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MEMS Probe Card

MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) probe cards play a key role in modern semiconductor testing, providing precise test contacts through miniaturised electro-mechanical systems to ensure accurate evaluation of chip performance. Our MEMS probe cards combine advanced micro-nano-machining technology with precision electrical design to provide highly reliable and accurate solutions for a wide range of chip testing needs.

Advanced MEMS Probe Cards for Wafer Testing

CIS Wafer Testing MEMS Probe Card

Our CIS (CMOS Image Sensor) Wafer Testing MEMS Probe Card employs advanced 2D MEMS technology for testing CIS products. Thousands of MEMS probes are laser-welded to a ceramic substrate, providing exceptional high-density probe distribution with minimal manual intervention.

DRAM Wafer Testing MEMS Probe Card

Our DRAM Wafer Testing MEMS Probe Card, optimized with MEMSFLEX technology, meets the demands of testing these new high-performance, high-density DRAM devices. It enhances efficiency and reduces the overall cost of DRAM testing, ensuring reliable performance in evaluating the latest advancements in memory technology.

MEMS Probe Card Features

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