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Cantilever Probe Card

We are a leading provider of fast and accurate cantilever probe card design and manufacturing services, using high-quality materials such as rhenium tungsten needles, P7 needles, and H3C needles to ensure accuracy, durability, and excellent test performance. We develop a wide range of standard cantilever probe cards through advanced epoxy resin and blade technology and provide customised designs to meet various complex chip testing needs.

Cantilever Probe Card Main Features

Logic Circuit Testing: Tailored for MCU, SOC, ASIC, and similar logic circuits, supporting digital, analog, and mixed-signal testing.

Flexible Configuration: Designed for single-site and multi-site setups, accommodating up to 16 sites for efficient testing.

Low Leakage and Wafer Acceptance Testing: Ideal for precise DC parameter testing with excellent leakage control (≤ 2Ω at 30mA).

Narrow Pitch Capability: Supports narrow pitch down to 22um (DDI), enabling precise testing in compact layouts.

Cantilever Probe Card Applications

Offering precise contact solutions for a wide range of applications. They are extensively used in RF applications for testing wireless communication chips, CIS (CMOS Image Sensor) testing for ensuring image quality in cameras and sensors, LCD testing to verify display performance, Logic testing to validate the functionality of integrated circuits, and Flash memory testing to ensure data integrity and speed.

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