PCB Edge Plating

You might have heard this concept called “edge plating” or “castellation,” or” sideplating” , which all means: the copper plating that runs from the top to the bottom surfaces of a PCB, and runs along at least one of the perimeter edges. So portions of the printed circuit`s contour but also partial areas within the circuit board are metallized.

PCB Edge plating process is a standard common process, but it requires specialized equipment and well trained workers. If workers do not follow the right working instructions, edge plating circuit board (circuit board castellation) would cause the internal power planes to come to the edge of the board, it can short the edge plating.

PCB Edge Plating

The (outer) edges to be metallized, must be milled before the through-hole plating process, as the metallization of the edges take place during this production step.

After the deposition of copper, the intended surface finish is finally applied to the circuit board edges. For PCB edge plating we recommend the surface ENIG (chemical gold).

Several industries require edge-plated printed circuit boards, especially in applications that require better support function. You’ll find PCB edge castellation (PCB edge plating) applied in many applications, such as:

  • Improving current-carrying capabilities for better EMC performance such as High Frequency (HF) PCBs
  • Edge connections and protection (Being metallized to provide cooling function)
  • Edge soldering to improve fabrication
  • Better support for connections such as boards that slide into housing connection

PCB Edge plating requires precision handling of the printed circuit boards, chiefly around preparing the edges for plating and creating a lifetime adhesion for the plated material. This requires a controlled process during circuit board fabrication to limit any potential hazard for PTH and edge plating.

The most significant concern is the creation of burrs, which leads to discontinuities in PTH walls and limits the life of adhesion of the edge plating.

Venture have state-of-the-art printed circuit board edge plating lines, and has experienced many PCB designs that have required PCB edge plating. This allows us to overcome many problems in the industry.

We are able to keep quality to tight tolerances for PCB edge plating during proper execution of PCB edge castellation process, even after profiling. For technical details on the PCB edge plating process and specifications, please feel free to contact our sales team and we will be happy to answer all you questions.