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Is Nelco n7000 Suitable for Manufacturing HDI PCB?

Materials suitable for HDI PCB are divided into 4 kinds: Normal Speed & Loss, Medium Speed& Loss, High Speed & Low Loss and Highest Speed & Lowest Loss.

The Dk versus frequency response curve of the medium-velocity material is relatively flat. The dielectric loss is about half that of normal velocity materials. These are suitable for frequencies up to 10GHz. An example of such a material with Medium Speed& Loss is Nelco N7000-2 HT.


What is Nelco N7000-1 PCB?

N7000-1 PCB is a high temperature resistant polyimide PCB. Its main fields of application are the aviation and maritime communications industries.

It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, good water absorption and strong stability. It is a high-frequency material with BT characteristics and easy to process.

Any more information, feel free to contact Venture team, we will be gald to help you.

Why Choose Venture as Your Nelco N7000 Supplier?

Venture manufactures the Nelco n7000 with compatible lead-free components, which can withstand various thermal excursions. We design the Nelco n7000 with a low Z-axis CTE to make sure they can be used in harsh conditions.

In addition, we manufacture Nelco n7000 to military and industrial standards to ensure quality, our Nelco n7000 is widely used in Underhood automotive, Direct-chip attach, Backplanes, etc.

Why Choose Venture as Your Nelco N7000 Supplier?

Venture Nelco n7000 is a toughened polyimide laminate and prepreg. It provides polyimide resin chemistry for robust thermal reliability and stability. It also has a toughened resin system and high-temperature tolerance as well as chemical resistance.

Our Nelco n7000 has undergone reliable processing. It is equipped with enhanced fracture resistance and reduced cure time compared to any traditional polyimide systems.

Your Leading Nelco n7000 Supplier in China

Venture produces Nelco n7000 prepreg that belongs to a series of toughened polyimide materials. Our Nelco n7000 is perfect for a high-reliability multilayer.

We manufacture Nelco n7000 with a combined resin system. Therefore, our Nelco n7000 can offer superior thermal performance while improving its processing characteristics.

It provides polyimide resin chemistry for robust thermal reliability and stability. It also has a toughened resin system and high-temperature tolerance as well as chemical resistance.

Our Nelco n7000 is manufactured with lead-free assembly compatible. It can withstand various thermal excursions. We designed Nelco n7000 with low Z-axis CTE for use in severe conditions.

To ensure quality, we manufacture Nelco n7000 that supports previous and current military and industrial standards.

Aside from that, Venture Nelco n7000 is equipped with reliable plated-through holes. Its toughened polyimide and low Z-axis CTE chemistry that offers exceptional dimensional stability.

Our Nelco n7000 is perfect for the following applications:

  • Burn-in boards
  • Underhood automotive
  • Direct-chip attach
  • BGA multilayers
  • Surface-mount multilayers
  • Backplanes
  • Fine-line multilayers

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Venture has more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing Nelco n7000. Meaning, we can you an exceptional quality product.

If you are a distributor or electrical engineer, we can support you by providing Nelco n7000 with reasonable rates without minimum order required.

We also offer the best delivery conditions and a very flexible payment term. To add it up, we have a customer service team who works 24/7 for your inquiries and to give you assistance.

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Nelco n7000: The Ultimate FAQ Guide


If you’re planning to fabricate the best multilayer PCB, then it’s time to consider Nelco n7000 laminates.

But, before you choose this Nelco PCB material, you should know the properties, features, uses, and benefits, among other vital aspects.

The best part, all the information is right here – keep reading.

What are Nelco n7000 Laminates?

Nelco n7000 are tough polyimide materials or laminates that you will use in the high multilayer printed circuit boards.

It is a combination of numerous resin systems that increase the thermal performance of the multilayer printed circuit boards.

Nelco PCB

Nelco PCB

How Do You Laminate a PCB Using the Nelco n7000 Laminates?

Lamination is the process by which you will lay the Nelco n7000 laminate on the multilayer PCB.

In this case, you will be applying the Nelco n7000 laminates on multiple layers.

Implying that you will use the multilayer lamination process to lay the Nelco n7000 laminates.

Here is a step-by-step process that you can follow when laying the Nelco n7000 laminates on multiple layers.

1) Preparation Stage

You will begin the whole process by preparing the multiple layers of the printed circuit board you intend to laminate.

Apart from that, you will prepare the lamination machine and set the right lamination parameters such as pressure and temperature.

You can either have thin etched layers circuit board layers or trace layers of the printed circuit boards.

2) Laying the Nelco n7000 Laminate

As soon as you have all the materials at hand, you will proceed with the laying of the Nelco n7000 laminate.

You will begin with one layer and then place more layers on top as you bons the different layers.

After that, you will place the multiple layers in the lamination machine.

Remember to set the lamination pressure at 275 psi to 400 psi.

Apart from that, you must also set the lamination temperature at 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

You will allow the lamination machine to heat and apply pressure on the layers for a particular period.

As soon as the period elapses, you will allow the machine to cure slowly and at high temperatures.

Finally, you will release the pressure slowly after which you will cool it complete the lamination process.

What are the Benefits of Using the Nelco n7000 laminates?

You are bound to experience plenty of benefits just by using the Nelco n7000 laminates on your PCB.

Here are some of the benefits that you will enjoy just by using the Nelco n7000 laminates.

Premium Quality Product

Nelco n7000 laminates are materials that have very high-quality parts that will serve you for a very long period.

All you have to do is conduct proper maintenance on the Nelco n7000 laminates and you will enjoy the premium quality.

Excellent Performance Efficiency

You will also enjoy a great or excellent thermal performance by using the Nelco n7000 laminates on your PCBs.

It has great performance features that increase the efficiencies of using the Nelco n7000 laminates on various devices.

Perfect Thermal Stability

Nelco n7000 laminates also have the ability to withstand very high-temperature conditions without affecting performance.

You can use it in applications that go through very harsh conditions without fear of causing damages to the product.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

You will also go through a very easy time with the cleaning and maintenance of the Nelco n7000 laminates.

After placing them on the circuit board, all you have to do is perform frequent dusting to get rid of dust.

How Does Nelco n7000-1 Laminates Compare to Nelco n7000-2 Laminates?

There are different types of Nelco n7000 and among them we have the Nelco n7000-1 and Nelco n7000-2.

You have to understand the similarities and differences between Nelco n7000-1 and Nelco n7000-2 laminates to make informed choices.

Here is a brief comparison between Nelco n7000 – 1 and Nelco n7000 – 2.

· Nelco n7000-1

Nelco n7000-1 is a series of polyimide prepreg and laminate with a low Z-axis expansion and high Tg.

Printed circuit boards with Nelco n7000-1 laminates have consistent performance and great reliability.

You can use it in applications that need high thermal stability as well as chemical resistance.

· Nelco n7000-2

Nelco n7000 – 2 laminates are special types of laminates with tough polyimide materials that increase reliability in multilayer PCBs.

It also provides great thermal resistance making it an exceptional factor to use in high-risk applications.

It also has improved processing characteristics that increase the reliability requirements.

Which Applications are Nelco n7000 Laminates Perfect For?

You can use the Nelco n7000 laminates to perform quite a number of functions in high-risk applications.

It has excellent properties such a great thermal resistance that increases the chances of performance in harsh conditions.

Here are some of the applications where you can use the Nelco n7000 laminates.

  • Burn in Board Applications
  • Automotive Industry in Underhood Board Applications
  • Direct Chip Attachments
  • BGA Multilayer PCBs
  • Surface Mount Multilayer Applications
  • Fine Line Multilayer Applications
  • Backplane Applications

Nelco n7000 laminates provide the perfect bond between the multiple PCB layers on multiple applications.

Implying that, you can use the Nelco n7000 laminates accordingly without fear of PCB damages or underperformances.

What Determines Nelco Laminates Price?

There are plenty of factors that determine the price you will pay for Nelco n7000 laminates.

Here are the main factors that you should look at when determining the price of Nelco n7000 laminates.

· Quality of Nelco N7000 Laminate

The most fundamental factor that influences the durability of Nelco n7000 laminates is the quality.

You will pay more for very high-quality Nelco n7000 laminates since they are highly durable.

· Dimensions of Nelco n7000 Laminates

You will look at dimensions in terms of the different sizes of the Nelco n7000 laminates.

The bigger the Nelco n7000 laminates, the higher the amount of money you will pay for them.

· Quantity of Nelco n7000 Laminates

Here, you will look at the number of Nelco n7000 laminates that you will purchase.

The more Nelco n7000 laminates you purchase, the higher the cost or price you will pay.

Remember that you might benefit from economies of scale when you make purchases in bulk.

Generally, the cost of Nelco n7000 laminates range between 5 to 10 dollars.

Which Other Subcategories of Nelco n7000 Laminates are There?

Nelco PCB Material

Nelco PCB Laminate

Well, Nelco n7000 laminates are available in quite a number of subcategories that perform different functions.

Apart from that, the Nelco n7000 laminates have varying specifications depending on the subcategory.

Here is a list of some of the main subcategories that you will come across under Nelco n7000 laminates.

  • Nelco n7000 – 1
  • Nelco n7000 – 2 and Nelco n7000 – 2HT
  • Nelco n7000 – 3 and Nelco n7000 – 3 – AGC

Can You Manufacture Higher Layer Count PCBs using High-Frequency Nelco n7000?

Yes, you can manufacture high layer count printed circuit boards using high-frequency Nelco n7000 laminates.

Nelco n7000 laminates are perfect for high layer count printed circuit boards and will perform extremely well.

All you have to do is determine the number of layers you would want to have on the multilayer printed circuit board.

Apart from that, you will also determine the signal integrity that you would want on the multilayer printed circuit boards.

What is the Coefficient of Thermal Expansion in Nelco n7000 Laminates?

The coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) is a factor that will determine how much the PCB layers can expand or contract.

Implying that it will determine the amount of contraction and expansion on the PCB layers on the application of heat.

PCBs with low coefficients of thermal expansion will not expand or contract much on the application of temperature.

Nelco n7000 laminate has very low coefficients of thermal expansion (CTE) thus contributing to great thermal stability.

How Does Glass Transmission Temperature (Tg) Affect the Efficiency of Nelco N7000 Laminates?

Nelco n7000 PCB

 Nelco n7000 PCB

Glass transmission temperature (Tg) will help in determining the greatest temperature that Nelco n7000 laminates can withstand.

It will help you know the maximum operating temperatures for the PCB before it becomes weak and affect normal function.

You ought to know the maximum glass transmission temperature (Tg) to avoid loosening of the Nelco n7000 laminates.

What is the Effect of Dielectric Constant on the Nelco n7000 Laminates?

Nelco n7000 laminates act as insulators that prevent shock or short circuits between the multiple PCB layers.

It also has a dielectric constant that will describe the relationship between electrical properties and the high-frequency signals.

You should look for Nelco n7000 laminates which have very predictable and stable dielectric constants.

Which Thermoplastic Materials Do You Use to Manufacture Nelco n7000 Laminates?

You can also use thermoplastic materials in the manufacture of Nelco n7000 laminates.

Such materials work as well as the normal materials and also exhibit high-frequency tendencies on different applications.

Here are some of the thermoplastic materials that you can use to manufacture Nelco n7000 laminates.

· Polyimide Materials

You will use this material in the manufacturing process of flexible as well as rigid-flex Nelco n7000 laminates.

They have very high chemical, mechanical, and thermal properties that increase the stability of Nelco n7000 laminates.

· BT Epoxy Materials

You will use this material to manufacture Nelco n7000 laminates for an application that do not require lead constituent materials.

It offers very high thermal resistance, insulation resistance, as well as electromigration properties.

· TG Epoxy Materials

You will combine this material with other types of materials for applications that require high frequencies and thermal stability.

It comes complete with vitrification temperature properties that increase material rigidity as temperature increases.

·  CCL Laminate Materials

Copper clad laminates are the best materials that you can use to reinforce the Nelco n7000 laminates.

It will help in increasing the electric as well as the thermal properties of Nelco n7000 laminates.

Which Details Should You Know When Selecting Nelco n7000 Laminates?

The selection process of Nelco n7000 laminates can be a very tricky process.

Well, to manage the selection process accordingly, you must look as specific features of Nelco n7000 laminates.

Here are the main specifications that you should look at when selecting Nelco n7000 laminates.

  • Physical, mechanical and electrical performances
  • Thermal Conductivity
  • Dielectric Constants
  • Temperature, chemical and moisture resistance
  • Dielectric loss factor
  • Transition Temperatures
  • Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
  • Appearance and Size
  • Ability to work in different thermal environments

Can You Use a Combination of Nelco n7000-2 and Nelco n7000-3 Laminates?

Yes, you can use a combination of Nelco n7000 – 2 laminates and Nelco n7000 – 3 laminates.

Despite the nature of this freedom, you have to choose the right type of Nelco n7000 – 2 laminates to use.

Implying that you will use Nelco n7000 – 2 HT together with the Nelco n7000 – 3 laminates.

This combination will provide excellent thermal performance as well as better processing characteristics due to extreme reliability characteristics.

Which Quality Certifications Do Nelco n7000 Laminates Adhere to?

There are particular quality certifications that you should look at on Nelco n7000 laminates.

These quality certifications help in certifying the quality and safety of the Nelco n7000 laminates.

Here is a list of the Nelco n7000 laminate quality certifications you should confirm.

  • RoHS Quality Certifications
  • ISO 9001:2015 & AS9100D Quality Certificate
  • UL Quality Certifications

What are the main Mechanical Properties of the Nelco n7000 Laminates?

You should also look at the mechanical properties of the Nelco n7000 laminates before you make a choice.

Here are the main mechanical properties of Nelco n7000 laminates that you should pay close attention to.

  • Peel strength
  • Z axis expansion
  • Young Modulus (X/Y)
  • Thermal Conductivity
  • Specific Heat Co- efficiency
  • Poisons Ratio (X/Y)

Why Should You Import Your Nelco n7000 Laminates from China?

You should consider importing Nelco n7000 laminates from Chins since they are the largest laminate producers.

China produces some of the finest qualities of Nelco n7000 laminates that will serve you for a very long time.

Apart from that, there are different varieties of Nelco n7000 laminates that you can purchase from China.

China also boasts of the best transport and communication infrastructure that increases ease of conducting business.

In other words, you are sure of getting high-quality Nelco n7000 laminates from Chine at affordable prices.

Are the Nelco n7000 Laminates Environmentally Friendly?

Yes, Nelco n7000 laminates are environmentally friendly and you can use them without fear of environmental pollution.

It has different parts that do not produce toxic substances that will pollute the environment.

Apart from Nelco n7000, which Other Nelco Laminates are There?

 PCB Laminate material

PCB Laminate Material

Other than Nelco n7000 laminates, you can choose among the other Nelco n7000 laminates.

Here is a list of other Nelco laminates that you can choose from.

  • Nelco n4000 laminates
  • Nelco n4350 laminates
  • Nelco n5000 laminates
  • Nelco n8000 laminates
  • Nelco n9000 laminates

You have to look at the fact that Nelco laminates have different subcategories under every Nelco laminate category.

Is Nelco n7000 a High Tg PCB Material?

Yes, Nelco n7000 laminate is a high TG printed circuit board material.

It is capable of withstanding very high-temperature applications due to high Tg properties.

Is there PCB Laminate Material that can Replace Nelco Laminates?

No, there are no PCB materials that are capable of performing the functions of Nelco laminates.

This is because Nelco laminates have unique properties that you will not find collectively in other materials.

In short, there are many factors to consider when choosing this Nelco PCB laminate.

At Venture Electronics we offer a range of Nelco n7000 PCB materials that meet the specific needs of your applications.

Contact us today for competitive prices on Nelco n7000 PCB laminates in China.

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