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Taconic PCB

Venture Taconic PCB mainly belongs to microwave RF PCB materials exceeding FR-4 materials.

Your Leading Taconic PCB Supplier in China

Our Arlon TC35 offers an optimized heat-transfer through the Best-in-class thermal conductivity. It reduces the insertion loss and dielectric loss. Lower losses of our Arlon TC350 offers higher antenna and amplifier gains or efficiencies.

Since our Arlon TC350 is manufactured with increased thermal conductivity, it can enhance device reliability, reduces hot-spots, and provides higher power handling.

High-performance material
100% meets the industry
Competitive price
Venture Electronics

Your Best Taconic PCB Manufacturer

We designed Venture Taconic PCB with superior mechanical properties. Other than that, our Taconic PCB is suitable for automotive and high-end computing markets.

If you have any requirements for Taconic PCB, feel free to call us. We would be glad to help you

Why Choose Venture Taconic PCB

We are equipped with experienced staff who have helped us build the most effective and optimized solutions for our clients. Our professional engineers can help you with designing a Taconic PCB. We can manufacture reliable quality Taconic PCB at the most reasonable price.

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If you are looking for a high-end Taconic PCB for your business or electronic projects, Venture Electronics is exactly what you need. We are unequivocally committed to providing efficient and unparalleled services by maintaining the highest quality of work.