14 LayerPCB Stackup

  • Over 10 years’ experience
  • Low cost
  • One-stop solution
  • Full range of 14 layer PCB stack-up

Venture has been designing a 14 layer PCB stack-up for more than 10 years. We can manufacture 14 layer PCB with standard stack-up such as signal, GND, and VCC.

Venture manufactures multilayer circuit boards with a wide range of layers with different standard stack-up.

Trusted 14 Layer PCB Stackup Manufacturer and Supplier in China

Venture manufacturers have well experienced in stack-up and routing 14 layer PCB to meet all objectives. We can design 14 layer PCB stack-up to have excellent EMC performance and signal integrity.

Venture 14 layer PCB stack-up is being used when 8 routing layers are required and a special shield of the critical net is required.

Venture has more than 10 years in supplying 14 layer PCB stack-up in different kinds of applications such as:

  • satellite dish
  • preamplifier
  • GPS tracking devices
  • AC drivers
  • SAN storage
  • mobile broadband routers
  • GDM signal booster
  • inverter 220V
  • memory module
  • automotive dashboard

As a leading printed circuit board manufacturer in China, Venture can do custom 14 layer PCB stack-up for your projects.

Please send us your circuit board thicknesses and layer count if you want a custom 14 layer PCB stack-up or layer stack-up for PCB prototype service.

Venture has a full-service turnkey solution for your PCBs. We can help you manufacture your layer stack-up PCB and do full PCB runs.

If you rely on Venture, you will receive the corresponding stack-up very quickly!