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Taconic CER-10

Venture can supply you the best quality Taconic CER-10. Our Taconic CER-10 is a DK-10 organic-ceramic laminate. Venture Taconic CER-10 is also fabricated with the reinforcement of a woven glass.

Your Leading Taconic CER-10 Supplier in China

Venture specializes in manufacturing Taconic CER-10 for more than 10 years. By providing excellent services, we became the most trusted supplier of Taconic CER-10 by thousands of customers around the world.

If you are a retailer of Taconic CER-10 or system integrator looking for a top-quality Taconic CER-10, Venture is your best manufacturer!

Exceptional quality Taconic CER-10
Enhanced dimensional stability
More than 10 years of Taconic CER-10 manufacturing experience
Expert engineers and designers
Venture Electronics

Your Best Taconic CER-10 Manufacturer

Our Taconic CER-10 can give you excellent solder resistance. We also supply Taconic CER-10 that features great interlaminar bond strength.

We also manufacture Taconic CER-10 with proprietary composition. This allows our Taconic CER-10 to provide uniform electrical properties and low-moisture absorption.

Aside from that, our top-quality Taconic CER-10 with an enhanced dimensional stability. It also has a stable DK over frequency.

Why Choose Venture Taconic CER-10

Our premium quality Taconic CER-10 is optimized with more advanced features. Because of that, our Taconic CER-10 can offer increased flexural strength and circuit board miniaturization.

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