• Full range of Nelco n4000-7 laminates and prepreg
  • High-quality Nelco n4000-7 with more advanced features
  • Nelco n4000-7 manufactured with professional quality
  • Competitive price and flexible payment terms

Is Nelco n4000-7 Environmental protection?

Yes, Nelco n4000 – 7 laminate is environmentally friendly.
You can use 7 freely without worrying about polluting the environment.
It has special features to protect the environment.

For example, you will find the Nelco n4000-7 laminate suitable for lead-free applications.
This means that Nelco n4000-7 laminates do not contain harmful lead materials that pollute the environment.

In addition, Nelco n4000 – 7 laminates are thoroughly inspected and meet RoHS quality certification requirements.


Key feature of Nelco n4000-7

– Improvement of thermal, mechanical and chemical properties that meet or exceed those of many high Tg materials. Suitable for cost-sensitive, high-reliability applications Automotive testing. Passes rigorous Q1000 thermal cycle testing from -40ºC to +125ºC 1000 cycles SI (Signal Integrity) option.

– SI glass provides enhanced electrical performance when used.Can be used in high-speed, low-loss designs when required CAF* resistant.

– Low Z-CTE and proven CAF resistance make the N4000-7 For high-reliability applications that typically retain a higher Tg materials.

– Key process parameter for drilling, decontamination and lamination use standard low Tg FR-4 method. Accelerated stamping cycles and drilling compared to high Tg Material.

What are the best storage conditions for Nelco n4000-7?

You can store Nelco n4000-7 indefinitely at room temperature because the dielectric material is inert to high humidity.
However, in some cases, you may experience copper corrosion due to high humidity.
In this case, you can eliminate the copper by performing a pre-cleaning procedure.

In addition to this, you can avoid corrosion by properly baking the PCB with Nelco laminates before storage.
You must also store Nelco laminates flat in a clean and dry area.


Venture is a famous manufacturer of high-quality Nelco n4000-7 in China for over 10 years. We manufacture Nelco n4000-7 that features outstanding thermal stability, hole wall integrity, and Z-axis. Our Nelco n4000-7 is also manufactured with signal integrity options for more optimized performance and solution. Because of that, our Nelco n4000-7 can be very useful in the following applications:

  • Direct chip attach
  • Wireless handsets
  • Automotive
  • Fine pitch BGA multilayers
  • Wireless infrastructure
  • Fine-line multilayers
  • Digital broadband multilayers
  • Backplanes
  • Under-hood automotive

Your Leading Nelco n4000-7 Supplier in China

Venture Nelco n4000-7 is a low-CTE epoxy prepreg and laminate system. Our Nelco n4000-7 is a cost-effective solution for a vast variety of multilayer PCB designs that need excellent hole-wall integrity, superior thermal stability, and low Z-axis expansion.

We manufacture Nelco n4000-7 that features enhanced chemical, mechanical, and thermal properties. Therefore, our Nelco n4000-7 will always exceed high-TG material requirements.

Aside from that, our Nelco n4000-7 has an automotive testing that passed the Q1000 stringent thermal cycle from -40ºC to +125ºC for every 1000 cycles.

Venture Nelco n4000-7 is also manufactured with the following features:

  • Signal Integrity options. It possesses improved electrical performance that is best for low loss and high-speed designs.
  • CAF Resistance. This allows our Nelco n4000-7 to be suitable for high reliability applications.
  • Cost-effective standard FR-4 processing
  • Vacuum laminated
  • Our Nelco n4000-7 is available in different glass styles, copper weights, and constructions
  • Meets UL and IPC specifications
  • RoHS compliant

Because of its advanced features, Venture Nelco n4000-7 can be suitable for wide variety of applications including direct chip attach, fine pitch BGA multilayers, fine line multilayers, backplanes, under-hood automotive, automotive, digital broadband multilayers, and more.

Are you looking for a reliable quality Nelco n4000-7? Venture is your best manufacturer! We can supply you with the best Nelco n4000-7 that is perfect to boost your business and projects!

Besides, we offer competitive prices for your every order of Nelco n4000-7 with flexible payment terms. We also offer Nelco n4000-7 with no minimum order required to support you!

If you purchase Nelco n4000-7 from Venture, we assure to give you the best deals! We have a friendly and supportive customer service team to deal with your inquiries!

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Nelco n4000-7: The Ultimate FAQ Guide


Before importing Nelco n4000-7 PCB laminate, read this guide.

It has all information that will help you choose high-performance Nelco PCB material for your applications.

Keep reading to learn more.

What are Nelco n4000-7 Laminates?

Nelco n4000-7 is a low CTE prepreg system and epoxy laminate that you will use in broad range multilayer PCBs.

It comes in handy on PCB designs that require low expansion of Z axis, excellent heat stability and great hole-wall integrity.

Nelco PCB material

Nelco PCB Material

Which Quality Certifications Do You Look at in a Nelco n4000-7 Laminates?

You can be sure that your Nelco n4000-7 laminates are of high quality by checking the quality certifications.

Here are the main quality certifications that you should pay close attention to.

  • International Standards Organization ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D
  • MIL-PRF-31032 Quality Certificate
  • PCB Board UL Quality Certification
  • 31032 GI 8-layer Quality Certificate
  • RoHS Quality Certifications
  • IPC Quality Certifications
  • TS-16949 Quality Certifications
  • IATF16949: 2016 Quality Certifications

You should understand that the Nelco n4000-7 international quality certifications are quality management systems.

These quality certifications are accredited and standardized through all the quality bodies of certification worldwide.

It will ensure that you get the highest quality of PCB laminates that will serve you for a longer period.

How Do You Laminate PCBs with the Nelco n4000-7 Laminates?

You will laminate PCBs with the Nelco n4000-7 laminates using the multilayer lamination approach.

Here is a step by step process that you can follow when laminating PCBs with the Nelco n4000-7 laminates.

1. Preparation Stage

You will begin the whole process by preparing all the materials that you will need for the lamination process.

You will wash the surface to eliminate the corroded copper and finger prints from the surface.

Apart from that, washing will help in getting rid of dry film residues, anti-foam residues and carbonates from film stripping.

2. Micro Etching Process

You will pass the board through this process to give it appropriate and homogenous black or brown oxide treatment.

It will also help in the reduction of copper thickness from 0.2 to 1.

After that, you will apply the black or brown oxides which will provide better adhesion for the epoxy resin.

It will also help in avoiding other problems on the system such as delamination.

You will proceed to inner layer stack up process and the stack up process by sandwiching the copper layers.

3. Lamination Process

You will place the internal layers and very high temperatures at 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

Apart from that, you will also place the internal layers under very high pressure ranging between 275 to 400 psi.

This will allow the PCB Nelco n4000-7 laminates to cure under very high temperatures.

You will complete the process by releasing the pressure slowly as you cool the materials slowly.

What are the Key Features of the Nelco n4000-7 Laminates?

You will choose the Nelco n4000-7 laminates by looking at the key features of the laminate.

Here are some of the key features of the Nelco n4000-7 laminates you ought to look at.

 Nelco PCB Laminate

Nelco PCB Laminate

· Hole Wall Integrity and Thermal Stability

It has very high mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties that exceed or meet the standards of high-Tg materials.

· Great CAF Resistance

IT has great CAF resistance that will decrease the possibilities of electrical shorts in case of copper dissolution.

· Low CTE FR-4 Epoxy

It also exhibits low coefficient thermal expansion that helps in the proper management of the heat within the printed circuit boards.

· Lead-Free Assembly Compatible

It is also compatible to the lead-free assembly processes which help in assembly of PCBs without lead.

What are Some of the Applications of Nelco n4000-7 Laminates?

You can use the Nelco n4000-7 laminates to make printed circuit boards that come in handy on different applications.

Here are some of the main applications that require the use of Nelco n4000-7 laminates.

  • Direct Chip Attachments
  • Backplane Applications
  • Automotive Industry Applications
  • Wireless Infrastructure Applications
  • Digital Broadcast Applications
  • Underhood Automotive Applications
  • BGA Multilayer Applications

What are the Benefits of the Nelco n4000 – 7 Laminates?

Nelco n4000-7 laminates are special types of laminates that you can use in various applications due to the numerous benefits.

Here are some of the advantages of using the Nelco n4000-7 laminates.

· Great Thermal Stability and Moisture Resistance

It has very high thermal stability and moisture resistance that will keep it working even in most difficult environments.

· Uncompromised Electrical values

It does not have a compromise on the electrical performance with the elimination of bromide.

Implying that the electrical performance of the Nelco n4000-7 laminates is very high.

· Halogen Free

You can also use it in applications that do not require the use of lead or halogen to perform particular functions.

It will make the whole process within the application to function freely on a much higher level.

· CAF Resistance

It also experiences very high CAF resistance that will increase reliability through an increase in circuit densities.

It also has a decreased feature pitch which will increase the overall performance of the Nelco n4000-7 laminates.

Which Types of Surface Finishes Do You Have for the Nelco n4000-7 Laminates?

There are numerous types of Nelco n4000-7 laminate surface finishes that you can choose from.

You should, however, be very careful when choosing the type of Nelco n4000-7 laminate surface finishes.

Here are some of the Nelco n4000-7 laminate surface finishes that you can choose from.

PCB surface finishes

PCB surface finishes

  • Hot Air Solder Level (HASL) Surface Finish
  • Lead-Free HASL Surface Finish
  • Organic Solderability Preservative (OSP) Surface Finish
  • Immersion Silver (Au) Surface Finish
  • Immersion Tin (Sn) Surface Finish
  • Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG) Surface Finish
  • Electroless Nickel Electroless Palladium Immersion Gold (ENEPIG) Surface Finish
  • Electrolytic Wire Bondable Gold Surface Finish
  • Electrolytic Hard Gold Surface Finish

How Does the Nelco n4000-7 compare to the Nelco n4000-7SI?

There are different variations of Nelco n4000-7 laminates that you can choose from.

You can either decide to choose on the Nelco n4000-7 or the Nelco n4000 – 7SI laminates.

Here is a comparison between the Nelco n4000-7 and Nelco-n 4000-7SI.

Nelco n4000-7 is a low CTE prepreg system and epoxy laminate that you can use in brad range multilayer PCBs.

On the other hand, Nelco n4000-7SI are similar to the Nelco n4000-7 with an additional option of signal integrity.

You will use both of them on the multilayer printed circuit boards.

What is the Difference Between Nelco n4000-7 and Nelco n4000-7EF?

Well, you will use both Nelco n4000-7 and Nelco n4000-7EF to laminate multilayer printed circuit boards.

Apart from that, both Nelco n4000-7 and Nelco n4000-7EF have very low ecoefficiency of thermal expansion.

You will use them on prepreg systems and epoxy laminates that make multilayer printed circuit boards.

The notable difference between the two is the environmental effect where the Nelco n4000-7EF has greater environmental compatibility.

It is free of halogen which makes them more environmentally friendly in comparison to the Nelco n4000-7 laminates.

How Does Nelco n4000-7SI and Nelco n4000-7EF Compare?

Well, the Nelco n4000-7SI and Nelco n4000-7EF are both suitable for multilayer printed circuit boards.

Nelco n4000-7SI has greater signal integrity in comparison to the Nelco n4000-7EF.

Despite that superiority, it is not friendly to the environment since it contains halogen.

On the other hand, Nelco n4000-7EF is a halogen-free laminate that is very friendly to the environment but low signal integrity.

Apart from that, you will also experience great CAF resistance from both Nelco n4000-7 and Nelco n4000 -7EF.

Which Materials Do You Use to Manufacture the Nelco n4000-7 Laminates?

You can use different types of materials in the manufacturing process of the Nelco n4000-7 laminates.

Here are some of the materials that you will use in the manufacturing process of Nelco n4000-7 laminates.

  • Epoxy Resin Materials
  • Prepreg Materials
  • FR-4 materials as well as high-performance FR-4 Materials
  • High Tg Epoxy Materials
  • BT Epoxy Materials
  • Copper Clad (CCL) Materials

Can You Have Different Dielectric Constants of Nelco n4000-7 Laminates on the same PCB?

Yes, you can have a different dielectric constant of Nelco n4000-7 laminates on the same PCB.

Since we are using multi-layer PCBs, you should expect a series of laminates that have varying dielectric constants.

Do You Use V-score High-Frequency Materials on Nelco n4000-7 Laminates?

No, we do not V-score high-frequency materials on the Nelco n4000-7 laminates.

High-frequency materials on the Nelco n4000-7 laminates are often tender and soft and may not hold up well.

Nelco PCB material

Nelco PCB material

Which Parameters Govern the Choice of Nelco n4000-7 Laminates?

When choosing the right material for Nelco n4000-7 laminates, you have to look at specific factors.

Here are the main factors you have to pay close attention to when choosing the right materials.

  • Coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE)
  • Glass Transition Temperature (Tg)
  • Dielectric Constant (Dk)

How Much Does the Nelco n4000-7 Laminates Cost?

You will purchase the Nelco n4000-7 laminates at a price ranging between 0.10 to 5 US dollars.

The variation in price is as a result of different sizes of the Nelco n4000-7 laminates.

Implying that the bigger the size of the Nelco n4000-7 laminates, the higher the amount of money you will pay.

Apart from that, the type of materials in use will also affect the overall cost of the Nelco n4000-7 laminates.

How Does the Nelco n4000-7 Laminates Compare to the FR4 Laminates?

You will use both Nelco n4000-7 laminates and FR4 laminates to laminate different types of printed circuit boards.

Nelco n4000-7 are more suitable for the high Tg epoxy and prepreg systems on the printed circuit boards.

On the other hand, FR-4 laminates do not work well with high Tg epoxy and prepreg systems.

Apart from that, Nelco n4000-7 have great CTE resistance which is not available on the FR-4 laminates.

Can You Use the Nelco n4000 -7 Laminates on the rigid-flex Printed Circuit Boards?

Absolutely, you can simply use the Nelco n4000-7 laminates on the rigid-flex printed circuit boards.

It is also very flexible and can bend easily thus suitable for rigid-flex printed circuit boards.

How Do You Classify the Nelco n4000-7 Laminates?

You can classify the Nelco n4000-7 laminates according to two main forms of classification.

Here are the two main modes of classifying Nelco n4000-7 laminates.

  • Based on the glass fiber cloth

There are different variations of the glass fiber cloth including 106, 1080, 2112, 2116, 1500, and 7628.

  • Based on Applied Resin

You can also classify them according to the applied resins and subsequent performance such as POLYCLAD Turbo 254/226 and ISOLA FR402/FR406.

In case you have any questions or inquiries, contact the Venture Electronics team.

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