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Prototype PCB Assembly

If you are looking for a high-quality Prototype PCB assembly manufacturer and partner? You’ve come to the right place — Prototype PCB Assembly is our specialty.

Your Premier Prototype PCB Assembly Supplier

Venture is more than just a leading PCB Fabrication manufacturer, but also a one-stop shop for all your printed circuit board Assembly requirements, we provide PCB design & layoutPCB prototype, and Assembly services and turnkey services all under one roof.

Venture PCB Assembly division has a workshop with 1800 square meters and 150 employees include 4 SMT lines and one prototype assembly team.

We handle all types of PCB assembly projects with any quantity especially small batch assembly, low volume PCB assembly and prototype PCB assembly, from basic through-hole PCB assembly technology to standard surface mount assembly, mixed assembly, kit assembly to ultra-fine pitch BGA assembly.

Prototype PCB Assembly from Rigid, Flex to Rigid Flex board with leaded & lead-free solder
No minimum order requirement, order start from 1 pcs
7/24 Live sales & tech support
8-48 hours prototype PCB assembly delivery time when components are ready
Venture Electronics

Your Leading Prototype PCB Assembly Supplier in China

We at Venture handle prototype PCB assembly quantities from 1 to 25 boards, our engineering team is able to work closely with you at your design stage to optimize the array design and also run DFM review before you start prototype PCB assembly process with us, we will review Engineering questions( EQ ) and component issues with you before the prototype PCB assembly job is started, this way can help you save your time and cost. Our prototype PCB assembly station is set up to meet the flexible mixing of automated and manual part loading stations, and we can also handle the fine pitch and BGAs assembly for your prototype PCB assembly jobs.

Why Choose Venture Prototype PCB Assembly

Our PCB types for prototype PCB assembly include: rigid PCB, Metal Core PCB, flex PCB and rigid-flex PCB..etc.

We provide high-quality prototype PCB assembly services to engineers and companies all around the world, from component sourcing, PCB manufacturing, prototype PCB assembly to testing all under one roof, using our highly flexible assembly process with a reasonable price.

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