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About Pyralux AP Laminate

DuPont™ Pyralux® AP is an all polyimide double sided copper clad laminate that is the industry standard in terms of thermal, chemical and mechanical properties.

It is ideal for use in rigid flex and multilayer flex applications which require advanced performance, such as low dissipation loss for high speed, high frequency, thermal resistance and high reliability.

These clads provide designers and fabricators outstanding options in building circuits with high reliability and yield for controlled impedance and high-performance applications.


What are the applications of Pyralux AP?

>Electronic information
>Aeronautics and astronautics
>Communication cable
>The integrated circuit
>The transportation
>Electric energy

What are the standard sizes of Pyralux AP?

Pyralux AP copper clad laminate is supplied in the following standard sheet sizes:
24″ × 36″ (610 mm × 914 mm)
24″ × 18″ (610 mm × 457 mm)
24″ × 12″ (610 mm × 305 mm)
12″ × 18″ (305 mm × 457 mm)

Other sizes are available by special order. All Pyralux AP packaging materials are 100%. Recyclable.

standard sizes of Pyralux AP

Pyralux AP description

For over 10 years, Venture continues to amaze and gain customers’ trust by providing the best quality Pyralux AP along with great services. Venture is equipped with the most advanced production facilities and manufacturing tools. With that, you can assure that your Pyralux AP orders are manufactured with the most superior quality. Rest assured that Venture will provide all your Pyralux AP needs!

Your Leading Pyralux AP Supplier in China

Venture manufactures the highest-quality Pyralux AP that is all-polyimide flexible laminate. Our Pyralux AP is an adhesiveness high-performance laminates.

It is also a copper-clad, double-sided laminate that is bonded to a copper foil. Our Pyralux AP is perfect for any multilayer and rigid-flex applications that need advanced temperature resistance, material performance, and high reliability.

We offer Pyralux AP in a full range of dielectric thicknesses. Our Pyralux can also give you a versatile option for a broad range of flexible circuit constructions.

Our Pyralux AP is equipped with the following advanced features:

  • Low CTE for a rigid-flex multilayer
  • High Cu-polyimide adhesion strength
  • Excellent thermal resistance
  • Excellent dielectric electrical performance/ thickness tolerance
  • Thin Cu-clads with superior handling
  • Unique thick-core product for a controlled impedance

Pyralux AP article

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Pyralux AP Laminates: The Ultimate FAQ Guide


If you’re looking for genuine and high performance Pyralux AP laminates, this guide has all information you need.

From quality certifications, benefits, properties, safety to performance criteria – all information you need is right here.

Keep reading to learn more.

What is Pyralux AP Laminate?

Pyralux AP is a double sided all polyimide copper clad laminate with the best mechanical, chemical and thermal properties.

Flex and Rigid-Flex Plyralux AP Laminate

Flex and Rigid-Flex Plyralux AP Laminate

You can use it in the most ideal form of multilayer flexible and rigid-flex applications which require advanced level performances.

Which Properties Stand Out in Pyralux AP Laminates?

Pyralux AP PCB Laminate is the leading industry standard type of laminate that exhibits the best mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties.

These properties will help you come up with printed circuit boards (PCBs) that are highly reliable and perform better.

Here is a brief explanation about the three main properties that make Pyralux AP laminates outstanding among others.

Mechanical Properties

Mechanical properties are physical properties which Pyralux AP laminates exhibit when you apply force.

Some of the mechanical properties of Pyralux AP laminates are tensile strength, modulus of elasticity, and hardness among others.

Electrical Properties

Electrical properties are the response of Pyralux AP laminates when you expose it to an electric field.

Pyralux AP laminates exhibit the best electrical properties with factors such as excellent resistivity and electrical conductivity among others.

Chemical Properties

Chemical properties are the factors that you will observe as the Pyralux AP laminates are exposed to different chemical fields.

Here, you will note the excellence of Pyralux AP laminates in terms of flammability, acidity, toxicity, and heat of combustion.

What are the Defining Features of the Pyralux AP Laminate?

You will properly identify Pyralux AP laminates by looking at the unique features of the laminate.

The unique features of Pyralux AP Laminates help in establishing the true identity and performance of the laminate.

Here are the main features that define Pyralux AP laminates.

Great Performance and Reliability

Over a period of 30 years, Pyralux AP has proven to be excellent in reliability as well as performance in various applications.

You can rest easy knowing that Pyralux AP will not fail your PCBs even in the most rigorous of environments.


Pyralux AP has very low rate on the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) as it heats up in high temperature applications.

You can use it comfortably even in rigid flex multilayer printed circuit boards without excess material expansion and subsequent damages.

Superior Electrical Performance

With copper being the main conductor, you should expect the best form of electrical conductivity on Pyralux AP laminates.

It is capable of providing the best electric conductivity, perfect resistivity, as well as temperature coefficients among others.

Great Signal Integrity

Coupled with superior electrical performance, Pyralux AP laminates exhibits the best signal integrity.

It has the most efficient dielectric constant (DK) of 3.4 and a differential factor (Df) of 0.002.

Superior Thermal Resistance

You can also explore the idea of robust thermal resistance of Pyralux AP laminates by using it in high temperature applications.

Pyralux AP laminates will provide you with the best thermal properties without the risk of potential damages.

Superior Dielectric Thickness Tolerance

Pyralux AP laminates can withstand a great amount of electric current that flows within the systems of the printed circuit boards.

It will resist great amounts of electric charge leaks through the walls of the laminate thus maintaining excellent functionality.

High Peel and Peer Strength

Pyralux AP creates a very unique and strong bond between the laminate and the printed circuit board layers.

In extreme conditions, Pyralux AP laminates will produce the best results while maintaining the bond of the multilayer circuits.

Low Outgassing

During the lamination process using Pyralux AP laminates, there will be very minimal chances of air entrapment.

This will reduce defects on the PCB such as blow holes and voids thus reducing wastage of materials during PCB production.

Halogen Free

Pyralux AP laminates have bromine and chlorine levels that are less than 900 ppm as well as below 1500 ppm of halogen.

This property makes Pyralux AP one of the most environmentally friendly laminate that you can ever use in different applications.

Which Quality Certifications Do Pyralux AP Manufacturers Adhere to?

High quality of the Pyralux AP laminates make up the hallmark of our manufacturing index.

In other words, we ensure that you get the best quality of Pyralux AP laminates by adhering to international quality certifications.

Here are the main quality standards of Pyralux AP laminates that you should pay close attention to.

Which Materials Do You Use in the Construction of Pyralux AP Laminates?

You will note that there are two main materials for manufacturing Pyralux AP laminates.

In many cases, you will realize that Pyralux laminates have the identity of an all-polyimide laminate.

Well, the main material for manufacturing Pyralux AP laminates is polyimide.

It is a very good material for manufacturing Pyralux AP laminates because it is a high temperature adhesive.

In addition to that, polyimide is the best materials for Pyralux AP laminates because it acts as mechanical stress buffers.

Apart from Polyimide, you will also use copper which helps in conducting the electric current as well as heat.

It is the material that increases the superiority of Pyralux AP laminates in heat dissipation and other electrical properties.

Which Construction Specification Details Do You Provide for Pyralux AP Laminates?

In case you opt for a custom Pyralux AP laminate, you will have to provide the custom details.

Apart from that, you may also provide these details when you require particular types of Pyralux AP laminates.

Here are the main details that you will give to the manufacturer of the Pyralux AP laminates.

Type of Materials

In this case, the materials that you will provide are quite obvious which will include polyimide and copper.

You may, however, provide more details on the type or grade of materials that you would like to have.

Pyralux AP Laminate Flexible Copper Material

Pyralux AP Laminate Flexible Copper Material

The main types of copper materials that you can choose are RA, ED, and DT(RA).

Dimension or Size of the Materials

Here, you will provide particular details on the size of the polyimide and copper that you will want on the laminate.

You will provide details such as the thickness of polyimide and copper that you want on the Pyralux AP laminates.

Some of the available polyimide thickness for your consideration are 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, and 6.0 mils.

On the other hand, the available copper thickness that you can choose are 6, 9, 12, 18, 35, and 70 microns.

What are the Benefits of Using Pyralux AP Laminates?

One of the things that should encourage you to use Pyralux AP laminates are the benefits of the laminates.

Here are the main benefits of Pyralux AP laminates that you will enjoy.

Superior Signal Integrity

In other words, Pyralux AP has great quality of electrical signals at very high bit rates and over very long distances.

The polyimide materials have very low loss tangents of electric signals thus increasing reliability and overall performances.

Perfect Bond Strength

Pyralux AP laminates have great bond strengths that allows it to adhere and stick firmly to the PCB substrates.

Due to the high bond strength, it can afford maximum reliability hence making it very effective in-service execution.

High Thermal Resistance Properties

You can also laminate or process your Pyralux AP on PCB substrates using very high temperatures without fear of damages.

Due to great thermal resistance, Pyralux Ap can survive high temperature applications as well.

Varying Construction Capabilities

You can also construct Pyralux AP laminates using unbalanced and balanced constructions.

Implying that, it can have different number of layers that have odd numbers or even numbers depending on your preferences.

Double layer Pyralux AP Laminate

Double layer Pyralux AP Laminate

How Do You Package the Dupont Pyralux AP Laminates?

You must be very careful when you package the Dupont Pyralux AP laminates to prevent unnecessary damages on the laminates.

First, you have to note that the Pyralux AP laminates are often in form of sheets.

To package these sheets, you will have to roll them well and then cover them well to keep away from dust.

You must also keep it away from any other forms of damages that may jeopardize the integrity of the laminates.

What are the Safe Handling Instructions for Dupont Pyralux AP Laminates?

You should be very careful when handling the Dupont Pyralux AP laminates to avoid injury.

One of the most important factors that you have to look at is the attire you wear as you handle the laminates.

You will wear gloves on your hands to protect you from the sharp edges of the Pyralux AP laminates.

Apart from that, the gloves will protect your hands from the harmful chemical composition that makes the laminates.

You should also refer to the handling manual on the Dupont laminate website to help you with more details.

Finally, washing your hands after handling the Dupont Pyralux AP laminates will also help in keeping you safe.

What are Some of the Compatible Processing Procedures of Pyralux AP Laminates?

Whenever you are processing the Pyralux AP laminates, you must know that it is compatible to flexible lamination processes.

Implying that, you will have the Pyralux AP laminates on different types of PCB laminates including the flexible types.

Here are the main procedures that you will follow when processing Pyralux AP laminates.

First, you will begin the process by preparing all the materials that you need.

Here, the main materials include the Pyralux AP laminates, PCB substrates and the PCB lamination machine.

After that, you will begin the whole process by arranging the layers of the Pyralux AP laminates with PCB substrates.

As soon as the arrangement process is complete, you will proceed with the lamination process.

You will begin with the programming of the machine where you will set the temperature and pressure high.

You will set the temperatures at about 200 to 300 degrees centigrade and pressure between 200 to 400 psi.

Allow the lamination machine to proceed with the lamination process for about an hour.

As soon as the lamination process is complete, you will proceed with the curing of the PCB.

You will cure the laminated printed circuit board under high temperatures.

After that, you will begin releasing the pressure from the lamination machine slowly.

The release of pressure will be followed by the cooling of the system and subsequent removal of the PCB.

Rigid-Flex Pyralux AP PCB Laminate

Rigid-Flex Pyralux AP PCB Laminate

Are Dupont Pyralux AP Laminates Traceable?

Yes, Dupont Pyralux laminates are traceable.

Under the quality certifications of International Standards Organization (ISO 9001: 2015), there must be records.

In other words, you have to record the part number of the Pyralux AP laminates and keep samples.

This will help in future reference and proper tracing of different types of Pyralux AP laminates in the market.

Which Storage Conditions are Proper for Dupont Pyralux AP Laminates?

The best storage conditions for Pyralux AP laminates do not necessarily need you to have refrigeration system.

In fact, refrigeration is not a requirement for storage os the Pyralux AP laminates.

In this case, you will store the Pyralux AP laminates with the original packaging intact under room temperature.

In this case, the storage temperatures that you should look at are between 4 to 29 degrees centigrade.

The original package on the Pyralux AP laminates will keep the laminate safe and away from dust.

You should also maintain a relative humidity of 70% and maintain the cleanliness and dryness of the laminates.

Do You Have a Warranty for Dupont Pyralux AP Laminates?

Yes, we do have a warranty for the Dupont Pyralux AP laminates.

In many cases, most of the Dupont Pyralux AP laminates are under a 2-year warranty from the time of sale.

We have standard conditions for the provision of a warranty under specific handling and storage conditions.

Which Factors Contribute to High Reliability and Advanced Performance of Pyralux AP Laminates?

Well, your Dupont Pyralux AP laminates depend om particular properties to provide you with the best services.

Here are the laminate properties that help in boosting the performance of the printed circuit boards.

  • Peel strength which confirms it adhesion to copper as fabricated and after soldering process
  • Solder Float
  • Dimensional Stability
  • Dielectric Thickness Tolerance
  • UL Flammability Rating
  • Dielectric Constant
  • Dissipation Factor
  • Dielectric Strength
  • Volume Resistivity
  • Surface Resistance in Ohms
  • Moisture and Insulation Rates
  • Moisture Absorption Rates
  • Tensile Strength
  • Elongation Percentage
  • Initiation Tear Strength
  • Propagation Tear Strength
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Solderability
  • Flexural Endurance
  • Glass Transition

What is Dupont Pyralux AP Plus Laminate?

Dupont Pyralux AP laminates are special types of Pyralux AP laminates that have more thickness than normal Pyralux AP laminates.

It has an extended thickness of the Pyralux AP dielectric which makes it more reliable than the normal Pyralux AP laminates.

In other words, it performs better in comparison to the normal Pyralux AP laminates.

How Does Dupont Pyralux AP Laminate Compare to Dupont Pyralux AP Plus Laminate?

Well, the main difference between Pyralux Ap laminates and Pyralux AP Plus in in the size.

You will realize that the Dupont Pyralux AP Plus laminates have a thicker dielectric than Dupont Pyralux AP laminates.

Apart from that, the difference in thickness also means that there is a difference in performance.

Implying that, Dupont Pyralux AP Plus laminates have better performance than Dupont Pyralux AP laminates.

What are the Electrical Benefits of Dupont Pyralux AP Plus Laminates?

When using the Dupont Pyralux AP Plus laminates, you will realize the electric superiority.

Here are the main electrical benefits that you will realize on the Dupont Pyralux AP Plus laminates.

Signal Transmission Efficiency

You will note that the Dupont Pyralux AP Plus laminates exhibit better signal transmission efficiency.

Due to an increase in the thickness of the dielectric, the efficiency of signal transmission is also on the rise.

Lower Noise Production

As you operate different appliances with Dupont Pyralux AP Plus laminates, you will note very low noise levels.

Due to better efficiency of the laminate, you will minimize the noise that the PCB laminate produces.

Faster Transmission

An increase in thickness of the dielectric essentially implies that there will be an increase in the transmission speed.

How Does the Dupont Pyralux AP Laminate Compare to the Dupont Pyralux FR Laminate?

You can either choose to use Dupont Pyralux AP or Dupont Pyralux FR Laminates according to your specifications.

Despite this freedom, you must also understand the importance of differentiating the two to avoid confusion.

One of the most notable differences is in the application of the Dupont Pyralux laminates.

You can use Dupont Pyralux AP laminates on double sided printed circuit boards and flexible printed circuit boards.

On the other hand, you will use Pyralux FR laminates on single sided, double sided, multilayer and flexible PCBs.

At Venture Electronics, we help you get the best Dupont PCB laminate that meet your PCB fabrication needs.

Contact us now for all your Pyralux AP laminates.

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