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SMT Assembly

As a professional SMT assembly manufacturer, we guarantee you the quality SMT assembly. We can have different types of SMT assembly depending on your specifications.

Your Leading SMT Assembly Supplier in China

Venture uses high-quality materials so that the quality of the boards will surely meet and exceed the customer’s expectations. We can also supply them depending on your specifications.

Venture is providing complete solutions of SMT assemblies and we are capable of manufacturing a wide range of SMT assemblies.

We have experienced staff to assist you when you are in need of SMT assembly.

Fast delivery
Excellent customer service
Professional after-sale service
Venture Electronics

Your Best SMT Assembly Manufacturer

We are manufacturing and supplying our beloved customers globally for more than 10 years.

Venture assembly services can help you build your PCB.

We have experienced staff to assist you when you are in need of SMT assembly.

To create a better and more powerful electronic product, SMT assembly is the way.

We accept small or large quantities of SMT assembly orders.

For your inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Why Choose Venture SMT Assembly

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