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Rogers 4003 PCB

Venture Electronics manufacture and supplies high-frequency Rogers 4003 PCB worldwide.

Your Leading Rogers 4003 PCB Supplier in China

As a leading manufacturer, we can design a Rogers 4003 PCB with some unique features. Our Rogers 4003 PCB is not-PTFE. It has an excellent high-frequency performance due to low dielectric tolerance and loss.

Venture Rogers 4003 PCB has stable electrical properties, low thermal coefficient of dielectric constant, low Z-axis expansion, low in-plane expansion coefficient excellent dimensional stability, and volume manufacturing process.

Our Rogers 4003 PCB possesses the properties needed by RF microwave circuit designers.

Superior high-frequency performance
Low-cost circuit fabrication
Cost-sensitive aerospace applications
Car radar & RF Coupler
Venture Electronics

Your Best ROgers 4003 PCB Manufacturer

Venture Electronics has trusted by most electronic engineers throughout the world. Thus, Venture is the perfect place for your Rogers 4003 PCB needs.

Venture Rogers 4003 PCB design engineers had always focused on the important aspect of Rogers 4003 PCB:

  • Optimized cost and RF/Microwave performance
  • Compatible with FR4 fabrication including multilayer PCB constructions
  • High thermal conductivity for improved thermal management over traditional PTFE materials
  •  Robust lead-free solder processing compatibility

Make Venture Electronic your best Rogers 4003 PCB partner in China. At Venture, we can answer any Rogers 4003 PCB questions, kindly contact our professional team for inquiries.

Why Choose Venture Aluminum PCBs

From production and material development, circuit fabrication to final component assembly, Venture Electronics design engineers have full experience in fabricating a wide array of Rogers 4003 PCB.

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