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Probe Card

Venture is more than 10 years in the probe card manufacturing industry. Depending on your application, we can manufacture a wide array of probe card to meet your demands.

If you are looking for a reliable and high-quality probe card, Venture is your the right place to count on. We are the top market supplier of probe card in the electronics industries.

Your Leading Probe Card Supplier in China

Venture probe cards over the past decade have been increasingly required to perform more and more
advanced circuit control such as: switching, multiplexing, and on-board signal generation.

Many of these control circuits complicate or prevent the measurement of individual probes, for
electrical and physical properties.

Over 10 Years’ Experience
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Venture Electronics

Your Best Probe Card Supplier and Partner

Venture probe card planarity measurements are essential to verify that the probe card plane will match the plane of the wafer. Most commonly probe Z positions are measured electrically, by moving a conductive device in contact with the probe to determine its position.

Venture is a professional probe card supplier in China for over 10 years of experience. We render our valued customers the very great products at the most affordable pricing.

We manufacture the highest quality of probe card with our advanced manufacturing facility, skilled and highly trained engineers.

Why Choose Venture Probe Card

We manufacture high-end and durable probe card for long-lasting use. We deal with cost-effective probe card which is affordable for everyone and readily available. Venture will always fulfill your any probe card needs.

If you have questions and interests in venture’s probe card or any related products, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Send us your queries. Our team will give you immediate feedback on your next orders.

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