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In the past 10 years Venture has been spending full energy in striving to make high quality of printed circuit boards while keeping our PCB production cost-effective.  All our boards are 100% electrical tested before delivery. Electrical testing has been a crucial link in our PCB fabrication process.

Electrical test mainly focus on circuit Continuity and Isolation test. In today’s PCB industry, due to increasing density of board traces, electrical test has faced increasingly higher difficulties.

At Venture, we have two primary electrical test methods: Bed of Nails Fixture Test and Flying Probe Test. Both tests conform to the IPC 9252, cover from opens, shorts, and capacitance to resistance in a circuit on each bare board, so that reliability of the end products is fully guaranteed.

Bed of Nails Fixture Test, is implemented through dozens of stiff testing fixture. Fixtures with springs are connected to each test point for each circuit board. Springs are capable of equipping each test point with pressure of 100g-200g to ensure excellent contact of test points. These fixtures are arranged in a matrix manifesting themselves as a bed of nails, which is controlled by test software and programming. Through these testers we are able to obtain information concerning all test points.

Flying Probe Test, depends on moving probes to test electrical performance of each net on a bare PCB. Flying probe tester is actually an upgrading version of bed of nails tester. With probes that can move at a higher speed, the minimum test pitch of a flying probe tester can be as small as 0.2mm.

flying probe test

For Venture normal productions, we use bed of nails fixture test to test orders bigger than 3 sqm,and orders less than 3 sqm we use flying probe test.

Venture supplies printed circuit boards that are vigorously tested for quality and accuracy by skilled, dedicated quality assurance professionals with high-level testing equipment. To learn more about how Venture supplies quality PCBs to industries all over the world, or to find out more about ordering PCBs for your business, please feel free to contact our sales.

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