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Keyboard PCB

Venture is the main keyboard PCB fabricator in China for over 10 years. The keyboard PCB is great for those who use computers, laptops, and etc. Also, this keyboard PCB is preferred for most gaming and typing purposes. 

Your Leading Keyboard PCB Manufacturer in China

Venture assures you the high, durable build quality of the keyboard PCB. The PCB material let the keyboard to flex and bend. 

Venture offers various keyboard sizes. It can be a full size which uses 104 keys. It can be tenkeyless which has 87 keys and makes 80% a full-size keyboard. Also, it can 75% or 60%. You can select your preferred keyboard sizes. We have our technical expertise to assist you to meet your specifications and achieve the perfect keyboard.

Longer Life Span
Cost-effective Offer
24/7 Available
ISO 9001 Certified
Venture Electronics

Your Trusted Keyboard PCB Supplier

Venture is your attested keyboard PCB fabricator in China. The wireless keyboard pcb is the demanding material for construction and fabrication due to its unique features.

The switch of this keyboard is mounted directly to PCB, it has additional guide pins to assist aligning the switch on PCB, and lastly, it is the cheaper keyboard production.

Venture fabricated keyboard PCB to impress more customers and computer or laptop users. As a keyboard PCB expert, we can assure you to get good quality, durability, and longevity products. Venture offers you a one-stop solution for keyboard PCB at the lowest price.

Why Choose Venture Keyboard PCBs

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