Aluminum Nitride PCB

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What is aluminum nitride used for?

Aluminum Nitride is one of the few materials that offers electrical insulation and high thermal conductivity.
This makes AlN extremely useful in high power electronic applications in heat sink and heat spreader applications.

Why is Aluminium used in circuit boards?
Aluminium used in circuit boards

Why is Aluminium used in circuit boards?

Why is Aluminium Used in Circuit Boards? Aluminum can actually transfer heat away from vital components, thus minimizing the harmful effect it could have on the circuit board.
Higher durability: Aluminum provides strength and durability to a product that ceramic or fiberglass bases cannot.

Aluminium used in circuit boards

Aluminium nitride (AlN) is a solid nitride of aluminium. It has a high thermal conductivity of up to 321 W/(m·K) and is an electrical insulator.Aluminum provides a better conductivity to weight ratio than copper, and therefore is also used for wiring power grids,
including overhead power transmission lines and local power distribution lines, as well as for power wiring of some airplanes.

Aluminium nitride (AlN) is a solid nitride of aluminium. It has a high thermal conductivity of up to 321 W/(m·K) and is an electrical insulator.Aluminum provides a better conductivity to weight ratio than copper, and therefore is also used for wiring power grids, including overhead power transmission lines and local power distribution lines, as well as for power wiring of some airplanes.

Your Reliable Aluminum Nitride PCB

aluminum nitride pcb

Venture is a well-known supplier and manufacturer of extraordinary aluminum nitride PCB located in China. We fabricate the best kind of aluminum nitride PCB. Venture is the best answer for those seeking a reliable and trusted supplier of aluminum nitride PCB. You can get a durable aluminum nitridePCB from us.

Venture aluminum nitride PCB is suitable for a wide variety of applications. Due to its flexibility, it is great for a lot of electronic and electrical applications. Venture aluminum nitride PCB is a non-toxic kind of PCB material.

If you face some PCB and other electronic problems, you can come or visit us. We are experts in handling that kind of problem. We are able to give you the best and satisfying solution for your PCB’s business problem.

Your Leading Aluminum Nitride PCB Supplier and Manufacturer in China

Venture is a world’s leading fabricator of aluminum nitride PCB. Venture can customize your aluminum nitride PCB desire. If you need aluminum nitride PCB for your business, you can always count on Venture.  Venture is a professional company that can support your aluminum nitride needs.

 aluminum nitride pcb

Venture aluminum nitride is made by high-grade kinds of aluminum materials. Venture aluminum nitride PCB is the best material accessible. At the present day, Venture aluminum PCB is the great performing circuit solution for high temperature electronics.

The following below is the main reasons Aluminum Nitride PCB is the most preferable than another kind of PCB :

  • Superior thermal conductivity 170W/mK
  • Strong dielectric
  • High operating temperature >350ºC possible
  • Low expansion coefficient <4 ppm/C
  • Smaller package size due to integration

 aluminum nitride pcb

Aluminum materials truly provide high strength and durability. That’s why the aluminum nitride PCB is the most durable PCB. Venture aluminum nitride PCB is made by sturdy materials that g-has the capacity to lessen accidental damage during operation.

We can provide the aluminum nitride PCB to gratify your needs. Venture can give you an effective aluminum nitride PCB. All of our PCB products are manufactured with professional and skilled staff to guarantee the best quality of every PCB product.

 aluminum nitride pcb

Aside from Aluminum nitride PCB we also fabricate different kinds of PCB like hybrid PCB, motor control PCB, countersink pcb, USB flash drive PCB, LED strip PCB, Heater PCB, Microcontroller PCB, HDD PCB, High-Density PCB, and many more.

We can provide excellent PCB services according to our client’s needs. To remain as the top in PCB fabricator in this industry, we always keep providing a high-quality aluminum nitride  PCB. Venture keeps the best designs, operations, and sales to maintain the best character of our company.

Please feel free to contact us for more information that you need!

Aluminum Nitride PCB: The Ultimate FAQ Guide


If you’re looking for any information on aluminum nitride PCB, you will find it right here.

Whether you want to learn about properties, features or uses; this guide has all information you’re looking for.

Keep reading to learn more.

What Is Aluminum Nitride PCB?

It can as well be referred to as printed circuit board containing conductive material.

It is a type of ceramic PBCS with high thermal conductivity of up to 170w/Mk combined with being a strong dielectric and low thermal expansion coefficient.

These properties have made aluminum nitride PCB to be one of the best performing circuits solutions for high temperatures or high current electronics.

Furthermore, aluminum nitride comes in different colors, thickness, size/shapes and can be used in various applications.

Aluminum nitride material

Aluminum Nitride PCB

This includes; automotive and radio frequency companies, power and LED converter companies and many more.

What Are The Material Properties Of Aluminum Nitride?

Aluminum nitride PCB has a number of properties that makes it ideal choice for various applications.

These properties can be categorized as physical, chemical and the environmental properties.

Under the physical and chemical properties, we consider factors such as;

tensile strength, density, dielectric constant, bulk modulus, comprehensive strength, thermal conductivity, thermal expansion, breakdown potential, melting point, minimum and maximum service temperature etc.

Thermal Conductivity

Aluminum nitride PCB is considered to have an excellent thermal conductivity of about 170w/Mk making it the best choice to be used in various applications.

Thermal Expansion

The minimum value of it`s thermal expansion is 4.3 SI units and a maximum value of 5.6 SI units.

Electrical Insulation

Aluminum nitride PCB offers good electrical resistance hence making it an excellent electrical insulator.

Melting Point And Boiling Point

Has a melting point more than 2000 degree celcius.


The average density of aluminum nitride is about 3.26 grams per centimetre cube.

In environmental properties, we focus on the aluminum nitride response to temperature, moisture, UV radiations, corrosion and many more.

Resistance To Temperature

Aluminum nitride PCB is best known for its ability to offer resistance to high temperatures up to a certain degree [1370 degree celcius].

Temperature above this may result into bulk oxidation of the material.

Aluminum nitride is stable in carbon dioxide or hydrogen atmospheres up to a temperature of 980 degree celcius.

 Resistance To Corrosion

Aluminum nitride PCB is surrounded by protective coating as well as the surface finishes applied on it that help protect it from corrosive effects from the surrounding.

UV Radiation

Aluminum nitride PCB offers resistance to UV radiations due to the oxide layer formation.

Why Should You Chose Aluminum Nitride PCB?

Aluminum is always the best option when thermal conductivity is the driver.

It has a thermal conductivity of 170w/Mk hence making it the best choice for highly demanding systems.

It also has properties like strong dielectric, high operating temperatures [350 degree celcius possible], small package size due to integration, low expansion coefficient, hermetic packages possible etc.

These properties enables the aluminum nitride PBC to be used in various fields/applications;

Such as high power LEDS and lasers to high current switches, ultra-low temperature vacuum chamber electronics etc.

Moreover, aluminum nitride PCB is made by high grade kind of aluminum materials which are tough and resilient hence making the product more durable.

The durability aspect helps in saving on the cost of both the repair and maintainance.

How Do You Make Aluminum Nitride PCB?

Aluminum nitride is a synthetic ceramic/ inorganic compound composed mainly of aluminum metal and nitrogen.

The manufacturing process of aluminum nitride involve two processes, that is;

  • Carbothermal reduction and nitridation
  • Direct nitridation

In aluminum nitride PCB production, direct nitridation is the preferred and the most commonly used method.

Carbothermal reduction and nitridation can serve as alternative for direct nitridation but in most cases it is used in production of alumina nitride.

Direct nitridation involves a self-sustaining reaction of aluminum with nitrogen whereby aluminum powder is ignited in a nitrogen containing atmosphere.

The formed product undergoes further processing through milling, crushing or classification to produce the final product which aluminum nitride.

The advantage of this method is that, it is environmental friendly/produce no harmful byproduct or green house gases and it is also energy efficient.

However, the process may also have some disadvantages such as the milling process can introduce potential impurities.

The aluminum nitride formed may sometimes be difficult to break during milling process therefore multiple size reduction steps may be required to achieve the desired particle size.

How Much Does Aluminum Nitride Cost?

The prices aluminum nitride PCB varies depending on a number of factors i.e. size, thickness, color, surface finish, board layer[ single,double or multi-layer PCB] etc.

In some cases, the quantity may also determine the price of the aluminum nitride PCB whereby the manufacturers and suppliers may allow discount to those that buys in bulk from china.

We also provide OEM services and sometimes we also give discounts on the shipping fee for those that buys in bulk.

What Kind Of Applications Can Aluminum Nitride PCB Be Used For?

Aluminum nitride PCB

Aluminum nitride PCB

Aluminum nitride PCB is an ideal product for variety of applications.

These applications are as a result of the good features and properties the product has.

Aluminum nitride can be used in applications needing electrical insulation and thermal conductivity. Semiconductor industries for packaging, inverters for transportation, cooling systems, telecommunication, high brightness LEDs and many more.

It can as well be used in highly abrasive environment due to its ability to withstand high temperature and PCB also help to keep the device free from risks.

Why Should I Import Aluminum Nitride From China?

China is the leading manufacturer and suppliers of aluminum nitride PCB worldwide with many years of experience in the manufacturing of aluminum PCB.

With the many years and the experience we have acquired, we are capable of designing aluminum nitride PCB with excellent features and quality that makes it suitable for variety of applications.

Our aluminum nitride PCB has features such as; low thermal expansion coefficient, high thermal conductivity of about 170 to 320w/Mk, excellent electrical insulation,low density and many more.

Furthermore, the aluminum PCB we create gives a lot of durability due to its outstanding resistance to high temperature, moisture, UV rays etc.

With the advanced technology modern machines, we are professional in giving the best offer of excellent aluminum nitride PCB.

The advanced technology makes the operation easier and saves on time.

Importing from china is the best solution whether you need a durable aluminum nitride PCB for business or you need to produce for a new company.

What Are The Limitations Of Using Aluminum Nitride PCB?

There are only a few disadvantages that can be found in aluminum nitride PCB.

Aluminum nitride PCB is expensive when compared to other kind of PCBs such as alumina nitride PCB but it is the best solution when thermal conductivity and electrical insulation are the drive.

Another disadvantage is that, exposure of aluminum nitride PCB through the mouth, injection or inhalation may lead to bone and lung toxicity.

Despite of all these disadvantages, aluminum nitride PCB has always been the best solution for various applications due to the good properties its has.

What Can Lead To Blister Formation On Aluminum Nitride PCB?

Blister may appear on aluminum nitride PCB  as result of air, liquid or solid contaminants entrapped inside the aluminum PCB.

Solid and liquid contaminants includes the oxide and oil contaminants picked up during the handling of the aluminum  PCB. Therefore periodic inspection should be done to ensure the processes are clear of contaminants.

There is solder mask blister  which not only affect the appearance of the aluminum nitride PCB but also affect the performance.

It is caused by;

  • Poor surface treatment such as uneven brushing when applying the surface finish and during printing, oil stains, residual water stains on the PCB may lead to solder mask blisters.

Therefore, it is important to ensure there is proper surface treatment of aluminum PCB during the application of surface finish.

Aluminum nitride PCB should be kept free from oil stains, residual water stains, since they may also lead to the occurrence of solder blisters on PCB.

  • Multiple times the tin or tin pot temperature is too high- tin is used as a coating and surface finish applied on aluminum nitride PCB.

Generally, aluminum nitride soldering resistance has a certain degree of high temperature resistance, temperature range above.

This may affect the adhesion of solder mask leading solder joint blistering.

Therefore it is important to ensure your aluminum nitride PCB is at the recommended temperature range to avoid solder blisters.

  • If the thickness of the surface is uneven- when a printed aluminum nitride PCB is soldered, especially when it is hand-printed,;

The thickness of the solder resist is often different.

And in cases where solder resist is thick, the drying time is insufficient leading to solder joint. As a result of this, the force is reduced causing the soldering to blister.

How Durable Is Aluminum Nitride PCB?

Aluminum nitride PCB is a strong, resilient and tough product and as a result of this, it is capable to prevent accidental damages.

In addition to that, it can handle more pressure and stress, withstand extreme temperatures as well as wear and tear.

These properties makes the product more durable hence can serve over a longer period of time without showing any sign of damage.

How Do You Verify Quality Of Aluminum Nitride PCB?

Aluminum nitride PCB material

Aluminum nitride PCB material

We follow all the regulatory mechanisms put in place to ensure that the quality standards are adhered to.

One of the ways to verify the quality of aluminum nitride PCB is by ensuring that they are manufactured using quality approved raw materials.

Periodic inspections are done during and after the manufacturing processes to ensure manufactured aluminum nitride PCB is free from contaminant/impurities.

Also that it has met all the quality standards requirements.

Besides that, WeProFab aluminum nitride PCB suppliers and manufacturers are ISO 9001 certified.

Hence we have the capabilities to follow and hold the quality standards put in place by the relevant authorities.

Are Aluminum Nitride PCBs Resistant To High Temperatures?

Yes, it is 100% resistant to high temperature.

Aluminum nitride material is very stable at high temperatures in inert environment.

In air, a layer of aluminum oxide forms around the material[aluminum nitride] that helps protect it from surface oxidation up to a temperature of 1370 degree celcius.

However, temperatures above 1370 degree celcius may lead to bulk oxidation of the material.

Aluminum nitride material is stable in carbon dioxide and hydrogen temperatures up to 980 degree celcius.

Compared to other material used in PCBs, aluminum nitride has the ability to offer excellent resistance to bending at high temperatures.

Unlike the other PCB materials that may show a significant decline in strength at high temperatures.

Therefore, this property enables aluminum nitride PCBs to be used a variety of applications i.e. can be used in highly abrasive environments.

How Do Aluminum Nitride Manufacturers Support The OEM Businesses?

Aluminum nitride manufacturers and suppliers work very closely with the OEM customers.

They allow the OEM companies to buy their products and later sell the product or part of the product.

Using their own branding different from the one of aluminum nitride PCB manufacturers.

What Finishes Can Be Applied On Aluminum Nitride PCB?

Surface finish plays a very important role on your PCB therefore choosing the best surface finish is an essential step in designing your product.

The type of surface finish determines the longevity and the efficacy of aluminum nitride of aluminum nitride PCB.

Normally, aluminum nitride PCB are printed using copper or silver, therefore PCB surface finish applied help to prevent the printed surface from corrosion.

Surface finishes also provide a solder able surface for your component.

There are five different types of surface finishes that can be applied on aluminum nitride PCB.

Choosing the best surface finish for your PCB will depend on a number of factors such as;

  • Environmental impact
  • Cost
  • Production volume you expect
  • The component you use
  • Your requirement for durability

Examples of surface finish your aluminum nitride PCB.

Immersion Silver

It is the best coating to choose for your PCB if your production volume is not high.

The immersion silver coating tarnishes easily when exposed to air therefore the coated PCB needs to be stored in anti-tarnish packaging.

But once the coated PCB is removed from the packaging, it will be required to go through solder reflow within a day.

Immersion Tin

Here a chemical process is used since it involve a lot of immersion coatings.

A flat coating is formed by depositing a flat layer of metal on copper traces.

This flat coating makes it ideal for small SMT components and it is also the least expensive type of immersion coating.

However, it also come with some drawbacks I.e.

It is very sensitive to handle therefore gloves is required, aggressive to solder mask, baking prior to use can have some negative effects etc.

Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold

It consist of a layer of gold over electrolytic or Electroless nickel.

It is hard and durable hence can last for more years, good for smaller components due to its excellent flatness, wire bondable etc.

However, it is more expensive than other types of surface finish, can be aggressive to solder mask hence large solder mask dam preferred.

Hot Air Soldering Leveling

This type of surface finish is the least expensive compared to other types, very economical and widely available.

It involves dipping aluminum nitride PCB in a molten solder and then leveled off using a hot air knife.

The molten solder used is typically tin-lead.

However, this types of surface finish is not ideal for HDI products/small SMT[surface mount technology] components since the surface may not be completely leveled.

Lead-Free HASL

Its look similar to HASL, the only difference is that it does not use tin-lead[molten molder] as in HASL instead it uses tin-copper or tin-nickel or tin-copper-nickel germanium.

This is the most commonly used surface finish on aluminum nitride PCB and it is environmental friendly.

It involves immersing PCB into molten solder of tin-nickel alloy or tin-copper alloy, which ensures that the entire surface is covered.

For an even coating, air knives is used to blow off the residue.

Is Aluminum Nitride PCB Toxic?

No, aluminum nitride is nontoxic and chemically stable compound/product.

However, exposure of aluminum nitride through some parts of the body may lead to toxicity in some organs of the body.

For example, exposure to aluminum nitride through the mouth, injection or inhalation may cause toxicity to body organs like lungs and bones.

Continuous exposure may cause irritation to the eye and the skin.

What Are The Recommended Ways To Protect Your Aluminum Nitride PCB From Corrosion, Oxidation And Fading?

Normally aluminum nitride PCB have a protective corrosion resistant coating that helps protect it from corrosion. But still with the coatings, corrosion can still occur if the product is not handled appropriately.

Therefore, one of the best way to prevent corrosion, oxidation and fading off of your product is through proper handling and maintenance.

Proper handling here entails; proper storage of the product under the recommended condition, cleaning your in the right way using the recommended cleaners and many more.

Aluminum nitride PCB is capable of undergoing bulk oxidation in temperatures above 1370 degrees in inert atmosphere.

Therefore it is always advisable to store aluminum PCB under a temperature range that will be favorable to its usage in spite of it being resistant to high temperatures.

Using rough surface cleaners in cleaning your product may cause corrosion hence should be avoided.

What Makes Aluminum Nitride Used As Base For PCB?

Aluminum is used in PCB because of the good features and properties that it has, for example;

  • High durability- aluminum nitride base provides the strength and the durability to the PCB that any other fiberglass or ceramic bases cannot offer.

It is also a tough and a sturdy base material that can reduce accidental breakages during handling, manufacturing and everyday use.

  • Lightweight- it adds strength and resilience without adding on any additional weight.
  • Heat dissipation- aluminum is capable of transferring heat away from vital components hence minimizing the effects the heat could have on the circuit boards.
  • Environmental friendly- aluminum itself is non-toxic and can be recycled.

What Are The Thermal Properties Of Aluminum Nitride?

There are mainly three major thermal characteristics of aluminum nitride PCB i.e. thermal conductivity, thermal resistance and the coefficient of thermal expansion.

Aluminum nitride PCB has high thermal conductivity of about 170 to 320w/Mk which is 10 times that of alumina nitride and close to other kind of PCBs such as SiC and BeO PCB.

Thermal conductivity and thermal resistance look related but they are not the same but both can sometimes be used interchangeably.

Thermal conductivity defines the rate at which heat is transported along a temperature gradient whereas thermal resistance depends on a related quantity, which is the effective thermal conductivity.

Coefficient of thermal expansion on the other hand defines how the product can expand or contract with the changes in temperature.

Aluminum nitride generally has low thermal expansion coefficient making it the best choice for semiconductor processing.

How Tough Is Aluminum Nitride PCB?

Aluminum nitride PCB is made from a strong, sturdy and robust materials hence have incredible strength and ability to hold heavy loads without any breakage.

Their high melting point and high resistance to heat also shows how strong and tough the product is, it has a melting point greater than 2000 degree celcius.

The above properties makes aluminum nitride PCB the ideal choice for use as utensils and other essential home and industrial components.

What Are The Protective Coatings Used On Aluminum Nitride PCB?

We offer the best protective coating solutions that will enhance the qualities surfaces of your product. Improve the product’s performance through surface damage resistance, enhanced durability and retention of product aesthetics.

The most commonly used protective coatings on aluminum nitride PCB include;

  • Corrosion resistant coatings to prevent corrosion on the product.
  • Thermal spray coating which provides a functional surface to protect or modify the behaviour of your product.

What Factors Can Lead To The Corrosion And Fading Of Aluminum Nitride PCB?

 Aluminum nitride PCB

Aluminum nitride PCB

Fading and corrosion of aluminum nitride PCB depends on how you maintain and handle your product such as;

the storage environment, poor method of cleaning and many more.

Although most of the aluminum PCB have the corrosion resistant coating, still they are capable of corrosion.

Storage of aluminum nitride in a temperature above the recommended range,

Mostly above 1370 in inert atmosphere, may lead to bulk oxidation and corrosion of the aluminum PCB.

Poor method of cleaning your aluminum PCB may also result into corrosion and fading off of your product.

Poor method of cleaning may include; using a cleaner with a rough surface to clean, not using the right detergent advised etc.

Therefore in order to maintain the quality and the good appearance of your aluminum nitride,

It is always advisable to follow the recommended ways to care and maintenance of the product.

In know you may also want to learn about ceramic aluminum nitride material.

For any inquiries or questions on aluminum nitride PCB, contact Venture Electronics now.

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