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Is Nelco n4000-12 Environmental protection?

Yes, Nelco n4000 – 7 laminate is environmentally friendly.
You can use 7 freely without worrying about polluting the environment.
It has special features to protect the environment.

For example, you will find the Nelco n4000-7 laminate suitable for lead-free applications.
This means that Nelco n4000-7 laminates do not contain harmful lead materials that pollute the environment.

In addition, Nelco n4000 – 7 laminates are thoroughly inspected and meet RoHS quality certification requirements


What is the key feather of Nelco n4000-12?

Lead-free assembly compatible:
– High reliability assemblies requiring wide bandwidth and improved thermal performance
– Suitable for applications in the 1-10 GHz range and Low Df and Dk allow for low signal distortion and faster signal

High frequency and high reliability applications:
– Low Z-CTE and proven CAF resistance
SI (Signal Integrity) option:
– SI glass provides enhanced electrical performance when used

What are the best storage conditions for Nelco n4000-12?

You can store Nelco n4000-12 indefinitely at room temperature because the dielectric material is inert to high humidity.
However, in some cases, you may experience copper corrosion due to high humidity.

In this case, you can eliminate the copper by performing a pre-cleaning procedure.

In addition to this, you can avoid corrosion by properly baking the PCB with Nelco laminates before storage.
You must also store Nelco laminates flat in a clean and dry area


If you are looking for a top-quality Nelco n4000-12? Venture is your best choice! We manufacture Nelco n4000-12 with lead-free assembly compatibility. It also has a low-loss and high-speed properties. Aside from that, our Nelco n4000-12 features the following:

  • Tg >190ºC, robust thermal stability
  • CAF2 Resistant
  • SI (Signal Integrity) option
  • High-Tg FR-4 processing

Your Leading Nelco n4000-12 Supplier in China

Venture is a Chinese manufacturer of Nelco n4000-12 for more than 10 years. We manufacture Nelco n4000-12 with lots of optimized features to give you excellent performance and the best solution!

Our Nelco n4000-12 is manufactured with Lead-free assembly compatibility. Our Nelco n4000-12 is suitable for any assemblies with a maximum of 245 – 260ºC1 reflow temperature.

Other than that, our Nelco n4000-12 is designed with robust thermal stability Tg>190˚C. This allows our Nelco n4000-12 to be used in any high-reliability assemblies that demands an increased thermal performance and broad bandwidth.

We have manufactured Nelco n4000-12 with low-loss and high-speed properties. Our Nelco n4000-12 is fabricated with excellent CAF resistance, Signal Integrity option, high-Tg FR-4 processing, and more.

Because of that, our Nelco n4000-12 can be used in a variety of applications including:

  • High-speed computing
  • Lead-free assemblies
  • Fine-line multilayers
  • Wireless communication infrastructure
  • Backplanes
  • Network storage
  • Surface-mount multilayers
  • Direct chip attach
  • BGA multilayers
  • MCM-Ls
  • SIPs

Venture always makes sure to give you the best-quality Nelco n4000-12 for your PCB needs!

Are you an electrical engineer or retailer looking for high-quality Nelco n4000-12? Venture will be your best partner! We are a trusted manufacturer of Nelco n4000-12 in China for more than 10 years!

As a professional, we offer Nelco n4000-12 with the greatest deals! To support your business and projects, we offer Nelco n4000-12 along with the most reasonable cost.

Aside from that, our Nelco n4000-12 comes with flexible payment terms. Whether you have a large-scale or small quantity Nelco n4000-12 orders, you are always welcome at Venture! Our Nelco n4000-12 comes with no MOQ!

At Venture, we can always give the best Nelco n4000-12 that will suit your needs! If you Nelco n4000-12 orders, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Nelco n4000-12: The Ultimate FAQ Guide


If you have any question about Nelco n4000-12 PCB, you will find the answer right here.

Because this guide covers everything about this series of Nelco PCB material, including features, properties, physical properties, benefits and specifications, just to mention a few.

Keep reading to learn more.

What are Nelco n4000 -12 Laminates?

Nelco PCB

Nelco PCB

Nelco n4000-12 laminates are special types of laminates that have epoxy resin systems for use in various applications.

You will use the Nelco n4000-12 laminates in low loss, high speed applications that require thermal stability.

Apart from that, you can use it in applications that have great CAF resistance as well as excellent signal speed.

What are the Key Features of the Nelco n4000 -12 Laminates?

When purchasing your Nelco n4000-12 laminates, you should look at particular features of the laminate.

Here are some of the particular features that you ought to look at to identify the Nelco n4000 – 12 laminates.

· Compatible to Lead Free Assembly

It is the most suitable laminate for assemblies with maximum reflow temperatures ranging between 245 and 260 degrees.

· Great Thermal Stability

It also features robust thermal stability even in applications that go beyond or greater than 190 degrees centigrade.

You can use it in applications in high reliability assemblies that demand wider bandwidth and lower Z axis CTE.

· Low Loss Properties at High Speed

You will use it applications that range between 1 to 10 GHz with low Df and Dk thus allowing signal distortion.

· CAF Resistance

It has proven CAF resistance and lower Z-CTE that provide longer reliability for the digital and RF applications.

· Signal Integrity Options

Signal integrity will provide high electrical performance even in the applications with greater demands.

· High Tg FR-4 Processing

These processes are similar to the traditional High Tg-FR4 materials that provide proper drilling with chemical desmear compatibility.

Which Properties Determine the Efficiency of the Nelco n4000- 12 Laminates?

Apart from the key features, you must also consider the properties of the Nelco n4000-12 laminates.

Here are some of the key properties to look at in Nelco n4000-12 laminates.

  • Mechanical Properties
  • Electrical Properties
  • Physical or Chemical Properties
  • Thermal Properties

What are the Main Mechanical Properties of Nelco n4000-12 Laminates?

You will look at the mechanical properties which are the physical properties of a material upon the application of force.

Some of the mechanical properties you should consider of the Nelco n4000-12 laminates include.

  • Peel Strength of 35 microns after solder float at elevated temperatures.
  • Proper thermal conductivity, poison rations at specific heat ratios.

Which Electrical Properties Do You Consider in Nelco n4000-12 Laminates?

Nelco PCB material

Nelco PCB material

Apart from that, you will also look at the ability of the Nelco n4000-12 laminates to conduct electricity.

In this case, you will look at specific factors such as:

  • Dielectric Constants at 50% resin content
  • Dissipation Factor at 50% resin content
  • Volume Resistivity
  • Electric Strength
  • Surface Resistivity
  • Dielectric Breakdown
  • Arc Resistance

What are the Thermal Properties of the Nelco n4000-12 Laminates?

You should also look at the attributes and the ability of the Nelco n4000-12 to conduct heat.

Here are the main thermal properties of Nelco n4000-12 you ought to pay close attention to.

  • Glass transition temperature (Tg) such as DSC, TMA, and DMA in degrees centigrade
  • Degradation Temperature (TGA) at 5% weight loss

What are the Physical or Chemical Properties of Nelco n4000-12 Laminates?

You should also look at the chemical properties of the Nelco n4000-12 PCB laminates.

Here, you will look at the reaction of particular chemical reactions that might change the identity or composition of the components.

Some of the chemical properties that you will look at include:

  • Rate of Moisture Absorption
  • Methylene Chloride Resistance
  • Density of the Nelco n4000-12 Laminate components at 50% resin content

What are the Benefits of the Nelco n4000-12 Laminates?

Nelco n4000-12 is one of the greatest forms of laminates that you can use in the industry due to its benefits.

Here are some of the advantages that you experience by using the Nelco n4000-12 laminates.

· Wide Variety of Construction

You will also enjoy a great variety of construction with different copper weights and glass styles.

Apart from that, you can choose other types that have standard copper, double treat as well as RTFOIL laminates.

· High Durability Rates

You will also enjoy the high durability rates of the Nelco n4000 12 laminates that can withstand different environmental conditions.

You will use it for a very long time with minimal issues thus requiring very minimal level of maintenance.

· High Thermal Stability

You can also use it in high temperature applications since it can withstand very high temperatures over long durations.

It will work efficiently in such conditions and cool off without hitches in the whole application system.

· High Efficiency Levels

You can use it in different applications especially due to the high-speed nature of processing information.

Apart from that, you can use it in low loss applications thus providing excellent signal speed and CAF resistance.

· Global Availability

You can also access the Nelco n4000 12 laminates from the nearest dealers near you all over the world.

We ensure that we supply Nelco n4000 12 laminates to different countries all over the world to improve access.

Are there Limitations of the Nelco n4000-12 Laminates?

Just like any other machine, you should expect to experience a few limitations while using the machine.

Here are some of the limitations you will experience by using the Nelco n4000 12 laminates.

· Complicated Assembly Process

You will go through a complicated assembly process when making the Nelco n4000 12 laminates.

In most cases, you will use machines that will help in making the manufacturing process simpler.

· Costly Set-Up

You will spend a lot of money in the process of setting up the whole production plan of the Nelco n4000-12.

What are the Main Applications of Nelco n4000-12 Laminates?

You will use the Nelco n4000-12 laminates in different applications depending on the type of laminates.

Some of the applications that will require the use of the Nelco n4000-12 laminates include:

· Lead Free Assemblies Industry

You will use it in applications that do not require the use of lead in as it might lead to negative effects.

· Fine Lane Multilayers

Typically, you will use Nelco n4000-12 laminates in multilayer printed circuit boards.

It will fit perfectly in fine lane multi-layers of printed circuit boards that you can use in different applications.

· Backplanes

It will also come in handy in the manufacturing process of backplane electronic circuit boards.

It allows for the containment of other connections on the backplanes thus forming a complete circuit.

· Network Storage

You will use Nelco n4000 12 laminates to manufacture network storage devices since it operates at very high speeds.

Apart from that, the high-speed functions allow it to become a component in the wireless communication technology.

How Does the Nelco n4000 -12 Laminate Compare to Nelco n4000 -12SI Laminates?

You can use both types of Nelco laminates in the process of laminating different types of printed circuit boards.

Nelco n4000-12 is a series of enhanced epoxy resin systems that you can use in low cost and high-speed applications.

On the other hand, you can also use the Nelco n4000-12 SI laminates in the same manner but with an increased signal integrity.

Apart from that, you will use the Nelco n4000-12 laminates in low loss applications that require great thermal stability.

It implies that Nelco n4000-12 and Nelco n4000 12 SI laminates have very high thermal stability rates.

Apart from that, both of them have very high signal speed as well as CAF resistance.

What is the Thickness of the Nelco n4000-12 Laminates?

The thickness of the Nelco n4000-12 laminates will vary from one type of laminate to another.

You have the freedom of dictating the size or thickness of the Nelco n4000-12 laminates that you desire.

You should, however, adhere to the rules governing the thickness range allowed for the Nelco n4000-12 laminates.

Which Materials Do You Use in the Manufacturing of Nelco n4000-12 Laminates?

There are specific types of materials that you will use in the process of manufacturing Nelco n4000-12 laminates.

Here are the main types of materials that you can use in manufacturing Nelco n4000-1 laminates.

  • FR4 materials
  • Epoxy Materials
  • Resin Materials
  • Prepreg Materials
  • Copper Foil
  • Solder Mask materials

Are the Nelco n4000 -12 Laminates Durable?



Absolutely, Nelco n4000 -12 laminates are extremely durable and will serve you for a very long time.

It is capable of withstanding different environmental conditions such as high temperature and moisture.

Implying that you can use it in different environmental applications even the ones that are quite dangerous.

Which Specifications Do You Need to Customize Nelco n4000- 12 Laminates?

You should also take advantages of the customization options of the Nelco n4000 12 laminates.

During the designing process, there are particular information that you will provide to the designers.

Implying that these details will help in customizing the best type of Nelco n4000-12 laminates.

Here are the main details that you will provide to the manufacturer to customize your Nelco n4000-12 laminates.

·  Base Materials

You will decide on the type of base materials that you need for the manufacturing process of Nelco n4000 12 laminates.

You can opt for FRA or PET among other types of materials depending on the outcome that you desire.

· Dimensions of the Nelco n4000 12 Laminates

These are the size details of the Nelco n4000 12 laminates that you will provide to the manufacturer.

The size details that you have to give include:

i. Board Thickness

ii. Minimum Line Width

iii. Copper Thickness

iv. Minimum Hole Size

v. Minimum line Spacing

· Product Name

Here, you will provide information on the kind of identity you want for the Nelco n4000 12 laminates.

You can name it according to the type of application you want it for such for PCB assembly among others.

· Type and Usage

You should also include the type of Nelco n4000 12 laminates that you want for the final application.

In addition to that, please specify the final usage or application of the custom Nelco n4000 laminates.

How Much Does the Nelco n4000-12 Laminates Cost?

Well, the cost of the Nelco n4000 12 laminates will range between 1 dollar to 5 dollars.

You will realize that the price usually varies from one type of Nelco n4000-12 laminate to another.

Implying the type of Nelco laminate you intend to purchase has a huge impact on the price.

Apart from that, you will also pay more for a higher quantity of Nelco n4000 12 laminates.

Implying that the more Nelco n4000 12 laminates you purchase, the higher the cost.

In addition to that, you can get a discount depending on the quantity of Nelco n4000-12 laminates you purchase.

You must also adhere to the minimum order quantity requirements when purchasing the Nelco n4000-12 laminates.

Which Accessories Do You Use Alongside Nelco n4000-12 Laminates?

There are numerous accessories that you can use alongside the Nelco n4000 12 laminates.

Here are some of the accessories that will work perfectly alo0ongside the Nelco n4000 12 laminates.

  • Batteries which will provide the electric voltage to the circuit
  • Resistors which will control the quantity of electric current flowing through them.
  • Light Emitting Diodes
  • Transistors which will amplify the charge on the printed circuit boards
  • Capacitors which will help in storage of electrical charges
  • Inductors which will store charge while stopping and changing the flow of current.
  • Switches which will allow or block the flow of the electric current

At Venture Electronics, we help you acquire high performance PCBs for any application.

Therefore, if you have any question or inquiry, feel free to contact us.

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