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Quick Turn PCB Assembly

Venture is capable of quick turn PCB assembly to meet your tough project deadlines. Our capabilities assure your PCB is expedited over the entire process from quoting to shipping.

Your Leading Quick Turn PCB Assembly Supplier in China

Venture is a professional PCB assembly and PCB manufacturing provider in China. So, we can provide excellent quality quick turn PCBs as well as quick turn PCB assembly service solutions. We can assemble your PCB in just 24 hours as per your specifications.

Whether you have an electronic project that needs to be done rashly, you can count on Venture quick turn PCB assembly.

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Venture Electronics

Your Best Quick Turn PCB Assembly Manufacturer

Our quick turn PCB assembly process is completed all under one roof without out-sourcing. Venture offers quick turn PCB services to all clients throughout the world including full certifications for industry, automotive, and defense products.

Venture is the shortest PCB assembly lead times in the industry. We have lead times of 5/10 days for PCB prototype, 10-20 days for low-volume production orders, and 15-25 days for mid-volume production orders.

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Why Choose Venture Quick Turn PCBs

Venture quick turn PCB assembly capabilities give our clients the satisfying one-stop solution to their printed circuit board and printed circuit assembly needs.

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Quick Turn PCB Assembly: The Ultimate FAQ Guide


This guide covers all information you’re looking for about quick turn PCB assembly.

So, if you have any question, about this type of PCB assembly, you will find the answer right here.

Keep reading to learn more.

What are Quick Turn PCBs?

Quick turn PCBs are types of printed circuit boards that you can assemble or get within a shorter period.

You will save on time by reducing delays and also by reducing the time for manufacturing the printed circuit boards.

What can we provide ?

 Quick turn PCB

What is Quick Turn PCB Assembly?

Quick turn PCB assembly is the process whereby you will assemble all the PCB components within a short period.

In other words, you will shorten the duration of PCB assembly by employing new and faster techniques during assembly.

Select a Prototype PCB Assembly Service Provider

Quick turn PCB assembly

How Long Does It Take to Assemble Quick Turn PCBs?

The assembly duration of the quick turn PCBs will vary according to a number of numerous factors.

For instance, you will spend less time assembling single layer PCBs than time spend assembling multilayer PCBs.

Depending on the type of PCB, you will receive your quick turn PCB within 24 to 72 hours after confirming the order.

What are the Benefits of Quick Turn PCB Assembly?

You will benefit on a larger scale when you consider using the quick turn printed circuit board assembly.

Here are some of the advantages that come with quick turn PCB assembly.

Saves on Cost

You will save on a huge cost of hiring or looking for numerous manufacturers by settling on one specific manufacturer.

You will also save on cost that usually come with errors on the printed circuit boards by referencing the original boards.

Saves on Time

As a customer you will also save a lot of time as you will receive the printed circuit board within a very short period.

Early detection and verification will help in saving time by enabling a smooth manufacturing process of the PCBs.

What are the Different Quick Turn PCB Assembly Processes?

There are three main types of quick turn PCB assembly processes that you can choose from.

Technically, there are two main types of PCB assembly process with the third one being a mixture of the two.

Here are the main types of PCB assembly techniques that you can opt for.

Mixed Quick Turn PCB Assembly


 mixed quick turn PCB assembly

Through Hole PCB Assembly


 through hole quick turn PCB assembly

Surface Mount Technology


With the three main assembly processes, you can either place the components on one side or double sides.

This will bring up another assembly process which you can identify as single- or Double-Sided Placement.

What Types of Solder Masks Do You Use During Quick Turn Assembly?

Well, there are two main types of solder masks that you can opt for in an array of colors.

You can either opt for lead free solder mask or a solder mask that has lead materials on it.

Lead free PCB solder masks are the most common types of solder masks because of safety issues.

Apart from that, you can choose any type you want in any type of color that fits you best.

What is the Significance of Having a Prototype for Quick Turn PCB Assembly?

You must have a quick turn printed circuit board prototype before you begin the whole manufacturing process.

It is important to have a PCB prototype to help you know the final look out of the printed circuit board.


In case anything is not in place, you can proceed with the rectification process within the right time frame.

Apart from that, you will also run tests on the printed circuit board prototypes before you start manufacturing.

Finally, your PCB prototype will act as blueprint for the manufacture of the final printed circuit boards.

Where Can I Use the Quick Turn PCBs?

There are numerous machines that you can quickly assemble with the help of quick turn printed circuit boards.

In other words, you can apply the quick turn PCBs in a number of different applications.

Here are some of the applications of the quick turn printed circuit boards.

  • Electronic designers use quick turn PCBs to assemble electronic machines
  • Designers working on new ideas who need prototypes for quick viability

Do You Do BGA Reworks on the Quick Turn PCBs?

Absolutely, we do BGA reworks on the quick turn printed circuit boards.

There are circumstances where the final PCB may not pass the tests or may have damages.


In such a case, the most convenient factor is to perform rework on the printed circuit board.

It is a rather an expensive process because it leads to a lot of waste materials.

Which Types of PCBs Can You Assemble Using Quick Turn PCB Assembly Processes?

We can assemble every type of printed circuit board within a very short time of your request or order.

Here are some of the printed circuit boards that you can order and will assemble faster.

  • Rigid printed circuit board
  • Flexible printed circuit board
  • Rigid-flex printed circuit board
  • Single sided printed circuit board
  • Double sided printed circuit board

You should note that we will assemble all the above PCBs in both single layer of multilayer printed circuit boards.

Why Do You Prefer X-Ray Testing for Quick Turn PCB Assembly?

Automated X-ray inspection is the most important testing method that you will find with most manufacturers.

You will use automated X-ray inspection to test even the most hidden parts of the quick turn PCB.

Since it goes through every aspect of the printed circuit board, it will save on a lot of time.

X-Ray Inspection

In other words, you can inspect all the details of the printed circuit board within a very short period.

This will help in minimizing time wastage and fasten the turnaround time for the quick turn printed circuit boards.

Do You Have Any Other Testing Methods Other Than X-Ray Testing?

Yes, even though X-ray testing is the most preferable mode of testing, you can opt for other testing methods.

Here is a list of some of the other testing methods you can employ on quick turn PC assembly.

  • Visual Inspection Method
  • In-circuit Testing Method
  • AOI Testing Method
  • Functional Testing Methods

How Much Does Quick Turn PCB Assembly Cost?

As soon as you receive the PCB assembly quote, you will definitely check out the final price.

Well, you should understand that the final price is inclusive of quite a lot of factors.

In other words, here are the numerous price determinants that you must have knowledge of.

Cost of Labor

You will have to pay for the man power and machine power for assembling the quick turn PCB in time.

The higher the man power as well as machine power, the higher the overall cost of the printed circuit boards.

Turnaround Time

Since we need the printed circuit boards in record time, we expect the manufacturers to work round the clock.

Here, the shorter the turnaround time, the higher the cost you will pay for the quick service delivery.

Quantity Required

You can look at the quantity required in terns of number of pieces of PCBs or number of layers on every PCB.

In this case, the higher the quantity of the quick turn PCBs, the higher the amount of money you will pay.

Assembly Technology

Well, there are different quick turn assembly techniques that you can use including surface mount and through hole technology.

You will pay different costs for the different assembly technologies that we have depending on your preference.

Packaging and Delivery

You must also look at the final price as inclusive of the type of packages on the PCBs and the delivery fee.

How Can You Save Money Through Quick Turn PCB Assembly?

You should, however, worry less about the cost of purchasing or assembling quick-turn printed circuit boards.

There are numerous factors that you can consider to help in lowering the overall prices of quick turn PCBs.

LED mounting hardware pcb

Here are some of the ways you can employ to save money through quick turn PCB assembly.

  • Make the most accurate type of design as possible to avoid back and forth checks and balances
  • Have a comprehensive bill of materials with all the relevant details you need in the document.
  • Ensure that you adhere to the time provisions and maintain the optimum quantity requirements
  • Make sure that the inspection and testing is smooth and does not incur unnecessary costs.

With the above factors in place, you will have an easy time ordering and paying for the quick turn PCB assembly.

What are the Main Steps in Quick Turn PCB Assembly Process?

In the assembly process of the printed circuit boards, you have to go through six important steps.

These steps will cover everything your manufacturers and you will perform until you get the PCB.

Best Thickness Of Hard Gold PCB

Here are the most important steps that you must follow to get the quick turn printed circuit boards.

Submitting Design to Manufacturer

You will come up with the design and then submit the design in the most convenient Gerber file format.

Make sure that you accompany the file with the bill of materials to make the point clearer to the manufacturer.

Receiving Quote

Your manufacturer will acknowledge the reception of your files and go through is as soon as possible to save time.

If every single detail checks out, he will work on a quotation which you will receive within 24 hours.

Confirm the Order and File

As soon as you approve the manufacturing or assembly process the manufacturer will confirm your file and order.

After that, they will proceed to the preparation and planning mode of how to manufacture your printed circuit board.

Part Procurement and Assembly

As the plans are underway, the manufacturer will also look at the bill of materials and ensure that all the parts are available.

If the parts are not available, your manufacturer will have to procure the parts and schedule their arrival faster.


After that, they will jump right in to the manufacturing process as well as assembly ensuring adherence to quality specifications.

Quality Testing

Here, your manufacturer will mount all the components on the printed circuit board stackup and the solder them accordingly.

After that, you will have to test the PCB and ensure that it is working in the most convenient manner.

Packaging and Delivery

As soon as you complete and every detail checks out after testing, you can now package the PCB and deliver.

You must do the whole process within the shortest time possible and at the most budget friendly prices.

What Files Do You Send to Quick Turn PCB Assemblers to get a Quote?

In case you are designing your own PCB, you must send it to the manufacturer for evaluation and manufacturing.

Due to that, you must save the file in a format that the manufacturer will operate or find easy to work with.

The best file format that you can use to send the complete design to the manufacturer is the Gerber file.


It will include every little detail that the manufacturer needs to design the printed circuit board in time.

Apart from that, you will send the bill of materials which will detail the type, size, and other dimensions of the PCB.

What are the Quality Assurance Standards for Quick Turn PCB Assembly?

As a PCB assembler, one of the key factors you have to engrave at the back of your mind is quality.

You have to be very careful and adhere to the official set standards and rules of quick turn PCB assembly.

Here are some of the most important quality standards that you will adhere to during quick turn PCB assembly.

  • UL Quality Standards
  • IPC Quality Standards
  • RoHS Quality Standards
  • REACH Quality Standards

We do proper evaluation on the quick turn PCBs at factory level in accordance to the official quality standards.

Do You Have Design Limitations for Quick Turn PCB Assembly?

No, we do not have design limitations when it comes to quick turn printed circuit board assembly.

Implying that, you can come up with a custom design that you would like to assemble in record time.

Since it is a new idea, we will embrace your design and subject it to various tests to ascertain its functionality.


After that, we will look at the manufacturing requirements, materials, working environment and quality compliance.

If every detail checks out, you can now get a quote which will allow us to proceed with the manufacturing process.

Do You Offer Non-Lead Quick Turn PCB Assembly?

Absolutely, non-lead quick turn assembly is also one of the services that you can get from us.

We care so much about our environment and we eliminate any contaminants such as lead in the assembly process.

Apart from that, we also care about your health and we will eliminate lead which might harm your health.

What is the Significance of DFM Analysis in Quick Turn PCB Assembly?

Design for manufacturing of the quick turn PCBs is a very important verification aspect that you must respect.

It will help you come up with the best designs for the printed circuit boards thus saving on time.

It will also help you avoid some of the errors that may occur during the assembly process if you work without planning.

Here are the five factors that you will look at during design for manufacturing analysis process.

  • Process for manufacturing or assembling the printed circuit board
  • Design of the printed circuit board
  • Materials for manufacturing and assembling the printed circuit board
  • Environment where you will operate the printed circuit boards
  • Compliance or testing of the printed circuit boards.

How Do You Choose the Best Quick Turn PCB Assembler?

There are numerous quick turn PCB assemblers in the market that you can choose from.

Since time is of the essence, you might meet suppliers who could do a very shady job on the PCB.

In other words, here are some of the factors to consider when choosing a quick turn PCB assembler.

Efficiency of the Manufacturer

Your manufacturer must be in a position to provide you with the best manufacturing services within the short period.

It is also important that your manufacturer adheres to your specific requirements on the fabrication of quick turn PCBs.

Quality of the Products

In addition to efficiency, you must get an assembler who adheres to the quality specifications and produces quality PCBs.

Implying that, the PCB must be of the highest quality thus promising longer service life with minimal damages.

Price Point

You must also get a manufacturer who will work within a proper budget and not overcharge for quick turn PCB assembly.

In this case, you have to research and compare different assemblers and settle for the one with above qualities.

What Does the Quick Turn PCB Assembly Process Involve?

Quick turn PCB assembly process involves every step you need to assemble all the parts of a PCB in record time.

Here are the main processes that you will have to perform during the quick turn PCB assembly process

Step One: Designing the Printed Circuit Board

Here, you will begin the process just like any other assembly process by creating the design of the printed circuit board.

You can use the rough idea on the design that you want and implement during the designing process.

The only difference in this case is the fact that you must do everything faster than the normal operation speed.

As soon as the design is ready, you must save it as a Gerber file and send it to the quick turn PCB assemblers.

In addition to the Gerber file, you must accompany it with the bill of materials for further details on the PCB.

Step Two: Creating the Prototype

As soon as you approve the design, you will go straight to the assembly process which begins with creation of prototypes.

You will create a prototype of the design that you have at hand and ensure you include every detail.

The prototype will help you test the functionality of the design and also act as the assembly blue print.

Step Three: Manufacturing Process

If every single detail checks out, you can now manufacture all the relevant parts of the printed circuit board.

You must follow the rules during the manufacturing process of the quick turn printed circuit board.

In addition to that, you must also make sure that you save as much time as possible for a quick turnaround time.

You will also collect all the components that you need for the assembly process in readiness for assembly.

Step Four: Assembly Process

With all the materials in place, you can proceed with assembly process using the different types of assembly techniques.

You can either opt for mixed assembly, surface mount technology or the through hole technology.

Depending on your choice of assembly process, you will place all the components on the PCB stackup.

After that, you will mount them on the printed circuit board by soldering them on the board permanently.

You must also remember to apply the solder mask on the printed circuit board and a surface finish among other processes.

You will complete the whole process by inspecting and testing the final printed circuit board.

Remember that time is of the essence thus forcing you to package and supply the PCBs as fast as possible.

How many Surface Finishes Do You Have for Quick Turn PCB Assembly?

You will also get the bets quick turn printed circuit boards with the best surface and most attractive surface finishes.

The surface finishes will also enhance the performance of the quick turn printed circuit boards through proper circuit connections.

In addition to that, the surface finishes will help in the preservation of the copper circuitry thus preventing unwanted damages.

Here are some of the main PCB surface finishes that you can opt for during quick turn PCB assembly.

  • Hot Air Solder Leveling (HASL) Surface Finish
  • Lead-free Hot Air Solder Leveling Surface Finish
  • Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG) Surface Finish
  • Immersion Silver Surface Finish

What are Some of the Quick Turn PCB Assembly Services You Offer?

You can order any form of quick turn assembly service that fits your requirements.

In other words, we offer all the quick turn assembly services that you could ever ask for within record time.

Here are some of the quick turn assembly services that you can get from us.

  • Turnkey Quick Turn PCB Assembly
  • Partial Turnkey Quick Turn PCB Assembly
  • Custom or Consigned Quick Turn Assembly

At Venture Electronics we offer a range of PCB engineering solutions for your specific needs.

Contact us today for all your quick turn PCB assembly needs.