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Nowadays our devices are getting more and more portable, at the same time components inside are getting smaller but providing better performance–higher speed and higher power density, all these requirements are needed to be functional into a smaller area, this is just what a Multilayer PCB design can offer.

Before your multilayer PCB design start, it is important for you to understand how a multilayer PCB is built, for example:

  • Knowing what raw materials that your PCB fabricator familiar with (or usually use), so the right cores and PP(pre-pregs) are used, this is very important for your multi-layer circuit board impedance control.
  • Work out the number of layers and stack required, this can be changed during the printed circuit board design if the other elements will be affected, you don’t want to re-start your design all over again and waste time, so this also needs to be planned well.

Venture Multilayer PCB Design team has the industry-leading design engineers and 10 years’ multi-layer PCB layout experiences. From material development and production, circuit fabrication to final component assembly, Venture multilayer PCB design team has full experience in processing a wide variety of printed circuit board materials, we are able to give you full multilayer PCB design suggestion on selecting the proper laminate, PP(pre-pregs), cover film, and overcoat materials to meet your requirements, we are familiar with top materials brands such as Rogers and Isola and also local popular materials brands such as Shengyi and Nanya to reduce your cost .

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Venture has a full selection of multi-layer printed circuit board design& PCB layout software, such as Cadence Allegro\ORCAD, Mentor WG\PADS, Protel99\ Altium Designer (AD)..etc.  Please let us know which EDA tools you won’t use in your project, our most frequently used software are Eagle, Altium Designer, Protel(Protel PCB design), PADS.

We offer high performance and high-reliability multilayer PCB design, high speed and high-density multilayer PCB design, A/D mixed multilayer PCB design, Analog, RF multilayer PCB design to meet customer’s different multilayer PCB Design requirements, such as

Venture is the perfect place for your multilayer PCB design and multi-layer PCB layout requirement; we are trusted by thousands of electronic engineers all around the world through our 100% quality guaranteed policy.

No matter you are an electrical engineer, a product designer, a system integrator or a maker looking for a multilayer PCB design, Venture design & Layout team will be here to help you develop your multilayer PCB design projects. Through our 2 hours rapid response services from our 24/7 sales and tech support team, and excellent after-sales service, we will be your expert multilayer PCB Design partner in China. At Venture we can answer any multilayer PCB Design questions that you may have, pls feel free to contact us anytime.