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When we talk about ceramic PCB, maybe you will have ceramic tile, ceramic china come into mind, but here in PCB industry, the ceramics we are referring is “fine ceramic(also known as advanced ceramic or new ceramics)”,it is a type of engineered material with chemical compositions that are precisely adjusted by using refined or synthesized raw powders and well-controlled methods of forming, sintering and processing.

We normally treat ceramic PCB( printed circuit board)as a type of metal core PCB. It’s important to understand that there are many applications where the use of an FR4 board or metal core printed circuit board (MCPCB) such as aluminum PCB and copper alloy PCB are indicated and perfectly acceptable. However, certain applications, we suggest you using ceramic PCB to avoid putting your product at risk. These applications include:

  • high-current LEDs
  • Automobiles, especially power controllers, exchange converters and power regulators for cars
  • IC arrays
  • Semiconductor refrigeration devices
  • Audio amplifiers
  • High power transistors
  • Solar cell substrates



Parameter (in)

Parameter (mm)


1 – 6

1 – 6

Max Board Size

24” x 40”

609.6 x 1016mm

Min Board Thickness – 1-2 (layers)



Min Board Thickness – 4 (layers)



Min Board Thickness – 6 (layers)



Board Thickness Range

14 – 276mil

0.35 – 7mm

Max Copper Thickness



Min Line Width / Space

2mil / 2mil

0.05 / 0.05mm

Min Hole Size



PTH Dia. Tolerance



NPTH Dia. Tolerance



Hole Position Deviation



Outline Tolerance



S/M Pitch



Aspect Ratio



Thermal Shock

5 x 10Sec @288

5 x 10Sec @288

Warp & Twist

<= 3%

<= 3%




Impedance Control



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Venture offers ceramic PCB(printed circuit boards) for your high heat conductivity required products. Ceramic PCBs have an advantage over traditional PCBs made of other materials( such as FR4). This is because ceramic PCB provides suitable substrates for electronic circuits that have a high thermal conductivity and a low expansion coefficient (CTE).

The multilayer ceramic PCB is extremely versatile and can replace a complete traditional FR4 PCB with a less complex design and stronger performance. Currently, there’re three basic substrates to make ceramic PCB, and different ceramic circuit board manufacturing technology we will use a different substrate.

  • Aluminum Oxide ( Al2O3)
  • Aluminum Nitride( AIN)
  • BeO

Since during manufacturing process the BeO toxicity is not environmentally friendly, now the most popular material is still Al2O3 (cheaper) and AIN (expensive).

Through our 2 hours rapid response services from our 24/7 sales and tech support team, and excellent after-sales service, we will be your best ceramic PCB manufacturer in China. At Venture we can answer any ceramic PCB questions that you may have, pls feel free to contact us anytime.