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Arlon TC350

Venture offers top-quality Arlon TC350 that is an improved thermal conductivity. It is also a ceramic filled woven fiberglass/PTFE laminate mainly used for any microwave PCBs.

Your Leading Arlon TC350 Supplier in China

Our Arlon TC35 offers an optimized heat-transfer through the Best-in-class thermal conductivity. It reduces the insertion loss and dielectric loss. Lower losses of our Arlon TC350 offers higher antenna and amplifier gains or efficiencies.

Since our Arlon TC350 is manufactured with increased thermal conductivity, it can enhance device reliability, reduces hot-spots, and provides higher power handling.

Full range of premium quality Arlon TC350
Fabricated through advanced technology
Arlon TC350 manufactured with professional quality
Competitive price and affordable rates
Venture Electronics

Your Best Arlon TC350 PCB Manufacturer

We manufacture Arlon TC350 with thermal vias or heat sinks. This design provides an enhanced heat transfer in a primary thermal path. Because of this, our Arlon TC350 can reduce the junction temperatures and can prolong the active components’ life.

Aside from that, our Arlon TC350 is designed with clip-matching thermal expansion and lower operating temperatures. These make our Arlon TC350 to provide an excellent reliability for a component attachment that is prone to joint failure, solder softening, and solder fatigue.

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Why Choose Venture Arlon TC350

Venture Arlon TC350 can be used in applications like couplers, filters, and power amplifiers. This is also suitable for tower-mounted boosters and tower mounted amplifiers. Our Arlon TC350 is also perfect for thermally cycled antennas sensitive to dielectric drift, power dividers, and microwave combiners.

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