• A proven high TG substrate
  • Suitable for broad range of applications
  • Fabricated with the help of advanced technologies
  • Manufactured with the right tools and equipment

What is Nelco n4000-6?

Nelco N4000-6 is an superior Tg epoxy laminate and prepreg system that offers a wide range of performance versatility and ease of processing for demanding multilayer applications. Features:

Passes the rigorous Q1000 thermal cycle. RoHS compliant.
You don’t have to worry about CAF resistance because Nelco laminates offer lead-free assembly compatibility.

It will also add processing ease, especially for applications requiring multilayer printed circuit boards.


What is the key feather of Nelco n4000-6?

High Tg substrates: Consistent results from years of field use, Consistent dielectric thickness, Global availability
Robust thermal performance: Tg at 175ºC, Passes stringent Q1000 thermal cycling requirements, Suitable for multi-layer

Superior electrical performance: Excellent electrical performance for standard lossy materials, Supports advanced technology PWB designs, Enhanced standard FR-4 processing
Standard low Tg FR-4 method: Excellent drilling characteristics, especially at high layer counts

What are the best storage conditions for Nelco n4000-6?

You can store Nelco n4000-6 indefinitely at room temperature because the dielectric material is inert to high humidity.
However, in some cases, you may experience copper corrosion due to high humidity.

In this case, you can eliminate the copper by performing a pre-cleaning procedure.
In addition to this, you can avoid corrosion by properly baking the PCB with Nelco laminates before storage.

You must also store Nelco laminates flat in a clean and dry area.


Venture is an authorized manufacturer and supplier of Nelco n4000-6 in China. For more than 10 years, we constantly offer then best quality Nelco n4000-6.

With the help of technology advancements and the latest production facilities, our Nelco n4000-6 is equipped with lots of advanced features such as robust thermal properties and a proven high TG substrate. Therefore, our Nelco n4000-6 can provide you the following:

  • Consistent results for field use
  • Consistent dielectric thickness
  • Global availability

Your Leading Nelco n4000-6 Supplier in China


Venture manufactures Nelco n4000-6 that is a multifunctional high-TG epoxy prepreg and laminate. Our Nelco n4000-6 can provide the user with excellent performance versatility. It can also offer you simple processing, especially for high-layer count applications.

Our Nelco n4000-6 also offers robust thermal properties. It features a 175ﹾC TG that passed the Q1000 stringent thermal cycling requirements.

Additionally, we supply Nelco n4000-6 with excellent electrical properties. Our Nelco n4000-6 is equipped with premium electrical properties for standard loss material. It also supports advanced PWB design technology.

Moreover, Venture Nelco n4000-6 is vacuum laminated. It is manufactured with a broad range of copper weights, constructions, and glass styles.

Because of that, our Nelco n4000-6 can applicable for:

  • High-end servers
  • Fine line multilayers
  • Network storage
  • Backplanes
  • Infrastructure
  • Surface-mount multilayers
  • Wireless communication
  • BGA multilayers
  • Underhood automotive
  • CSP attachment
  • Automotive

Our Nelco n4000-6 is also certified with RoHS, UL, and more certifications. So, you can assure that our Nelco n4000-6 is of the highest quality.

If you are looking for a premium quality Nelco n4000-6 for your projects and business, then, Venture is your best choice! We are a trusted manufacturer and supplier of Nelco n4000-6 in China for more than 10 years!

As a professional manufacturer, Venture can give you the best Nelco n4000-6 laminates for your PCB requirements. We expert designers and engineers to help you with your Nelco n4000-6 fabrication.

Venture owns a well-equipped manufacturing facility and factory. This allows us to supply you with Nelco n4000-6 laminates with various capabilities and specifications.

Other than that, we also offer affordable rates, flexible payment terms, and no minimum order required to support you.

Through providing more excellent services, Venture can be your best Chinese supplier and manufacturer of Nelco n4000-6!

Contact us directly for your next Nelco n4000-6 orders!

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