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1.How Do You Apply Shengyi S1141 Laminates on the PCB?

1. Prepare the materials needed for lamination, PCB Shengyi S1141 laminate and laminator

2. Place the layers of the PCB on top of each other and place the Shengyi S1141 between the layers of the PCB.

3. Put the stacked boards into the laminator and set the machine for high temperature and strong pressure to enhance the bonding strength and let the laminate dry at high temperature.

4. After finishing the lamination, we need to release the pressure slowly to cool the PCB board and form a mixed press material.


2.What is the properties of Shengyi S1141?

The Shengyi S1141 laminate has various properties that you should pay close attention to.there are main four properties we should check before we choose the material supplier :

●Water absorption at pressure cooker
●Flexural strength
●Peel strength
●Dielectric constant

3. What surface finishes does the Shengyi S1141 support?

Venture can provide the following finishes to protect the surface of the PCB and to beautify the product surface

●Hot Air Solder Level (HASL)&Lead-free Solder Spray
●Organic Solderability Preservative (OSP)
●Silver-impregnated (Au) finishes&Immersion Tin (Sn) Finishes
●Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG) Finishes
●Electroless Nickel Electroless Palladium Immersion Gold (ENEPIG) Finishes


Shengyi S1141 description

Venture is a trusted manufacturer of Shengyi S1141. We are equipped with the latest manufacturing equipment and tools to fabricate the best quality Shengyi S1141. We also take advantage of the advanced technologies to supply our top-quality Shengyi S1141.

Venture also owned high-class production facilities where we produce your orders of superior quality Shengyi S1141. Surely, Venture is your best supplier of Shengyi S1141!

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Are you looking for a top-quality Shengyi S1141? Venture can provide your needs! We are a trusted manufacturer in China for over 10 consecutive years!

We supply the best quality Shengyi S1141 in China. To give you the best performance Shengyi S1141, we designed it with the following features:

  • Tg 140˚C (DSC)
  • UV blocking
  • AOI compatible
  • Excellent mechanical processability

Shengyi S1141 article

Venture Shengyi S1141 is equipped with more advanced features to be used in the applications including:

  • Aviation
  • Automotive electronics
  • Electronic game machine
  • Communication equipment
  • VCR
  • Instrumentation
  • Computer; and more

Venture is committed in making innovations and excellence in manufacturing Shengyi S1141. Through our latest manufacturing facilities, tools, and equipment, guaranteed that we can supply you the best quality Shengyi S1141!

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Shengyi S1141 Laminates: The Ultimate FAQ Guide


Let’s look at some of the critical aspects of Shengyi S1141 PCB laminates.

From material properties, features, thermal properties to performance rating, among other critical aspects.

So, if you want to be an expert in these PCB materials, read this guide.

What are Shengyi S1141 Laminates?

Shengyi S1141 Laminates

Shengyi s111 PCB Material

Shengyi S1141 laminates are special types of materials that you can use to cover and bond layers of printed circuit boards.

They have special characteristics which enhance their performance thus allowing you to create efficient machinery.

What are the Applications of Shengyi S1141 Laminates?

You can employ the services of the Shengyi S1141 laminates on different applications.

With unique characteristic features, they come in handy on different levels to perform different functions.

Here are some of the applications of Shengyi S1141 laminates that you can relate to.

Computer Applications

You can use the Shengyi S1141 laminates to bond numerous layers of multilayer printed circuit boards on computer systems.

It allows you to make printed circuit boards with numerous layers thus boosting the overall speed and performance of computers.

Communication Equipment

You can also use Shengyi S1141 on communication to make them highly effective thus increasing speed of sending and receiving messages.

It helps in improving the signal strength of the electronic communication equipment thus fostering the communication channels.

Game Machines and Equipment

You will require Shengyi S1141 laminates on gaming machines to improve graphics as well as speed of operation.

It also allows you to improve the time that most of the gaming equipment operate with minimal heat load downtime.

Automotive Electronics

In the automotive industry, most of the applications are becoming more sophisticated and computerized for simple and easy operations.

Shengyi S1141 laminates are one of the constituent parts of automotive electronics that improve the mode of operating automotive.

Aviation Industry

In the aviation industry, you will use Shengyi S1141 laminates to build powerful computers that can operate flying objects.

It leads to the creation of appliances that are strong enough to improve communication in space thus improving aviation safety.

Which Features Distinguish Shengyi S1141 Laminates from Other Laminates?

Shengyi S1141 laminates are unique in their own way owing to the fact that they have different building features.

As you look for Shengyi S1141 laminates, you have to go through specific features that distinguish them from others.

Here are the main features of Shengyi S1141 laminates that you need to pay close attention to.

Normal PCB laminate material

Normal PCB laminate material

Glass Transition Temperature (Tg)

You will look at the glass transition temperature of Shengyi S1141 where the materials alter from one state to another.

In the unique case of Shengyi S1141 laminates, the transition temperature of the material is at 140 degree centigrade.

UV Blocking Characteristics

You should also note that Shengyi S1141 laminates have unique characteristics of UV blocking which increases weather resistance characteristics.

It is the reason why you can use Shengyi S1141 laminates in applications that work under the scorching sun.

Mechanical Processability

In addition to that, you should also note that Shengyi s1141 laminates have excellent mechanical processability.

Implying that the process of mechanically manufacturing Shengyi S1141 laminates is simpler in comparison to other Shengyi laminates.

Which Properties Do You Test as Proof for the Shengyi S1141 Laminates?

In case you need to test the Shengyi S1141 laminates, there are specific aspects you will concentrate on.

These aspects are unique to Shengyi S1141 and the results you achieve will act as proper proof of this particular laminate.

Here are the main properties of Shengyi S1141 laminates that you will have to test.

Glass Transition Temperature

You will test the glass transition temperature of Shengyi S1141 laminates under DSC treatment condition yielding results of 140 degrees centigrade.

Implying that Shengyi S1141 laminates will begin changing state from solid glass at a temperature of 140 degrees centigrade.


As one of the thermal characteristics, you need to test the point where Shengyi S1141 laminates will ignite.

Knowing the flammability value, you will have a proper understanding of the right flame limits for operating these laminates.

Current Resistivity

You will also perform tests on Shengyi S1141 laminates to determine the point of current leakage from the system.

In this case, you will test both volume resistivity and surface resistivity of Shengyi S1141 laminates after moisture resistance.

Dielectric Factors

In addition to the above tests, you must also consider testing the dielectric constants and the dielectric breakdown of Shengyi S1141.

You will test the ratio of electric current permeability of the laminate to the permeability of free space.

You must also test and seek knowledge on the point where the laminate will fail to prevent electric current leaks.

Thermal Stress

It is also very important to look at the thermal stress of Shengyi S1141 laminates when it is etched and unetched.

You will yield similar results of 60 seconds with no delamination thus proving that you are using Shengyi S1141 laminates.

Peel Strength

It is also important to consider the peel strength with one ounce of copper under 288 degrees centigrade for 10 seconds.

You will be able to understand the point where the adhesive force of Shengyi S1141 laminates will erode off.

Flexural Strength

In this case, you will test the maximum bending point of Shengyi S1141 laminates and how much it can flex.

Shengyi S1141 laminates have a flexural strength of LW 600 MPa and CW 500 MPa under A treatment conditions.

Rate of Water Absorption

You must also look at the rate at which the Shengyi S1141 laminates will absorb water under D-24/23 treatment conditions.

The results will yield 0.15% rate of water absorption implying that it has a very low rate of water absorption.

Which Quality Certifications Do Shengyi S1141 laminates Adhere to?

Shengyi S1141 PCB Material

Shengyi S1141 PCB Material

As you search for the best type of Shengyi S1141 laminates, you should never compromise on quality.

Implying that, you should look at the quality certifications of the laminate to ascertain the quality of the laminates.

Here are the most important quality certifications that Shengyi S1141 laminates must adhere to.

  • International Standards Organization ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D
  • MIL-PRF-31032 Quality Certificate
  • PCB Board UL Quality Certification
  • 31032 GI 8-layer Quality Certificate
  • RoHS Quality Certifications
  • IPC Quality Certifications
  • TS-16949 Quality Certifications
  • IATF16949: 2016 Quality Certifications

You should note that the above quality standards are international quality standards and will apply internationally.

In addition to that, the destination country may also have various quality certifications that you must adhere to.

Which Information Do You Provide When Purchasing the Shengyi S1141 Laminates?

Whenever you are speaking to a Shengyi S1141 laminate manufacturer, there are specific details to provide for better understanding.

Implying that, you will provide specific information to the manufacturer to enable him know the type of laminate you want.

Here is the key information that you will communicate to Shengyi S1141 laminate manufacturer.


You should provide proper details on how thick you want your Shengyi S1141 laminate to be.

The value for detailing how thick you want your Shengyi S1141 laminates to be should be in millimeters.

Copper Foil

It is also important to provide more details on the size of copper foil you want to have on your Shengyi S1141 laminates.

The value of the copper foil size that you will provide should be in micrometers since it will take a very small percentage.

Standard Size

In addition to the above details, you should also provide details on the overall standard size of Shengyi S1141 laminates.

Since Shengyi S1141 laminates are often quite small, the value of the standard size will be in millimeters.

How Does the Shengyi S1141 Laminate Compare to Shengyi SO401 Prepreg?

PCB Material Structure

PCB Material Structure

Shengyi S1141 and Shengyi S0401 prepreg are both special types of laminates for bonding multilayer PCBs.

You will use similar materials of FR-4 among other materials to manufacture both types of laminates.

Apart from that, both Shengyi S1141 laminates and Shengyi S0401 prepreg have glass transition temperatures of 140 degrees centigrade.

In addition to that, both types of laminates have UV blocking characteristics and AOI compatibility.

Despite the above differences, there are particular characteristics that distinguish Shengyi S1141 from Shengyi S0401 laminates.

You will identify Shengyi S0401 prepreg with the excellent bonding strength and wider operating window.

On the other hand, Shengyi S1141 laminates have excellent mechanical processability thus making the difference.

Which Parameters Do You Look at When Choosing the Shengyi S1141 Prepreg Materials?

You will have a very simple and easy time when choosing S1141 prepreg materials by adhering to specific aspects.

Implying that there are particular parameters that you have to look at to influence your choice for Shengyi S1141 prepreg materials.

Here are the main parameters to consider when choosing Shengyi S1141 prepreg materials.

Glass Fabric Type

You should have a look at the type of glass fabric that you will be using to manufacture Shengyi S1141 laminates.

There are different types of glass fabrics that you can choose from including 106/1037, 1080/1078, and 2313 among others.

Resin Content

You should also have a look at the resin content of Shengyi S1141 laminates in terms of percentage.

There percentage resin content of Shengyi S1141 laminates will also vary according to the type of glass fabric you choose.

Dielectric Constant (DK)

You will look at the ratio of electric permeability of the materials in relation to the electric permeability of the free space.

You can derive the value from simple capacitor models and will vary according to the type of glass fabric.

Dissipation Factor (Df)

It is also significant to look at the rate of energy loss from the materials when making Shengyi S1141 laminates.

Depending on the choice of materials or type of glass fabric you will have varying dissipation factor such as 0.028.

Curved Thickness

You should also check the thickness of Shengyi S1141 materials especially when it forms a curve.

The value of curved thickness will also vary according to the types of glass fabric that you will choose.

Standard Sizes

Generally, the standard size of Shengyi S1141 laminate materials should be of utmost importance.

You will get the value of Shengyi S1141 laminates in meters such as 1.260 m by 150m.

What are the Best Storage Conditions for the Shengyi S1141 Laminates?

In case you purchase Shengyi S1141 laminates in bulk, you might need to store them.

Well, there are specific storage conditions that you have to adhere to maintain quality of the laminates.

Here are the best storage conditions for Shengyi S1141 laminates which is highly dependent on time.

Three Months Storage Duration

In this case, you will store Shengyi S1141 laminates under 23 degrees centigrade with relative humidity of less than 50%.

Six Months Storage Duration

Here, you will store the Shengyi S1141 laminates under 5 degrees centigrade at less than 50% relative humidity.

In addition to the above conditions, you must make sure that the stores are dry to keep moisture away.

You can ensure this by wrapping Shengyi S1141 laminate in damp-proof materials to maintain the bonding strength.

As soon as you remove it from the store, you should normalize it under normal room temperatures before use.

How Does the Dielectric Constant and Dissipation Factor of Shengyi S141 Laminates Compare?

Some of the most important attributes of Shengyi S1141 laminates that you must look at are dielectric constant and dissipation factors.

Dielectric constants of Shengyi S1141 laminates is the ratio of material electric permeability in relation to free spaces or vacuum.

With the help of a simple capacitor model, you are in a better position to determine the dielectric constants.

In addition to that, dielectric constants also vary depending on the type of frequency on Shengyi S1141 laminates.

On the other hand, the dissipation factor is the loss rate measure of electric current from Shengyi S1141 laminates.

It is another important aspect that will vary according to the type of materials and radio frequency.

Which Thermal Properties Do You Use to Identify Shengyi S1141 Laminates?

Well, you must also be very keen when looking for the best Shengyi S1141 laminates and look at the thermal properties.

In other words, you will look at the reaction of Shengyi S1141 laminates under heat stresses.

Here are some of the thermal properties that you have to pay close attention to.

  • Glass Transition Temperature (Tg)
  • Flammability
  • Degradation Temperature (TGA)

How Do You Laminate a Printed Circuit Board using Shengyi S1141 Laminates?

The process of placing Shengyi S1141 laminates on a printed circuit boards is the lamination process.

You can simply place the Shengyi S1141 laminates on PCBs by going through the following processes.

Shengyi PCB Material

Shenyi PCB Material

Step One: Preparation Stage

First, you must prepare the Shengyi S1141 laminate by removing from the storage unit.

As a routine, you will ensure that the laminate stays out under room temperature for about 4 hours.

Apart from that, you will also prepare the printed circuit board layers that you would like to bond or laminate.

The other accessories that you will need are the lamination machines which will help in the lamination process.

Step Two: Lamination Stage

You will begin the lamination processing stage by layering the printed circuit boards.

This process involves placing the Shengyi S1141 laminate in between every PCB layer.

After that, you will place the multiple layers of printed circuit board in the lamination machine.

You will proceed with setting the temperatures and pressure as high as possible to attain the right results.

You must maintain both high temperature at 185 degrees centigrade and pressure between 200 and 300 psi for a particular period.

Step Three: Drying and Cooling

Finally, you will proceed with the drying process of the printed circuit board under high temperature and pressure.

As soon as it is dry, you will lower the temperatures to allow the PCB to cool down as you release pressure slowly.

What are the Mechanical Properties of the Shengyi S1141 Laminates?

Mechanical properties of Shengyi S1141 laminates are the physical properties that you will see when you apply force.

As you shop for the Shengyi S1141 laminates, you have to look at the specific mechanical properties.

Here are the main mechanical properties that you will look at in Shengyi S1141 laminates.

  • Modulus of Elasticity
  • Flexural Strength
  • Tensile Strength
  • Elongation
  • Fatigue Limit
  • Hardness

What is the Difference Between Arc Resistance and Dissipation Factor of S1141 Laminates?

Well, arc resistance and dissipation factors are electrical properties of S1141 that you must have a look at.

Arc resistance is the period that you will spend in an attempt to make insulating surface more conductive.

In this case, you will look at arc resistance under high voltage or low current arc within laboratory-controlled conditions.

On the other hand, dissipation factor is a measure of how fast or slow Shengyi S1141 laminates will lose energy.

Which Other Types of Shengyi Laminates are there?

Other than the Shengyi S1141 laminates, there are other types of Shengyi laminates to consider.

Here are the other types of Shengyi laminates that you ought to know about.

Are the Shengyi S1141 laminates Water and Flame Resistant?

Absolutely Yes, Shengyi S1141 laminates are highly resistant to the effects of water and flames.

You must, however, be very careful not to exceed the limits of water and flame resistance.

How Do You Customize the Shengyi S1141 Laminates?

You can customize your Shengyi S1141 laminates by getting in touch with our design department.

We have a whole department of designers who will assist you with the designing process.

All you have to do is provide us with the right information and we will make the design come true.

After that, we will build a prototype for the purpose of testing to ensure that it works perfectly.

Finally, we will proceed with the manufacturing and supplying process of Shengyi S1141 laminates.

Which Tests Can You Perform to Ascertain Quality of Shengyi S1141 Laminates?

To ascertain very high quality of Shengyi S1141 laminates, you must put the laminates through particular tests.

Here are the main tests that you will perform on Shengyi S1141 laminates.

  • Fixture Testing of Shengyi S1141 Laminates
  • Manual Testing of Shengyi S1141 laminates
  • Flying Probe Test of Shengyi S1141 laminates

What are the Benefits of Using Shengyi S1141 Laminates?

There are quite a lot of benefits that you will enjoy just by using the Shengyi S1141 laminates.

Here are the benefits that you ought to look out for.

  • Lead free this improving compatibility with FR-4 materials
  • High heat resistance thus improving overall thermal properties
  • Easy machineability processes
  • Low rates of water absorption

What are the Limitations of Using Shengyi S1141 Laminates?

Well, there are very few limitations of using Shengyi S1141 laminates given the fact that mechanical processability is simple.

Despite that improvement, there are other limitations that you have to worry about such as:

  • Storage Conditions

Shengyi S1141 laminates are very delicate and you must handle them with a lot of care.

Implying that, you have to take extreme care and maintain the right storage conditions to avoid losses.

  • High Cost of Purchase

In addition to that, you must also prepare to spend more as the cost of Shengyi S1141 laminates is very high.

Depending on your unique requirements and specifications, at Venture Electronics, we offer high performance Shengyi laminate materials.

Contact us today for all your Shengyi S1141 needs.

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