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Key Features of Nelco n4000 13EP

Lead-Free Assembly Compatible
Suitable for assemblies with a maximum reflow temperature of 260ºC1

●CAF resistant
The low Z-CTE and improved CAF resistance provide long-term
reliability for both RF and digital applications.
Tg FR-4 materials

RoHO Compliant

Why Choose Venture as Your Nelco N7000 Supplier?

Reasons for Delamination of Nelco n4000-13 Series Materials

The main reasons for the delamination of Nelco N4000-13 series sheets are as follows:

1. Lead-free soldering technology is widely used nowadays, and lead-free soldering technology puts forward higher requirements on the heat resistance of materials. The heat of the hard connection increases sharply, and the damage to the PCB board will be aggravated.

2.The thermal expansion coefficient of Z-CTE is too large, in the case of high temperature welding, the plate expands seriously, resulting in delamination.

Why Choose Venture as Your Nelco n4000-13EP PCB Supplier?

Venture is a Shenzhen based manufacturer of Nelco n4000-13EP PCB for over 10 years.We have rich experience in manufacturing high-quality Nelco n4000-13EP PCBs at favorable prices.

We also work closely with you as our customers to come up with custom Nelco n4000-13EP laminates.

For more details, feel free to contact our Venture Team.


Your Best Nelco n4000-13EP Partner

Nelco n4000-13EP

Venture is an expert Chinese manufacturer of Nelco n4000-13EP for many years. Because of our expertise in this industry, we are able to manufacture high-quality Nelco n4000-13EP. We supply Nelco n4000-13EP with good functionality .

Our service design includes:

  • Fr-4 material printed circuit boards
  • fr-4 flexible nelco arlon PCB
  • Nelco PCB spec HDI
  • Nelco PCB Prototype for LED
  • Printed circuit board edge PCB

Your Leading Nelco n4000-13EP Supplier in China

Nelco n4000-13EP is an enhanced epoxy resin system engineered for today’s lead free requirements where multiple solder reflow at temperatures approaching 260ºC are required. N4000-13 EP provides enhanced thermal reliability without compromising the electrical and signal loss properties.
Nelco n4000-13EP

Venture can supply you the best quality Nelco n4000-13EP .Our Nelco n4000-13EP truly work for its function. Venture Nelco n4000-13EP is also fabricated with our highest technology. Our Nelco n4000-13EP can give you excellent solder resistance. We also supply Nelco n4000-13EP with great interlaminar bond strength.

Nelco n4000-13EP

Venture has a rich experience and technology understanding, with own production capability and centralised resource locally, we are able to offer you one‐stop service with small, medium to mass production with competitive terms, quality and delivery assurance that customised all your requires.

Nelco n4000-13EP

We can support for small‐medium‐mass production flexibly with fast response and professional service. We have reached at level of expertise by achieving many milestones in CAD design, Circuit Design, Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design and production services.

Nelco n4000-13EP

Whenever you need Nelco n4000-13EP Venture can help you. We can able to provide all Nelco n4000-13EP you need in any application.

Contact us directly, we will not ignoring you!

Nelco n4000-13EP: The Ultimate FAQ Guide


Before you invest in Nelco n4000-13EP, read this guide.

It has all information you need about Nelco PCB material such as quality certification, specification, features, and benefits, amongst others.

Let’s dive right in.

What are Nelco n4000-13 EP Laminates?

Nelco n4000-13 EP is a type of enhanced system of epoxy resin that you can use in the lamination of lead-free applications.

You will use it in situations where maximum reflow at high temperatures reaching 260 degrees centigrade are needed.

Nelco PCB Material

Nelco PCB material

What is the Difference Between Nelco n4000-13 EP and Nelco n4000-13SI?

Well, you can choose different types of printed circuit board laminates other than the Nelco n4000-13EP.

Among the Nelco laminates you can choose from is the Nelco n4000-13SI depending on the application specifications.

Here is a comparison between Nelco n4000-13EP and Nelco n4000-13SI.

· Nelco n4000-13EP

This is a type of enhanced epoxy resin system that works best in lamination of lead-free printed circuit boards or applications.

You can use it in high temperature applications which require maximum reflow without compromising signal and electrical loss.

Apart from that, it is the most suitable laminate for low loss and high-speed designs of printed circuit board laminates.

· Nelco n4000-13SI

Nelco n4000-13SI is the perfect type of laminate that you will use in printed circuit boards that require optimum signal integrity.

Apart from that, it comes in handy in applications that need precise impedance control while maintaining high CAF resistance.

In addition to that, Nelco n4000-13SI will work perfectly in high temperature applications due to great thermal reliability.

What are the Benefits of Using the Nelco n4000-13 EP Laminate?

There are quite a number of benefits that you will enjoy by using the Nelco n4000-13EP laminates.

Here are the main benefits that you will experience just by using the Nelco n4000-13EP laminates.

· High Thermal Stability

Nelco n4000-13EP can withstand very high temperatures that can go beyond 260 degrees centigrade.

You can use it in applications that produce very high temperatures without worry of experiencing damages.

· Environmentally Friendly

Nelco n4000-13 EP are laminates that you will use in lead free applications since the assembly does not include lead.

You can rest easy with the assurance that the product will not emit contaminating materials that would pollute the environment.

· No Loss of Electrical or Signal Properties

Nelco n4000-13 EP laminates will also work well in harsh environmental conditions without losing signal or electrical properties.

You will be able to use it more efficiently even in the harshest of environmental conditions without worry of damages.

· High Levels of Efficiency

You will experience very high levels of efficiency during the operation process of he Nelco n4000 13 EP laminates.

It comes equipped with materials such as copper which have excellent heat and electric conduction properties.

· Increased Levels of Durability

You will use the Nelco n4000-13 EP laminates for a very long time with little or no need for proper maintenance of the laminates.

It will save cost on regular maintenance procedures due to its high tensile strength that enhance material durability.

Which Features Make Nelco n4000-13 EP Laminates Unique?

Nelco n4000 13EP are very unique types of laminates due to the amazing features that distinguish them from others.

Here are some of the unique features of Nelco n4000-13 EP that you should look at.

· Compatible to Lead Free Assembly

It is the most suitable type of laminate that you can use in applications that require lead free printed circuit boards.

You can use it in applications with maximum temperature reflow reaching beyond 260 degrees centigrade.

· Great Signal, Thermal, and Signal Loss Properties

It has excellent thickness control which help in tight tolerance impedance control systems.

It also exhibits low dielectric constant and dissipation factor that allow for faster signal propagation and low signal distortion.

This property makes them the most suitable type of laminate that you can use in high frequency applications.

· CAF Resistance

It has improved CAF resistance and low Z-CTE which provide long term reliability for digital and RF applications.

In addition to that, it also provides excellent CAF resistance even after exposure to multiple lead-free assembly.

· Buried Capacitance and Signal Integrity Options

It has a signal integrity (SI) glass which will provide proper electric performance even in the greatest demanding applications.

It also employs approved ZBC-2000 substrates which is available for thin and more reliable assemblies.

Apart from that, it will provide for an increase in board densities.

· Advanced Resin Technology

It uses industry standard materials that has properly documents dielectric constants and loss tangent properties.

· High Tg and FR4 Processing

You will process or manufacture this type of laminate in a similar mode as that of the Nelco n4000 13.

It will require manufacturing conditions of 193 degrees centigrade at pressure of 275 – 350 Psi for 90 mins press.

How Much Does the Nelco n4000-13 EP Laminate Cost?

The cost of the Nelco n4000-13 EP laminates will vary depending on the size and quantity of laminates you need.

Implying that the bigger the size or quantity of laminates you order the higher the cost you will pay for them.

Apart from that, the cost of Nelco n4000-13EP laminates will also vary according to the quality of the laminates.

High quality Nelco n4000-13 EP laminates will cost a lot more than the low quality Nelco n4000 -13 EP laminates.

The overall cost of the Nelco n4000 13EP laminates will range between 0.50 to 5 US dollars per laminate.

What is the Process of Laying the Nelco n4000-13 EP Laminate?

You can lay the Nelco n4000-13 EP laminates in very simple steps.

Here is a step-by-step process that you can follow when laminating a PCB with Nelco n4000-13 EP laminates.

Step One: Designing and Printing

You will begin the whole process by designing the printed circuit board and printing it.

After that, you will cut different pieces of thin paper and lay them down on the printed circuit board.

As soon as you complete that, you will proceed with the printing of the printed circuit board layout.

You can use equipment such as laser printers after which you will cut out the printed piece of paper.

Tape the piece of paper on the printed circuit board design and ensure that the PCB is ready for lamination process.

Step Two Lamination Process

You will use a printed circuit board lamination machine to lay the Nelco n4000-13EP laminates on the PCB.

Ensure that you set the parameters right with the following details:

  1. High Printing Pressure between 275 to 350 psi
  2. High Printing Temperatures of about 193 degrees centigrade
  • Printing time lasting 90 minutes

After that you will place the printed circuit board under the laminator which will lay the Nelco n4000-13EP laminates.

As soon as the time elapses, the machine will automatically stop and the result will be complete lamination.

You will repeat the same process over and over again until you complete the multiple PCB layers.

Are the Nelco n4000-13 EP Environmentally Friendly?

Absolutely, Nelco n4000 13 EP are the environmentally friendly.

This type of laminate is suitable for lead free applications proving that it does not contain dangerous components.

In addition to that, it does not emit any fumes that might lead to the contamination of the environment.

Do You Customize Nelco n4000-13 EP according to the Customers Specifications?

Nelco n4000 PCB

Nelco n4000

Yes, we also customize Nelco n4000 13 EP laminates according to the specifications of the customers.

All you have to do is to provide us with the details about the type of Nelco n4000-13EP laminates you need.

Some of the details you will provide include:

  • Dimensions or size details of the Nelco n4000 13EP
  • Type of materials such as copper or epoxy resin
  • Type of Nelco n4000 13EP laminates that you need
  • Surface finish options
  • Properties of the Nelco n4000 13EP laminates you need

What are the Quality Certifications of the Nelco n4000-13EP Laminates?

Well, quality should be the most important factor to consider when looking at the Nelco n4000-13EP laminates.

You have to ensure that the Nelco n4000 13EP laminates are of very high quality by looking at the quality certifications.

Here are some of the quality certifications that you need to pay close attention to during quality inspection.

  • RoHS Quality Certifications
  • CE Quality Certifications
  • RoHS Quality Certifications
  • UL Quality Certifications

Do You Supply Nelco n4000-13 EP SI Laminates?

Yes, we also supply Nelco n4000 13SI laminates upon the request of the customer.

Nelco n4000-13SI laminates are the most suitable type of laminates to use in application that require high signal integrity.

It shares most of the features such as great thermal stability and CAF resistance with Nelco n4000 13EP laminates.

You can also use this type of Nelco laminates in the lead-free applications thus making the environmentally friendly.

What is the Difference Between Nelco n4000-13 Laminates and Nelco n4000-13EP Laminates?

Nelco n4000 -13

Nelco n4000 – 13

You can either use the Nelco n4000 13 laminate or Nelco n4000 13EP laminates according to application requirements.

The greatest difference between Nelco n4000 13 and Nelco n4000 13EP is the environmental protection properties.

Nelco n4000 13 does not have the environmental protection properties which you will find in Nelco n4000 -13EP.

Apart from that difference, these Nelco laminates share most of the properties such as type of materials.

You can use both of them in applications that require high speed printed circuit boards.

It will also come in handy in applications that require high speed signal transmissions.

Both types of Nelco laminates also work well in harsh conditions as they can withstand high temperatures.

Do You Have Different Surface Finishes for the Nelco n4000-13 EP Laminates?

Yes, we do have quite a number PCB surface finishes that you can use on your Nelco n4000-13 laminates.

PCB surface finishes

PCB Surface finishes

Here are some of the Nelco n4000-13 laminate surface finishes you ought to look at.

  • Hot Air Solder level (HASL) Surface Finish
  • Lead Free Hot Air Solder Level (HASL) Surface Finish
  • Organic Solderability Preservatives (OSP) Surface Finish
  • Immersion Silver (Au) Surface Finish
  • Immersion Tin (Sn) Surface Finish
  • Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG) Surface Finish
  • Electroless Nickel Electroless Palladium Immersion Gold (ENEPIG) Surface Finish
  • Electrolytic Wire Bondable Gold Surface Finish
  • Electrolytic Hard Gold Surface Finish

You should note that the choice of surface finish requires a deep understanding of the different Nelco surface finishes.

Can You Use Sequential Lamination in Laying of Nelco n4000-13EP?

Yes, you can use sequential lamination in laying of Nelco n4000 13 EP laminates on different printed circuit boards.

It is the most fundamental manufacturing technique that you will use in the process of PCB lamination.

It works best for the lamination of multilayer printed circuit boards thus making Nelco n4000-13EP a suitable option.

Which Accessories Will You Use Alongside Nelco n4000 13 EP?

Well, there are numerous accessories that you can use alongside the Nelco n4000-13EP laminates.

Here are the main accessories that you must have in order for the Nelco n4000-13EP laminates to work best.

· Printed Circuit Board

You will need the printed circuit board to lay down the Nelco n4000-13EP laminates.

· Battery

The battery will act as the main source of power or electric current flowing through the device.

· Transistors

The transistors will help in the amplification of charges coming from the battery to the PCB.

· Inductors

It will help in the storage of charge while stopping any changes in current.

· Resistors

It will help in controlling or manipulating the flow of charge through the PCB

· Capacitors

You will depend on the capacitors to harbor the electrical charges.

· Light Emitting Diodes

Apart from Nelco n4000-13EP, which Other Laminate Types are There?

There are numerous types of Nelco laminates that you can use other than Nelco n4000-13EP.

Here are some of the Nelco laminates that you can use other than Nelco n4000-13EP.

There are numerous other types of Nelco laminates other than the ones listed above.

Do You Have Varying Dielectric Constants on the Nelco n4000-13 EP Laminates?

Yes, we do have varying dielectric constants for the Nelco n4000-13EP laminates.

Despite the multiple layers on the printed circuit boards, you can expect to have multiple dielectric constants.

What is the Difference Between Nelco n4000 13EP Laminates and Nelco n4000 13 EP Prepreg?

Well, there is a difference between the Nelco n4000 EP laminates and Nelco n4000 13EP prepreg.

You can differentiate them by looking at the definition, stack-up location and usage.

Nelco n4000-13EP laminates have fully cured core materials while the prepreg has partially cured core materials.

You will use the Nelco n4000-13EP prepreg to bond two layers of copper together.

On the other hand, you will use Nelco n4000-13EP laminates to bond dielectric materials with copper on either or both ends.

So, if you want Nelco n4000-13EP PCB material, Venture Electronics is here to offer a perfect solution for you.

Contact Venture Electronics now for consultations or inquiries about Nelco n4000-EP material.

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