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Vertical Probe Card

Our extensive expertise in the design and manufacturing of vertical probe cards ensures superior performance in wafer testing. Vertical probe cards are engineered to accommodate higher currents and frequencies, providing enhanced signal and power integrity.

About Vertical Probe Card Characteristic

  • Versatile Probe Options: Includes vertical and vertical MEMS probes suitable for pitches as fine as 80 µm.
  • Fine Grid Arrays: Supports grid arrays with pitches down to 80 µm, facilitating extensive multi-site testing (X8–X16).
  • Ultra-High Pin Counts: Accommodates pin counts ranging from 20,000 to 30,000 pins.
  • Flip-Chip Bump and Cu Pillar Probing: Optimized for both types of probing, capable of carrying up to 1A per probe.
  • High-Temperature Compatibility: Ensures minimal probing force, preserving solder cap integrity and reliability in back-end packaging processes.

Vertical Probe Card Probe Capabilities Comparison

Probe Specifications
Probe TypeMEMSCobra φ 75Cobra φ 63Cobra φ 50.8Cobra φ 41Wire φ 30Wire φ 20
Probe MaterialNickel Alloy/Palladium AlloyP7/P7+P7/P7+P7/P7+P7/P7+P7/P7+P7/P7+
Minimum Pitch40um150um125um100um80um50um40um
Recommended ODCustomzied150um120um100um80um70um60um
Tip ShapeFlat/Sharp/RoundFlat/Sharp/RoundFlat/Sharp/RoundFlat/Sharp/RoundFlat/Sharp/RoundFlat/Sharp/RoundFlat/Sharp/Round
Contact Force (@ 0D 50um)Customzied5±2.5gf4±2gf3±1.5gf2±1gf1.5±1gf0.7±1gf
Current Carrying CapacityCustomziedP7:600MAP7:500MAP7:450MAP7:350MAP7:275MAP7:190MA
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