it but before power amps relay them to speakers.

The types of line-level signals include:

  • Consumer level which is around -10dBV
  • A professional level which is around +10dBu

What Are The Advantages Of Dedicated External Guitar Preamp PCBs?

These include:

Better Sound Quality

High-quality guitar preamp PCBs have sophisticated circuitry that will retain the entire sound transparency at even higher gain settings.

Low Noise

External guitar preamp PCBs are suitable for recording very quiet sources.

More Gain

In-built guitar preamp PCBs in audio interfaces usually produce less than 60 dB gain.

This may not be enough for low output dynamic guitars which may require more gain.

Unique Sound Character

External guitar preamp PCBs produce special flavor sound signals that inbuilt guitar preamp PCBs cannot produce.

Extra Features

Inbuilt guitar preamp PCBs of audio interfaces have basic but lack sophisticated features in external guitar preamp PCBs.

How Can You Test The Quality Of Guitar Preamp PCBs?

The process includes:

Visual Testing

This method uses qualified experts to examine the external components of the guitar preamp PCB.

Automated Optical Inspection [AOI]

This method applies inbuilt blueprints of the guitar preamp PCB then compares it to the final product for any issues or flaws.

In-circuit Testing

This testing method checks if the position and fitment of the parts are correct.

Besides, it uses electrical probes to accomplish this task.

Functional Testing

This method will make sure the guitar preamp PCB is operational and conforms to the set quality standards.

X-ray Inspection

This method uses an X-ray to inspect the thickly packed components on the guitar preamp PCB.

Besides, the heavy metals within the board will absorb the X-ray allowing you to easily inspect the elements.

What Are The Basic Features Of Guitar Preamp PCBs?

These include:


The minimum requirement for one guitar is one guitar input, but stereo recordings require at least two inputs.

Gain Control

High-quality guitar preamp PCBs produce better sound at higher settings than cheap guitar preamp PCBs.

This is because it operates by bringing the signals to a fully operating level.

Phantom Power

This allows some guitars to get power from the guitar input without requiring extra cables.

Phase Reverse

This feature will reverse signal polarity by swapping two signals to create a balanced connection.

Low Cut Or High Pass Switch

This feature allows high frequencies to pass and limit low frequencies from going through.

Eliminating low frequencies minimizes rumbles and unwanted noises that lay below the musical content.

Also, you can use it creatively to shape the sound.

What Frequencies Can You Choose From Low Cut Frequencies In Guitar Preamp PCBs?

The low cut will come with the following frequencies to choose from within guitar preamp PCBs:

  • 30 Hz to 40 Hz which is suitable for lowering rumble below the musical content, for instance, in bass guitars.
  • 60 Hz to 80 Hz suitable for guitars and male singers
  • 100 Hz to 120 Hz suitable for female singers

Can You Use A Guitar Preamp PCB Without An Amp?

It is not possible to use a guitar preamp PCB without a guitar amp.

Here are some reasons for not being able to use guitar preamp PCBs as amps:


Guitar preamp PCBs are weaker than amps since it lifts the weak sound signals to a line level.

This task requires less power meaning it cannot relay the audio signals to the speakers.

Amps have powerful transformers that provide enough power to boost line signals.

Besides, the transformers of guitar preamp PCBs are not as powerful as that of guitar amp PCBs.

This is because they need to boost the sound signal to line level.


Guitar preamp PCBs do not have enough functions to take the task of guitar amp PCBs.

They simply boost signals while the amps have more functionality besides boosting the line signals.

For instance, guitar amp PCBs can mute signals, alter the balance between channels, modify audio signals, add filters, etc.


Guitar preamp PCBs are vital when you have weak sound signals that require boosting.

For instance, the guitars may require some form of pre-amplification.

Guitar amp PCBs are vital since they boost the sound signals making them audible.

What Is The Purpose Of Preamp Pedals In Guitar Preamp PCBs?

Preamp pedals have special pedals that allow you to plug in into mixers while making it sound as if you are playing via guitar amps.

The preamp pedals will simulate the guitar preamp PCB section of the guitar amp.

What Is Preamp Distortion In Guitar Preamp PCB?

Besides, including your guitar amplifier EQ control, modern guitar amps produce distortion from guitar preamp PCB sections.

The distortion it produces is compressed, however, this depends on the amp you are using.

Distortion that comes from guitar preamp PCBs will have a character that is fizzy and saturated.

Besides, it is easy to find out if your guitar amp is experiencing distortion from guitar preamp PCBs.

Begin by decreasing the levels and increase the gain control if the guitar amp has master volume control.

Doing this will reveal the distortion that comes from guitar preamp PCBs.

Do You Need A Guitar Preamp PCB To Record Guitars?

No, you do not need much gain when the sound comes from guitars.

For instance, guitars need 20 dB to 30 Db, and this is suitable if you need the guitar recording to have gain.

When using guitar preamp PCBs to record from guitars, the preamps will form high levels of distortion and feedback.

Besides, if you are recording guitars, you do not need the high distortion and feedback levels unless you are creating distorted sounds.

Also, several audio devices such as mixers and audio interfaces have internal preamps.

This means you need to take care as you record guitar audio since you may be using internal guitar PCB preamps without noticing.

How Channels Are Available In Guitar Preamp PCBs?

Guitar preamp PCBs come in three various configurations:

  • Single
  • Dual
  • Several

What Is A Channel Strip In Guitar Preamp PCBs?

A channel strip is a device that will allow you to amplify the output of audio devices to a line level.

Besides, channel strips can be a stand-alone system or one of the several units within a mixing desk.

What Quality Standards Should Guitar Preamp PCBs Conform To?

Conforming to quality standards ensure the guitar preamp PCB is safe for use and functional.

These standards include:

CE Mark Of Quality

This standard applies to guitar preamp PCBs that are sold in the European market regardless of the country of manufacture.

CE mark of quality fulfills the needs of the European product directives.

Restriction Of Hazardous Substances [RoHS]

This standard ensures the guitar preamp PCB is free from specific hazardous materials banned by the institution.

ISO Certification

This is a seal of approval from third-party organizations that the guitar preamp PCB company operates within international standards.

It assures that the guitar preamp PCB meets standardization and quality assurance in the following areas:

  • Management systems
  • Manufacturing process
  • Services
  • Documentation

UL Certification

This means the guitar preamp PCB has been tested by UL to safety and sustainability standards that are nationally recognized.

How Do Transformers Effect Guitar Preamp PCBs?

Transformers will determine the color and transparency of guitar preamp PCBs as they add color to the guitar signals.

Besides, minimizing the number of colorful components within a signal path allows you to achieve a lot of audio transparency.

Transformers act as bridges between input and output regions of the guitar preamp PCB while enhancing the signal voltage.

It accomplishes this task by using magnetic coupling and induction.

Also, they provide better circuitry protection and isolation since they lack hard wires between the input and output.

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