Component Sourcing

  • Flex and rigid-flex PCB assembly services at cost-effective prices
  • No minimum order requirement, order start from 1 pcs
  • 7/24 Live sales & tech support
  • Flex PCB assembly in Minimum 8 hours when components ready

Your Reliable Component Sourcing Supplier


Venture is more than just a leading PCB Fabrication manufacturer but also a one-stop shop for all your PCB Assembly requirements, our services start from PCB design and layout,  component sourcing, PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly to testing, all under one roof.,

While large companies have different procurement specialists work on separate items such as passive components, ICs, mechanical parts..etc, and also have import department for getting all documents with customs clearance, but how about small companies and design engineers? we at Venture can make your component sourcing work easy and fast.

For your PCB assembly projects, we can take care of your component sourcing according to your Bill of Material (BOM), so that you don’t have to worry about checking and comparing with multiple sources on quantities and prices. We work with all major global distributors such as Digikey, Mouser, Element 14, Future etc., and also with China local authorized distributors, in this way we can deliver reliability and traceability components assembled on board ( or not assembled ) to your hand.

Avoid the hassle of component sourcing of your PCB assembly projects and focus on your design instead! We have component engineers in charge of selecting, sourcing, testing, and qualifying parts, as well as maintaining approved parts lists and finding substitutes for obsolete components.

Your Leading Component Sourcing Supplier in China

Venture has an effective component sourcing system for your PCB assembly projects, only the parts you specified on your BOM are ordered for each of your assembly jobs, No substitutions are ever used without your approval. we take care of the entire logistics of parts and materials, and manage the procurement systems. With Venture behind you, your company can focus on its core competencies.

Component Sourcing 6

Venture takes care of finding Difficult-To-Locate(hard-to-buy) parts. we have component sourcing engineers in charge of selecting cross-referenced and substitute parts, finding substitutes for obsolete components with your approval, in case where the original parts are not obtainable.

Our normal component sourcing time is usually completed in, no more than 1 week from the date the parts are ordered to the date the parts are in, if the parts stock are in China; For parts we ordered on Digikey, Mouser, Arrow.,etc.,  parts standard delivery is no more than 15 work days arrive in our facility. All parts accepted in Venture inventory storage facilities are tested for quality before use.

Our component sourcing team will deal with as many distributors as is needed to fulfill the procurement task in the best possible way! We will optimize the choice of packaging (cut tape, tube, bulk, etc.) vs quantity in smaller BOMs to lower total cost for your prototype PCB assembly project.  To get a component quote, pls send an inquiry to

If you are looking for a reliable component sourcing partner? You’ve come to the right place.No matter you are an electrical engineer, a product designer, a system integrator or a maker looking for component sourcing, Venture will be your perfect partner China.

Through our 2 hours rapid response services from our 24/7 sales and tech support team, and excellent after-sales service, we will be your best component sourcing partner and supplier in China.

At Venture we can help you reduce vendor count, production delays, pls feel free to contact us anytime for your component sourcing projects.