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Today circuit boards that function in high-voltage applications power the most innovative technologies available. When you are designing High-tech lasers or power supplies for particle colliders, these applications will require high voltage PCB design.

The same way that a city creates zoning areas and restricts what land can be used for when designing a high voltage PCB, you want to group your high voltage circuitry together too, in order to minimize the impact that high voltage circuitry will have on the rest of your (low voltage circuitry) board.

Your Leading High Voltage PCB Design Supplier in China

Venture is not only a high voltage PCB manufacturer but also an expert in high voltage PCB design field:

  • We strictly follow the high voltage PCB design standards: isolate high voltage areas and noise sources to the rest of the board, let you step the voltage down gradually and minimize interconnections, so to decrease the risk of electric arcing on the board.
  • We also focus on the spacing controlling between two conductive elements, because the voltage across the circuit board components makes it much easier for an electric arc to occur, any electric arc that does occur will bring higher risk to both the final product and users.
  • We choose the PCB material that suitable for high voltage PCB design, these materials are specifically designed to tolerate an over voltage event and the regular high V operating conditions. There are a few material options you to consider: such as FR4 Laminate, BT Epoxy., etc

Venture high voltage PCB design team has the industry leading design engineers and 10 years’ high voltage PCB design experiences. From design and material selection to circuit fabrication and final component assembly, Venture high voltage PCB design engineers have full experience in processing a wide variety of printed circuit board materials.

No matter you are an electrical engineer, a product designer, a system integrator or a maker looking for a high voltage PCB design, Venture high voltage design team will be here to help you. Through our 2 hours rapid response services from our 24/7 sales and tech support team, and excellent after-sales service, we will be your expert high voltage PCB Design partner in China. At Venture we can answer any high-voltage PCB Design and high voltage PCB layout questions that you may have, pls feel free to contact us anytime.