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Ventec PCB

Venture Electronics is a professional manufacturer of Ventec PCB for more than 10 years. We manufacture a wide range of Ventec PCB to meet the requirements of your projects.

Your Leading Ventec PCB Supplier in China

Venture is the best manufacturer of different types of Ventec PCB. We manufacture different thicknesses of Venture Ventec PCB. They are available from 002” to .200” thicknesses and with the copper foil from 1/4oz to 12oz.

Mainly are VT-47 and VT-47PP. Venture Ventec PCB can supply either double-side treated or reverse-treated (RT) copper foil. 

High Tg FR­4
Excellent Thermal Reliability
CAF Resistance
Venture Electronics

Your Best Ventec PCB Manufacturer

Venture has a large Ventec PCB manufacturing capacity with our automatic production line. We have rich experience engineers and related tools to make sure your ventec laminates meets all design rules and parameters.

Additionally, we offer Design for Manufacturability (DFM) analysis. We make sure to check the client’s design drawing such as:

  • fabrication circuit/trace routing
  • component positioning and spacing
  • potential fault reduction and process selection

Why Choose Venture Ventec PCB

For Venture, there’s no job too small or too large. Along with our 24/7 sales and engineering team support and 2 hours rapid response services, we will be your best Ventec PCB manufacturing, design, and assembly partner in China.

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