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Probe Card Design

We specialize in Probe Card Design for semiconductor wafer testing, providing one-stop services from design, simulation, and production to testing. Our solutions ensure precise and reliable performance to meet the highest industry standards.

Offer Different Type of Probe Card

Cantilever Probe Card

Our cantilever probe cards, using ReW (Rhenium Tungsten) or P7 alloy needles, provide excellent flexibility and are perfect for testing various chip types.

RF Probe Card

Our RF Probe Cards offer extensive options, with low to mid-frequency and high-frequency series covering DC to 8 GHz and DC to 20 GHz, respectively.

CIS Probe Cards

Tailored for high-speed CMOS image sensor testing in digital cameras and smartphones. With a wide temperature range, integrated ceramic head for stability.

LCD Probe Cards

Our LCD Probe Cards support high-speed testing up to 2.5Gbps, operate in a wide temperature range (-40°C to 140°C), and accommodate up to 4000 pins per card.

Logic Probe Cards

Our Logic Probe Cards are designed for efficient testing of a wide range of SOC, LOGIC, and MCU ICs, supporting high common test counts and up to 4000 pins per card.

Flash Probe Cards

Our Flash Probe Cards are optimized for efficient testing of FLASH memory chips used in USB drives and SSDs. With support for up to 5800 pins per card and high common test counts of up to 512 sites.

Vertical Probe Card

Our Vertical Probe Cards feature robust PCB + MLO + Head structures and utilize vertical probes for precise contact with delicate pads.

MEMS Probe Card

High precision using Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS), ideal for wafer testing of visual recognition chips, flash memory chips, and random access memory (RAM) chips.

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Your Partner in Advanced Probe Technology

Wide Range of Industries

We offer narrow pitch flexible thin film probe solutions for a wide range of industries including optoelectronics, medical, automotive and telecommunications.

Quality Control

From meticulous engineering to rigorous testing protocols, our probe cards uphold the highest standards of reliability and performance.

Technical Capability

We deliver probe cards optimized for high-pin-count applications, maintaining exceptional performance and longevity across diverse semiconductor testing environments.

Advanced Equipment

Specializing in comprehensive development and manufacturing of probe card production line equipment, testing tools, and maintenance solutions, we offer high-precision, user-friendly equipment tailored to accommodate various probe card sizes.

Custom Probe

Our custom probe solutions cater to diverse testing needs, offering tailored designs that ensure precise compatibility and optimal performance across various semiconductor applications

Fast Production Cycle

Utilizing 3D modeling and numerical analysis design software, we evaluate every design to expedite client delivery cycles, offering unparalleled service capabilities that set us apart from competitors.

Our Main Service

PCB Carrier Board Design

Our PCB carrier board design offers a structured and versatile interface for connecting multiple probe cards with the device under test. Featuring support for various probe card PCB, CP PIB, and FT DIB designs, it enables high-speed data transmission and accommodates a variety of substrate materials to meet specific testing requirements with precision and efficiency


Design of PCBs for Control Panel (PIB) and Film Transistor Array (DIB) portions of LCD testing.

Custom PCB Design

  • Relay Boards: PCBs with a specified number of relays (e.g., 8, 16, etc.) for switching purposes.
  • Fuse Boards: PCBs with a specific number of fuse connections (128 IO).
  • High Power PCBs: PCBs designed to handle high voltage (3000V) and high current (400A).

ATE Test Board Catalog - Probe Card Universal PCBs

J750 Probe Card Universal PCB (V01)

J750HD Probe Card Universal PCB

J750HD Probe Card Universal PCB

Advantest 93K 11.5 Inch Universal PCB

Advantest 93K 9.5Inch Universal PCB

C3380P_(32X4) Universal PCB (V01)

C3380P_512 J type Universal PCB

C3380D_256CH Probe Card Universal PC1

C3380D_256CH Universal PCB

C3360_G type Universal PCB

YTEC S100_7D Universal PCB (V01)

V50(YTEC S50) Universal PCB (V01)

T6373 ND3/4C Universal PCB (V01)

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