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About Pyralux fr Laminate

DuPont Pyralux FR Copper-Clad Laminate features DuPont Kapton polyimide film bonded to copper foil, on one or both sides, with with a proprietary flame retardant C-staged modified acrylic adhesive.

These copper-clad laminates are recommended for use in single-sided, double-sided, multilayer, and rigid-flex circuits that require flame retardancy. All copper-clad laminates are available with rolled-annealed (RA) or electro-deposited (ED) copper foil.

Double-treated copper foil (nodules of electrodeposited copper on both sides of the copper foil) is also available to eliminate surface preparation steps prior to resist or coverlay lamination.


The Key Features of DuPont Pyralux FR

• Flame retardant modified acrylic adhesive composition
• Excellent bond strength affords high reliability
• Able to withstand multiple lamination cycles
• Balanced and unbalanced constructions available
• No refrigeration required for storage

What are the main factors that affect the cost of Pyralux fr laminates?

Pyralux fr Laminate Dimensions

Quality of Pyralux fr laminates

Quantity of Pyralux fr laminate


Pyralux fr description

Our  Pyralux fr is fabricated by our highly experienced engineers and designers. Venture is also equipped with the most advanced production facilities and manufacturing tools. Therefore, we produce thousands of high-quality  Pyralux fr for your needs and demands.

Your Leading Pyralux fr Supplier in China

Venture  Pyralux fr Sheet adhesive is a retardant B-staged proprietary flame modified acrylic adhesive. Our  Pyralux fr is a stand-alone adhesive that is primarily used to bond flexible inner layers of the multilayer.

Our  Pyralux fr also functions as a heat sink and bonding stiffeners to rigid boards as well as flexible circuits. Venture  Pyralux fr features the following advantages:

  • RoHS compliant
  • a modified acrylic flame retardant adhesive composition
  • UL file E124294
  • superior bond strength that gives high reliability
  • no refrigeration required for storage
  • can withstand various lamination cycles

Pyralux fr article

With our advanced production lines and facilities, we can manufacture hundreds of Pyralux fr. So, you still have enough Pyralux fr to suffice your needs even in a peak season. That is why Venture Electronics became the leading supplier and manufacturer of Pyralux fr.

Venture Electronics is committed to doing Pyralux fr design innovations. We have professional and expert designers. We also have well-trained and knowledgeable engineers to produce your Pyralux fr. We also offer fair prices and excellent delivery conditions.

Whether you are a distributor, maker, or electrical engineer looking for a reliable quality Pyralux fr, Venture Electronics is your most trusted manufacturer! With our high-tech fabrication facility and design Softwares, we can surely accommodate your needs!

If you have questions regarding our Pyralux fr, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Pyralux FR Laminate: The Ultimate FAQ Guide


If you have any question about Pyralux FR laminate, you will find the answer right here.

Whether you want to know the properties, quality certifications, benefits or construction details, you will find all information right here.

Keep reading to learn more.

What are Pyralux FR Laminates?

Dupont Pyralux laminates are copper clad laminates with polyimide films and copper foils on one or both ends.

You will note that the copper foil bonding is on either side of the polyimide substrate with flame-retardant C-staged acrylic adhesive.

Dupont Pyralux FR laminate

Dupont Pyralux FR laminate

What are the Construction Details of Dupont Pyralux FR Laminates?

In case you are ordering for Pyralux FR laminates, you have to provide the manufacturer with the construction details.

Apart from normal orders, you will use the same details in providing information for custom made Pyralux FR laminates.

The information that you will provide for the construction of Dupont Pyralux FR laminates are:

Film Thickness

You ought to provide the manufacturer with details on how thick the polyimide film of Pyralux FR laminate should be.

Implying that the film thickness varies according to the type Pyralux FR laminate that you would like to construct.

Copper Weights

In addition to film thickness, you will also look at the weight of copper that you need for the Pyralux FR laminates.

You should remember that the heavier the weight of the copper, the higher the dielectric performance of Pyralux FR laminates.

Other Dimensions

In most cases, Pyralux FR laminates have standard dimensions which manufacturers have in their catalogues.

You must, however, specify on the dimensions that you would like to have in terms of size especially for custom constructions.

What is the Significance of a Product Code on Dupont Pyralux FR Laminates?

You will use the product code of Dupont Pyralux FR laminates when ordering for construction of the laminates.

Pyralux FR laminates depend on the product code to condense all the relevant construction details.

In other words, the product code will provide your manufacturer with the following details.

Type of Materials

First, your product code will provide your manufacturer with details on the type of materials under use.

It will contain details about the type of copper, type of adhesive, as well as type of Kapton polyimide materials.

For instance, if you add letter E, it will indicate that the Pyralux FR laminate has electrodeposited copper.

Addition of the letter D at the end of product code means the copper is rolled-annealed and also double treated.

Quality Certification

On the product code, you will find details that show if the Pyralux FR laminates are IPC certified.

Mode of Packaging

On the product code, you can also add letter R which will inform the manufacturer to roll your Pyralux FR laminates.

Without the letter R on the product code, your manufacturer will assume that you do want to roll the laminates.

What are the Properties of Dupont Pyralux FR Laminates?

There are 5 main properties of Dupont Pyralux FR PCB laminates that you should pay close attention to.

Here are the five main properties of Dupont Pyralux FR laminates that you need to look at.

Electrical Properties of Pyralux FR Laminates

Electrical properties of your Pyralux FR laminate are the ability of the laminates to conduct electric current.

Some of the electrical properties that you will look at are resistivity, dielectric strength, electrical conductivity, and temperature coefficient of resistance.

Mechanical Properties of Pyralux FR Laminates

You can also identify the mechanical properties as the physical properties of the Pyralux FR laminates.

Mechanical properties, therefore, is the behavior of Pyralux FR laminates when you apply force.

Some of the mechanical properties of Pyralux FR laminates to consider are tensile strength, modulus of elasticity and elongation.

Chemical Properties of Pyralux FR Laminates

You will see the chemical properties of Pyralux FR laminates after you expose it to a chemical field.

Here, you will look at properties such as flammability, oxidation status, chemical stability, and reactivity of Pyralux FR laminates.

Thermal Properties of Pyralux FR Laminates

You can identify thermal properties as the properties that will manifest upon exposure of the laminate in a field of heat.

In this case, you will look at heat capacity, thermal stress, thermal expansion, and thermal conductivity among other properties.

What are the Quality Certifications of the Dupont Pyralux FR Laminates?

One of the key factors that your Dupont Pyralux FR laminate manufacturer must adhere to is quality.

You must also make sure that the Pyralux FR laminates that you purchase adheres to international quality standards.

Here are the main quality certifications that your Pyralux FR laminate must have.

  • IPC Quality Certification such as IPC 4203A/1
  • CE Quality Certification
  • Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) Quality Certification
  • ANSI/ AHRI Quality Certifications
  • RoHS Quality Certifications
  • UL Quality Certifications

How Does Dupont Pyralux AP Compare to Dupont Pyralux FR Laminates?

Well, different applications will force you to use different types of Dupont Pyralux laminates.

Among the Dupont Pyralux laminates that you will use include Pyralux FR and Pyralux AP laminates.

Here is the comparison between the Dupont Pyralux FR laminates and the Dupont Pyralux AP laminates.

Dupont Pyralux FR Laminates

Dupont Pyralux FR laminates are copper clad type of laminates with composite polyimide films and copper foils.

You can use Pyralux FR on either a single sided or a double-sided type of printed circuit board.

Apart from that, you can use it in the lamination process of rigid, rigid-flex and flexible printed circuit boards.

Double-Sided Pyralux FR Laminate

Double-Sided Pyralux FR Laminate

Dupont Pyralux AP Laminates

Pyralux AP laminates are double-sided all polyimide laminates with traces of copper materials on them for PCB lamination.

This type of Dupont Pyralux laminate exhibits the best mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties on all PCB types.

How Do You Store the Dupont Pyralux FR Laminates?

You should always strive to maintain the original properties of the Dupont Pyralux FR laminates even under storage.

Implying that, you must keep the storage conditions at its optimum to maintain integrity of Pyralux FR laminates.

Here are the best conditions for the storage of Pyralux FR laminates.

Storage Temperatures

You should maintain a temperature of about 4 to 29 degrees centigrade for Pyralux FR laminates to maintain original properties.

Storage Humidity

You must also ensure that the relative humidity in the storage room is below 70% for the Pyralux FR laminates.

Refrigeration Conditions

It is important to note that the Pyralux FR laminates do not require refrigeration thus making refrigeration unnecessary.

In addition to the above conditions, you must make sure that storage room is dry and clean.

With these conditions in place, you will definitely maintain the Pyralux FR laminates for more than a year.

Which Materials Do You Use to Manufacture Dupont Pyralux FR Laminates?

There are two main materials which come in handy during the manufacturing process of Pyralux FR laminates.

You will use different sizes and thicknesses of copper and Dupont Kapton polyimide films.

Pyralux FR Copper Kapton laminate

Pyralux FR Copper Kapton laminate

Polyimide films is the best material due to mechanical toughness, thermal stability, as well as chemical resistance.

In addition to that, it has excellent dielectric properties thus making them the most conducive material for Pyralux FR laminates.

Copper is also the best material that you will use due to the following properties.

  • Excellent Conductivity of Heat
  • Superior Electrical Conductivity
  • Great Corrosion Resistance
  • Perfect Machinability
  • Non-magnetic Properties
  • Great Biofouling Resistance

How Do You Handle the Dupont Pyralux FR Laminates Safely?

In addition to the safety of the Pyralux FR laminates, your safety is also a very crucial factor.

You must be in a position where you prevent any form of injury on your body from the Pyralux FR laminates.

Here are the main safety handling instructions that you should adhere to when handling Pyralux FR laminates.

Minimize Contact with Skin

You should take safety precautions to help minimize any form of contact between the Pyralux FR laminate and the skin.

Pyralux FR laminates have B-staged adhesives with unreacted monomers that might be dangerous to your health.

In other words, you should put on gloves to avoid direct contact with the laminate and avoid touching your face.

The gloves on your fingers will also help in preventing cuts on your skin from the sharp edges of Pyralux FR laminates.

What are the Processing Conditions for Dupont Pyralux FR Laminates?

With the help of processing machines, you can achieve proper construction of Pyralux FR laminates.

In addition to the machines, you must also maintain certain lamination conditions with Pyralux FR laminates.

Here are the best lamination conditions of Pyralux FR laminates that you have to pay close attention to.

Part Temperature

During the lamination process, you should maintain part temperature between 182 to 199 degrees centigrade.

Lamination Pressure

You should also make sure that the lamination pressure of the Pyralux FR laminates range between 200 – 400 psi.

Lamination Time

Time also plays a very important role in the lamination process.

You should maintain the lamination pressure and temperature in lamination machines for 1 to 2 hours.

How Much Does the Dupont Pyralux FR Laminate Cost?

The cost of Pyralux FR laminates will vary considerably.

Implying that, you will pay varying amounts of money depending on the type and size of Pyralux FR laminates.

Generally, Pyralux FR laminates cost between 3 to 20 US dollars per kilogram.

The sizes are often standard, so you will have to pay according to the quantity and type variants.

What is Dupont Pyralux FR Bondply and Coverlay?

Dupont Pyralux FR bondply and coverlay are materials that you will use to encapsulate etched details.

Dupont Pyralux FR Laminate Coverlay

Dupont Pyralux FR Laminate Coverlay

You will use the Dupont Pyralux bondply and coverlay in rigid-flex and flexible multilayer printed circuit boards.

The main construction materials forPyralux FR Bondply and coverlay are polyimide films and a proprietary B-stage acrylic on one or both sides.

What is the Certification and Construction of Pyralux FR Coverlay and Bondply?

Here, there are three main details that you have to look at when looking at the certification and construction.

In most cases, you will find default details on the construction and certification of Dupont Pyralux FR laminates.

Here are the main default details that you can choose from.

  • Thickness of the polyimide materials ranging between 12, 25, 50, 75 and 125um
  • Thickness of the adhesive ranging between 12, 25, 50 and 75um.
  • Quality certification of IPC 4203A/1

What is Dupont Pyralux FR Sheet Adhesive?

This is a proprietary acrylic adhesive belonging to the B-stage that is coated and bonded on different release papers.

You will use Pyralux FR sheet adhesives to bond rigid cap layers and flexible inner layers in multilayer PCBs.

You can also use it in the bonding of flexible PCBs on to rigid PCBs thus making rigid-flex printed circuit boards.

Apart from that, it also comes in handy in bonding stiffeners as well as heat sinks.

What is the Certification and Construction of Pyralux FR Sheet Adhesives?

You should ensure that you construct and also certify the Pyralux FR sheet adhesives with proper details.

Here are the main certification and construction details that you need to adhere to.

  • Thickness of the adhesive ranging between 12, 25, 50, 75 and 100um
  • Quality certification which should be IPC 4203A/18

What are the Key Benefits and Features of Pyralux FR Laminates?

One of the factors that should compel you to use Pyralux FR laminates is the benefits.

Here are the main benefits of using the Pyralux FR laminates.

Flame Retardant

You can comfortably use the Pyralux FR laminates because it inhibits and prevents any fire outbreak possibilities.

It has modified acrylic adhesive compositions which make them flame retardant and increases overall safety.

Perfect Bond Strength

Pyralux FR laminates also boasts of the most ideal bond strength that holds the Pyralux FR laminate tight on the substrate.

It has the capability of bonding and maintaining the bond with the substrate even under high temperature applications.

Ability to Withstand Numerous Lamination Cycles

You can also use the Pyralux FR laminates over and over again to complete multiple lamination processes.

It is a very strong material that will not go through any form of damages over a long period of use.

Are Dupont FR Laminates Traceable?

Yes, Dupont Pyralux FR laminates are traceable.

You must manufacture the Dupont Pyralux FR laminates under the ISO 9001:2015 quality management systems.

These conditions will help in the facilitation and management of proper Dupont Pyralux FR laminate records.

With these records in place, you can simply manage and trace your Dupont Pyralux FR laminates.

What is the Dielectric Constant of Dupont Pyralux FR Laminates?

Dielectric constant is one of the electrical properties of Pyralux FR laminates that you should know about.

It refers to a ration of permeability of material to electric currents to permeability of electricity to free space.

Pyralux FR laminates have a dielectric constant of 1MHz or 10 GHz with a test method of IPC-TM-650

What is the Loss Tangent of Dupont Pyralux FR Laminates?

The loss tangent is also a very important electrical property of Pyralux FR laminates.

In Pyralux FR laminates, the loss tangent is 1MHZ under the IPC-TM-650 test method.

You can also have a loss tangent of 10 GHz under the ASTM D2520 test method.

At Venture Electronics, we will help you find the best Pyralux FR laminates for all your PCB fabrications.

Contact Venture Electronics today for all your Pyralux FR laminates.

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