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About Venture

We believe in the 21st century everyone has to think global and has to combine the best resources available on this planet. Especially as a young startup or an SME with limited resources. If you don’t do it then your competitors will do it and leave you behind.

Venture Electronics, has been a professional PCB design & fabrication and PCB assembly manufacture and turnkey solution provider since 2010. With strong marketing and technical support team, Venture Electronics is built to meet customer support every day of the year (24/7/365), is committed to improving the prototyping through production processes for the design engineer from quote to delivery, from PCB design & layout, PCB fabrication and PCB turnkey assembly, Provides unparalleled customer service.

Our headquarter locates in Shenzhen, China, the area called “Factory of the World”, the world’s biggest and fastest growing region for manufacturing, prototyping, and production. Here we have the best preconditions to deliver the best Engineering combined with the speed, price, and possibilities of China. We are connected to a network; supply all kind of PCB related products in all quantities, a broad network for sourcing all kind of components and different logistic providers for fast global shipping.

Venture Electronics is your premier off-shore pcb solution manufacture.

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What Our CEO Say:
"We’re committed to be your best pcb manufacture and partner in China.
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