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High-Quality Bergquist thermal clad (Bergquist material)

Are you looking for high-quality Bergquist thermal clad (Bergquist material) for your PCB design? You’ve come to the right place! Venture is more than 10 years in providing Bergquist thermal clad (Bergquist material) to different industries throughout the world.

Venture Bergquist thermal clad (Bergquist material)

Venture has a full range of complete Bergquist thermal clad (Bergquist material) in stock to meet your standard applications. We know that there are many options when it comes to Bergquist’s thermal clad (Bergquist material) for your PCB.


Venture is a trusted manufacturer of HPL-03015 in China for more than 10 years. Our HPL-03015 is manufactured for high-power lighting.


As a professional manufacturer, Venture can give you the best quality HT-04503. We tend to offer HT-04503 that will suit your needs!

Venture PCB Fabrication

Your Leading Bergquist Material Supplier in China

Venture is a leading manufacturer of popular PCB materials for high-frequency PCB such as Bergquist thermal clad (Bergquist material). We can manufacture different kinds of Venture Bergquist thermal clad (Bergquist material). No matter what you need for your project, we can provide Bergquist thermal clad HPL-03015 and Bergquist thermal clad HT-04503.

Venture Bergquist thermal clad (Bergquist material) are widely used in a wide variety of printed circuit board applications. These applications have a broad range of solutions for reliability-enhancing heat dissipation within modern electronic devices.

We manufacture different specifications for Bergquist thermal clad (Bergquist material) like HPL-03015, AHT-04503, and many more.

Through our 2 hours rapid response services from our 24/7 sales and tech support team, and excellent after-sales service, we will be your best Pcb manufacture & supplier in China.

We manufacture Bergquist thermal clad (Bergquist material) for different industrial applications:

  • Great for liquid gap fillers
  • Good at thermal gap pads
  • Also, perfect for thermal sil-pads

Venture Bergquist materials are manufactured such as are soft, compliant, pre-cut pads that reduce assembly stress while providing excellent thermal conductivity.

Moreover, Bergquist thermal clad (Bergquist material) from Venture specialize in ceramic-filled fluoropolymers,  fluoropolymers (PTFE), and low loss ceramic hydrocarbon thermoset laminates. It delivers the electrical performance needed in frequency-dependent circuit applications like direct die applications, two-layer systems using FR-4 circuits or thermal clad circuits, DBC replacement, heavy copper, and other applications.

We can help you select the bestBergquist thermal clad (Bergquist material) and as well as Bergquist thermal clad (Bergquist material) specifications during your design stage.

Please feel free to contact us today for more info!

Bergquist thermal clad (Bergquist material) PCB Manufacturing service

Venture has over 10 years of experience in manufacturing high quality of Bergquist PCBs.Bergquist PCB is a laminate with aluminum-based copper that has excellent thermal and mechanical properties.

Bergquist Thermal clad provides thermal management solutions for applications. This board can be used in high power density surface mount.

Metal core PCB and standard FR-4 are common circuit board materials used with power LEDs, venture is your best bet to make this board PCB.

Bergquist material

How to Choose the Highest Quality of Bergquist thermal clad (Bergquist material)?

Here are the steps you can follow to choose the highest quality Bergquist material:

– Before choosing the highest quality Bergquist material PCB circuit, first the customer needs to evaluate their budget

– Second need to check the type of material used in the construction to ensure the reliability and durability of the printed board circuit, before selecting the correct type of Bergquist printed circuit board, check the electrical and mechanical properties of the printed board circuit.

How to Choose

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What types of Bergquist material are there?

Bergquist PCBs are available in the following types:
• Single-sided printed circuit board
• Double-sided printed circuit board
• Multilayer printed circuit board

Venture can also produce rigid PCB, rigid-flex PCBHDI PCBLED pcb with Bergquist material that you need.

The basics of this printed board circuit are the same, and customers can determine the required board according to their own needs, so that they can get good PCB from us.

types of Bergquist material