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The advantages of RO3010

●ISO 9001 certified
●Applicable to the design of multilayer boards
●Good dimensional stability

●Dielectric constant is stable with respect to frequency and temperature
●Suitable for use with multi-layer epoxy glass panels in a hybrid design。
●Low dielectric loss. This laminate can be used for applications up to 77 GHz.


RO3010 parameters

Dielectric constant :11
Dissipation factor(DF): 0.0022
High temperature resistant(TD): 500 °C

Flammability grade: UL 94-VO
Peel strength and water absorption values: 9.4 lb/in & <0.1
Thermal conductivity values:11 ppm/°C & 0.79 W/m/K

RO3010 Applications

●Antenna Systems:Rogers RO3010 is designed to meet the challenges faced by antenna designers, including the high requirements for military antenna
systems as well as advanced automotive radar systems

●Communication systems: For complex microwave applications, high-frequency laminates can provide not only low loss but also well-controlled dielectric constants

●WiFi and handheld cellular antennas: With the ability to convert devices into hot spots


RO3010 description

Venture is a trusted manufacturer of high-quality RO3010 in China for more than 10 years. Venture is equipped with advanced technology and production facilities. We also have the latest equipment and tools in manufacturing our RO3010. Therefore, you can assure that Venture can manufacture the best quality RO3010.

Your Leading RO3010 Supplier in China

Venture manufactures RO3010 laminates that are competitively priced. Our RO3010 is manufactured with outstanding electrical and mechanical stability.

The stability of our RO3010 can simplify any broadband component designs. Its stability also allows our RO3010 to be used in a broad range of applications with various ranges of frequencies.

RO3010 article 1

Our RO3010 is made from high-quality materials. Its material’s characteristics allow our RO3010 for excellent circuit miniaturization.

Aside from that, we manufacture premium quality RO3010 with the following features:

  • Low Z, X, and Y-axis of CTE with 11,13 and 16 ppm/°C, respectively
  • Dk of 10.2 +/- .30
  • Dissipation factor of .0022 at 10 GHz

Venture’s RO3010 can also exhibit the following benefits:

  • Exceptional dimensional stability
  • Expansion coefficient matched to copper
  • Perfect for any multilayer board designs
  • Certified with various industry standards like ISO, UL, and more

RO3010 article 2

Do you need the best quality RO3010 for your business or project? Venture is your perfect manufacturer! Venture is a trusted Chinese supplier of RO3010 for more than 10 years!

To support you, we can offer RO3010 with the best prices. We also offer RO3010 along with excellent delivery options and flexible payment terms.

If you have a large-scale or single quantity of RO3010 orders, you are always welcome at Venture! At Venture, we do not have a minimum order required for your RO3010!

If you have inquiries, we have an approachable customer service team to assist and guide you! We also offer excellent after-sales and more great services!

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