Low Cost PCB Assembly

  • Quick turnaround time
  • Complete turnkey solution
  • RoHS 5 and RoHS 6 compliant assemblies
  • Full range of reliabe suppliers for components

Benefits of Low cost pcb assembly

Low volume PCBs ensure that there is sufficient scope to test the efficacy of the product before proceeding to high volume production.

2) Low-cost printed circuit boards
Engaging in low-volume PCBs can enjoy significant cost advantages.

3) PCB testing
Small volume PCBs can be robustly tested to see if any repairs or replacements are required.

4) Bare Board Design Changes
Low volume production also ensures that it is easy to make design changes that may be deemed necessary before proceeding to high volume production.

Benefits of Low cost pcb assembly
Application of low cost PCB assembly services

Application of low cost PCB assembly services

Low volume PCB assembly is a requirement in a variety of applications including but not limited to:
Low volume PCB prototypes where you want to determine the feasibility of the product before going into mass production so that assembly can be achieved at low cost.

Low volume PCB assembly is also ideal for products where batch sizes may vary, or where production processes differ and therefore require assembly lines to change with product requirements.

We can provide custom made PCB assemly in low cost

Are you looking for small volume PCB assembly, small volume bare board, low cost PCB prototype, small volume printed circuit board, low cost circuit board FAQ for your project.

Venture is a professional PCB, SMT assembly manufacturer, we provide customized PCB solutions to fit your requirements, we can also provide low cost PCB assembly service according to customer’s requirements, if you need small volume PCB manufacturing and small volume PCB assembly, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

provide custom made PCB assemly in low cost

Venture specialized in low-cost PCB assembly services for more than 10 years. We are equipped with expert engineers who understand the importance of cost management and quality.

Many manufacturers of the printed circuit board employ several ways to cut down the PCB assembly cost. At Venture, we are well aware of those techniques. Thus, we specialize in low-cost PCB assembly.

Our team understands the need to keep the cost low without compromising the quality of the PCB assembly.


Your Leading Low Cost PCB Assembly Supplier in China

When it comes to low-cost PCB assembly, Venture has the expertise you can count on. We will provide competitively low priced PCB to our valued clients.

Venture low-cost PCB assembly team possesses vast knowledge on various aspects of PCB assembly:

  • substrate selection
  • design for manufacturing (DFM)
  • electronic schematics
  • PCB layout
  • panel optimization

Also, as a professionals manufacturer and assembler, we employ the following techniques to keep the overall PCB assembly costs low.

  • Minimizing the layer count
  • Avoiding internal cutouts
  • Arranging the number of vias carefully
  • Keeping the board size to a minimum
  • Picking the best vias
  • Choosing the right surface finish
  • Using only industry-standard sizes and components

As a professional low-cost PCB assembly provider, Venture possesses expertise in the following:

We are capable of cost-effective and faster PCB assembly through our highly advanced manufacturing equipment.

As we provide faster lead time and low-cost PCB assembly, we have gained a huge customer base to different industries like mining, oil and gas, electronics, manufacturing, medical, food processing, nuclear, military, aerospace, etc.

We are looking forward to working with your business. Contact us now for more information.


Low-Cost PCB Assembly: The Ultimate FAQ Guide


Today’s guide covers everything you need to know about low cost PCB assembly process.

So, before you hire any company for low cost PCB assembly process, read this guide.

What is Low-Cost PCB Assembly?

Low-cost PCB assembly is the process of manufacturing and assembling printed circuit boards by reducing cost while maintaining very high quality.

Here, you will employ various unique techniques in the manufacturing and assembling process in order to reduce cost and maintain quality.

Which Techniques Do You Use to Reduce the Cost of PCB Assembly?

As you have learned in the previous section, the main aim is to employ unique techniques in the assembly of PCBs.

In other words, you have to look for specific unique techniques that will ensure you assemble all the PCB components.

Here are some of the techniques that you can employ to assemble low-cost PCBs while maintaining high quality.

Minimization of Layer Count

One of the most important techniques that you can employ to minimize cost of PCB assembly is reducing number of layers.

A reduction in the number of layers will definitely lead to a decrease in the cost of materials and components.

Careful Via Arrangement

PCB Vias

PCB Vias

You must also be very careful when arranging the number of vias during the assembly process of the printed circuit boards.

Careful arrangement of the via will reduce or eliminate any form of mistakes in the assembly process thus reducing cost.

Avoid Internal Cutouts

You should also avoid having internal cutouts on the printed circuit board to eliminate cost of fixing the internal cutout.

Here, you will save money on the cost of materials for internal routing and also on drilling of through holes.

Proper Sizing

You must also be very careful when planning and sizing of important details such as annular holes and rings.

In other words, you have to maintain perfection and avoid mistakes while keeping the size of the board to minimum.

Picking the Best Vias

You should also look at having the best of vias that will not complicate the assembly process of the PCBs.

Here, you might get the vias at a higher price but save a lot more money in the long run.

Sticking with Basic Options

You should also ensure that you stick to the basics of PCB assembly and avoid venturing into custom designs.

For instance, you should maintain the normal shapes of the PCBs and avoid experimenting on the unusual PCB shapes.

Maintaining Industry Standards

You must also ensure that you maintain the normal standard requirements and avoid venturing into the unknown.

In this case, you will only use the right standard sizes, components, and choose right surface finishes among others.

What are Some of the Low-Cost PCB Assembly Services Available?

Well, we have the expertise that we use in offering the assembly of PCBs at a lower cost than most.

In the assembly process, you should rest easy knowing that you will get the best quality assembly services at low costs.

Here are some of the low-cost PCB assembly services that we offer.

RoHS 5 and RoHS 6 Compliance Assembly

During the assembly of low-cost PCB, you should adhere to the RoHS 5 and RoHS 6 assembly requirements.

In other words, you have to ensure that you do not include hazardous substances in electronic and electrical equipment.

The main substances that you should not include are lead, mercury, cadmium, PBB, PDBE, and Hexavalent Chromium materials.

You have to ensure that you remove all the above substances completely or reduce them to maximum permitted levels.

In other words, RoHS 5 and RoHS 6 compliance takes care of eliminating toxic substances from low-cost PCBs.

Surface Mount Technology Assembly



Surface mount technology is the process of producing the low-cost PCBs by soldering the components on the surface of the PCB.

It is a modern mode of mounting components that does not involve drilling of through holes into the PCB.

It is one of the most affordable and efficient mode of mounting components on the surface of the low-cost PCBs.

Apart from that, it is very simple or basic and is prone to very few or less errors thus suitable for low-cost PCB assembly.

You will use surface mount technology to produce lighter, smaller, faster and more powerful low-cost PCBs.

Through Hole Technology Assembly

SMT Vs through hole assembly

 SMT vs Through Hole Assembly

You can also opt for the traditional through hole technology assembly process which involves drilling holes through the PCB.

After drilling the holes, you will mount component with legs through the holes thus increasing the bonding strength.

It is also the most suitable method for mounting straight components that have high mechanical load including connectors and switches.

You should use the through hole technology assembly process to mount components that would undergo environmental and mechanical stresses.

During the prototyping stage, you will go through a very simple time in mounting and replacing of the components.

Lead Free and Leaded PCB Assembly

You can also opt for the leaded low-cost PCB assembly which includes using materials that have lead products.

It is an approach that uses lead materials in PCB assembly of different components which is sometimes considered as toxic.

On the other hand, you can also opt for lead-free PCB assembly which involves assembly of PCBs with materials free of lead.

This is a more environmentally friendly approach of assembling printed circuit boards at lower costs.

You should, however, consider using the lead-free low-cost PCB assembly because it is also less harmful to your health.

Single Sided, Double Sided and Multilayer PCB Assembly

You can also request for the assembly of any type of printed circuit boards at a lower cost than other processes.

Some of the types of PCBs that you can assemble through low-cost PCB assembly are single- or double-sided PCBs among others.

Apart from that, you can also opt to assemble printed circuit boards with more than one layer.

You must, however, note that the assembly of multilayer printed circuit boards will increase the cost of PCB assembly.

On that note, you should always avoid too many layers of PCBs if you are interested in lowering the price of PCB assembly.

Prototyping Services

As soon as you have the design of the low-cost PCB, you can share it with us to make a prototype.

You will use the prototype to have a rough idea of how the final low-cost PCB will look like.

Apart from that, it will act as the main blueprint that will guide the whole manufacturing process of low-cost PCBs.

In addition to that, the prototype will also give you visual impression of design and allow you make necessary adjustments.

You should always remember to update the BOM in case you make changes on the design based on the prototype.

Quick Turn PCB Assembly

You will also have the opportunity of having the low-cost PCB assembly at a very high speed thus saving time.

Quick turn PCB assembly involves the assembly of the PCBs at a faster rate while maintaining the low budget.

It uses high tech machinery which pick and place the PCB components on the PCBs at a more advanced speed.

Even though the speed of assembly is quite high, you will realize that the quality remains very high.

In our possession are highly advanced manufacturing machines that helps in faster and cost-effective assembly processes.

Which Markets Do You Serve with Low-Cost PCB Assembly?

Low-cost PCB assembly serves almost every possible industry that you can think of.

Generally, the aim of low-cost PCB assembly is to serve every industry or market with high-quality PCBs at low costs.

Implying that, you can purchase printed circuit boards at very low prices for the following industries.

  • Mineral Mining Industry
  • Gas and Oil Industry
  • Electronics Industry
  • Aerospace and Aviation Industry
  • Military Industry
  • Medical Industry
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Food Processing Industry
  • Nuclear Industry

What is the Significance of a Cost Calculator Low-Cost PCB Assembly?

You can determine the cost of assembling low-cost PCBs early enough by using the cost calculator.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider using the cost calculator for low-cost PCB assembly.

Proper Planning

It is a software that will allow you to plan the specifics that you need to manufacture PCBs at low costs.

Apart from that, you will be in a better position to plan for the low-cost PCB assembly after receiving the quote.

Facilitates Transparency

You will also have a clearly chanted path to follow since the cost calculator facilitates transparency in the billing process.

In other words, nobody will mislead you into paying extra for services that cost very low prices.

What are the Main Factors to Consider When Calculating Low-Cost PCB Assembly?

As you use cost calculator to get a quote on the low-cost PCB assembly, there are details you must know.

These are the main details that will help you determine the most accurate cost of assembling the PCB at lower prices.

Here are the main details that you have to consider when calculating the cost of PCB assembly.

Quantity to Assemble

You will have to specify the quantity of boards that you would like to assemble through low-cost PCB assembly.

Quantity of Unique Parts

You must also specify the number of unique parts that you want on the printed circuit board.

In other words, you will have to specify the bill of material (BOM) lines on the cost calculator.

Number of Through Holes

In case you settle on through hole technology, you should specify the number of through holes that you need.

Quantity of Fine Pitch Parts

Here, you ought to be very specific on the number of fine pitch parts that you will need on the PCB.

Quantity of SMT and BGA Parts

You should also specify the total number of surface mount technology parts that you will have on the PCB.

In addition to that, you must also be very clear on the number of BGA parts that you want on the PCB.

Number of QFN Parts

You must also specify the quantity of quad flatpack no-leads parts that you will have on the low-cost printed circuit boards.

On top of the above specifications, you should also ensure that you provide details on:

  • Double Sided Surface Mount PCB Assembly
  • ITAR Processing
  • Class III Inspection
  • Double Sided Through Hole Mounting Assembly
  • Lead-Free Processing (Under RoHS Quality Certifications)

In this case, you will have to indicate YES or NO depending on your personal preferences.

You must also understand that the more features you want on the PCB, the higher the cost.

How Does the Cost of Labor Affect Low-Cost Assembly?

Production of PCBs require a combination of advanced technology and skilled labor.

When considering the cost of labor, you must look at the geographical location of PCB production.

There are places where the cost of labor per hour is very high thus increasing cost of producing PCBs.

On the other hand, there are specific places where the cost of labor is low thus reducing cost of PCB assembly.

In low-cost PCB assembly, you have to consider production of PCBs at the low-cost labor geographical locations.

In other words, it would be cheaper to produce them at such geographical locations and transport to your location.

You should also consider factoring in the unforeseen cost of cheap labor before you decide on it.

Do You Have Automated Assembly for Low-Cost PCB Assembly?

Absolutely, we do have automated assembly for low-cost PCBs.

Apart from skilled labor, you must also have the automated assembly foe the low-cost PCBs.

Here, you will use mechanized and motorized device to complete the assembly process of the PCBs.

Using machines in the assembly process is becoming the norm in the current PCB assembly processes.

Advancements in technology is making the process better and simpler thus reducing the overall cost of assembly.

What is the Turnaround and Delivery Time for Low-Cost PCB Assembly?

As soon as you think about the kind of work we put in low-cost assembly, you will definitely think about time.

Turnaround time is the period it will take for us to complete the low-cost PCB assembly process at the customers satisfaction.

Usually, you will get your printed circuit board in record time if you are willing to pay more for them.

In this case, since we are talking about low-cost PCB assembly, you should expect longer turn around periods.

Apart from that, we also use regular shipping to transport the low-cost PCBs thus saving a lot more money.

Usually, here is a table with the details of turnaround time of low-cost PCB assembly.

ActivityTime Taken
Entire Low-Cost PCB Manufacturing Process20 – 30 Days
Procurement of Parts and PCB Fabrication15 – 20 Days
Assembly Process5 – 10 Days


How Much Does the Packaging of Low-Cost Assembled PCBs Cost?

 Low cost PCB assembly

Low cost PCB assembly

Some parts of the low-cost PCBs are delicate and will require intensive skilled labor to take care of.

For instance, inclusions of particular aspects such as BGA will definitely require more packages and time.

Such connections require very careful hands to connect them to a source of electric currents.

Since such connections require sophisticated aspects, you will have to pay more for them.

In low-cost PCB assembly, you should avoid such sophisticated connections and packages to save on cost.

In other words, the cost of low-cost PCB assembly should be as low as possible to save more money.

What are the Special Parts Preparation Requirements for Low-Cost PCB Assembly?

All the electronic devices that you use on a daily basis usually consists of different components that work together.

In order to bring the desired effect, you have to look at installing special types of components on the low-cost PCB.

Apart from that, you may also have to consider special types of PCBs such as flexible PCBs which require special components.

In such a case, you may have to consider spending a lot more in the assembly of the low-cost PCBs.

The price will increase with the consideration of the special part requirements for the printed circuit boards.

Apart from that, there are essential parts whose preparation will also lead to an increase in the overall cost.

You will only save on the cost of PCB assembly by avoiding preparations of the special parts of the machine.

If not, you will have to pay the whole price that comes with the inclusion of special parts on the PCBs.

What is the Significance of a BOM in Low-Cost PCB Assembly?

A bill of materials is a list of all the components that you will need to assemble low-cost PCBs.

In other words, you will refer to the low-cost PC design and come up with a list of all materials.

In the BOM, you will have significant aspects such as part number, vendor, manufacturer, PCB footprint and description.

Depending on the uniqueness of the PCB, you may include other aspects but that might increase cost.

Here are some of the reasons why you need to have a bill of materials for low-cost PCB assembly.

Reduce Cost of Overhead Data management

You will be in a better position to coordinate the sourcing, budgeting, as well as manufacturing of the low-cost PCBs.

The best way of ensuring every detail runs smooth is by considering all the details within the PCB design.

Keeps Design in Check

In case you update or change the PCB design, you should remember to make changes on the bill of materials.

You will be in a better position to keep the low-cost PCB design in check and avoid problems during manufacturing process.

Streamline Electronic Design Automation

You will use the BOM to plan ahead and then reduce the overhead stress of managing all the PCB parts.

It allows for proper management of the PCB parts and designs thus streamlining the entire assembly process to reduce cost.

BOM Example

 BOM Example

What is the Impact of Having Unclear BOM Rows in Low-Cost PCB Assembly?

In the bill of material rows, you will have several occurrences of specific items that share single parents or sources.

Despite that, the single sources or parents come with different properties that consist of different values.

Unfortunately, there are cases where you might have unclear BOM rows thus affecting the entire low-cost PCB assembly.

In such cases, you may go through a lot of difficulty in establishing the price of the components you need.

You may overestimate the components, which will definitely lead to an increase in the cost of PCB assembly.

In other words, you have to keep the BOM rows in check to avoid increasing the cost of PCB assembly.

Do You Provide Engineering Support in Low- Cost PCB Assembly?

Absolutely, you will receive engineering support on the assembly process of low-cost printed circuit boards.

Engineering support includes every activity you will undertake in designing, production, and changing aspects of low-cost PCB assembly.

You will receive engineering support in addressing key issues such as product quality, testing, and desired function testing.

It involves proper coordination of all the participants while allowing the engineers to work independently on specific tasks.

In this case, engineering support may see the overall cost of PCB assembly increase a little bit higher.

Despite that, you will receive the best low-cost PCB that has the least of problems on application.

How Do You Find Low-Cost PCB Assembly Easily?

Due to the competitive nature of the PCB assembly industry, you are in a better position to come get cheaper PCB manufacturers.

Despite that allowance, you have to be very careful not to compromise on quality while looking for a cheaper PCB assembler.

To avoid having such issues, here are some of the steps you need to consider when looking for low-cost PCB assemblers.

Secure Professional and Reliable PCB Assemblers

You must look for a PCB assembler who is certified and has all the relevant qualifications of PCB assembly.

Since most of the assemblers claim to be affordable, you should consider working within your personal budget requirements.

Design for Manufacturing Inspection

You should also carry out the design for manufacturing inspection to ensure that the PCB can be assembled.

It will help in cutting down the cost of assembly but the process will also ensure that you get best manufacturers.

Get a Proper Bill of Materials

You should also consider having a proper bill of materials to reduce the overall cost while maintaining high quality.

Here, you will have to prepare comprehensive lists of all the materials thus making the assembly process easier.

Clarify Intentions

You should also clarify your final intentions when sorting for the components that you need for low-cost PCB assembly.

In this case, you can rely on the bill of materials to help in getting the right type of components.

Increase Your Order

You should also consider increasing the order volume of the printed circuit boards (PCBs) to reduce the overall cost.

An increase in the order quantity will earn you a proper discount thus reducing the amount of money you will pay.

What is the Step-by-Step Process of Low-Cost PCB Assembly?

Well, you should know every step that your PCB will go through to get a proper and functional PCB.

Here is a step-by-step process that you can follow to properly assemble the low-cost PCBs.

Step One: Design the PCB

You will begin the whole assembly process by coming up with the PCB design.

Designing of the PCB involves creating the blueprint that you will follow in every step of the assembly process.

You will have to consult a PCB designer with proper details on how you would like the PCB to be.

Apart from that, you can use the services of the manufacturing company who will also provide design assistance.

After that, you will also prepare a bill of materials based on the design of the printed circuit board.

As soon as that is complete, you will send the Gerber file of the design to the manufacturer for approval.

Most of the PCB manufacturers will approve the design and give you feedback within 24 hours.

You will also receive a quote on the cost of assembling the printed circuit board for your perusal and approval.

The final step is to confirm the file and the order with your manufacturer and initiate the manufacturing process.

Step Two: PCB Prototype Fabrication and Component Procurement

Here, you will refer to the approved design and come up with a proper prototype of the low-cost PCB design.

Your prototype should be the exact replica of the final PCB that you would like to have.

Apart from that, it will also act as the guiding blueprint for the low-cost printed circuit boards.

As soon as the prototype is ready, your next step is to secure all the materials you need.

Make sure that you get the highest quality materials at the most affordable prices to save on cost.

Step Three: Manufacturing Process

Here you will begin by printing the design of the low-cost PCBs on the materials.

You will follow the printing process with printing of copper on the inner layers of the materials.

After that, you will etch the inner layers in order to eliminate the excess copper materials.

You will follow that with proper layer alignment and then employ automated optical inspection.

It is important to conduct proper optical inspection and fix the problem early enough in case of a problem.

After that, you will laminate the PCB layers and drill the holes in case you will be using through hole mounting technology.

You will also plate the holes of the PCB before you proceed with imaging of the outer layer of the PCB.

The next step involves etching of the outer layer and then automated optical inspection.

After that, you will apply the solder mask on the PCB before placing the components.

Step Four: Final Stages

Finally, you will complete the whole assembly process by performing electric reliability tests.

Ain addition to that, you will perform PCB profiling and route outs before a final quality check through visual inspection.

If every little detail checks out, you will package the PCBs and deliver them to the client.

What are the Quality Certifications Involved in Low-Cost PCB Assembly?

Quality certification of the low-cost PCBs is one of the most important factors that you will have to look at.

There are international set standards that you must adhere to ensure that you get the best PCB products.

Here are the main quality certifications that you have to adhere to in low-cost PCB fabrication.

  • RoHS Quality Certification
  • IPC Quality Certification
  • International Standards Organization (ISO) Quality Certification
  • UL Quality Certifications
  • CE Quality Certifications
  • IATF Quality Certifications

Which Types of PCBs Do You Assemble through Low-Cost PCB Assembly?

PCB Assembly

 PCB Assembly

You can assemble any type of printed circuit board using the low-cost PCB assembly process.

The cost might vary depending on the type of PCB you intend to assemble.

Here is a list of all the PCBs that you can assemble at very low prices.

Single Sided Printed Circuit Boards

Here, you will mount the components on one side of the printed circuit board thus saving a lot on cost.

Double Sided Printed Circuit Boards

In this case, you will mount all the components on both sides of the printed circuit board while maintaining low costs.

Multilayer Printed Circuit Boards

You can also use the low-cost PCB assembly process on printed circuit boards that have more than one layer.

Rigid Printed Circuit Boards

Here, you will assemble printed circuit boards and mount components on a rigid surface of the printed circuit boards.

Flexible Printed Circuit Boards

In addition to the rigid surfaces, you also have the chance of performing low-cost PCB assembly on flexible circuit boards.

Rigid-Flex Printed Circuit Boards

On top of that, you can also assemble PCBs which have both rigid surfaces and flexible surfaces though low-cost assembly.

High Frequency Printed Circuit Boards

Low-cost PCB assembly is also an important assembly process that you can use to assemble high frequency printed circuit boards.

Aluminum Backed Printed Circuit Boards

You can also save a lot more by using low-cost PCB assembly process on aluminum backed printed circuit boards.

What Does the Low-Cost PCB Assembly Quoted Price Include?

As soon as you receive the low-cost PCB assembly quoted price, you should look at the components.

It is a very important step that will ensure that you have every assembly detail in check at the right prices.

Here is a list of all the components that you must have on the low-cost PCB assembly price quote.

Cost of Assembling the PCB

On the price quote, you will have the cost of assembling the printed circuit board.

Here, you will have the following details:

  1. Cost of Making the Prototype
  2. Cost of Procuring the Components
  • Cost of Soldering the Components
  1. Cost of Testing the Printed Circuit Boards

Discounted Prices

On the quoted price, your manufacturer will also include the discounted prices especially for medium volume prices.

Do You Provide Custom Services for Low-Cost PCB Assembly?

Yes, we do provide custom services for low-cost PCB assembly.

You should understand that the custom services may come at a higher cost.

It will happen especially when you have special components that will cost a lot more to acquire.

In many cases, low-cost PCB assemblers avoid custom services as they lead to an increase in the cost of assembly.

Do You Have Rigorous Tests During Low-Cost PCB Assembly?

Absolutely, despite the cost of the printed circuit boards, you have to ensure that the PCB is tested.

We perform rigorous tests on the PCBs to ensure that the printed circuit boards are in proper working conditions.

Apart from that, you will also receive design for manufacturing (DFM) and design for testing (DFT) free of charge.

Do You Have Lead-Free Low-Cost PCB Assembly Services?

Absolutely, we are very conscious about the safety of the environment as well as that of the users.

It is the reason why we offer lead-free-low-cost PCB assembly services to ensure that the final users are safe.

Apart from that, you will also be reducing pollution to the environment which might be caused by lead products.

Why Should You Opt for Low-Cost PCB Assembly?

There are cases that might force you to opt for low-cost PCB assembly.

Here are some of the cases where you might have to opt for the low-cost PCB assembly.

  • Whenever you are dealing with numerous errors after completing a large production.
  • Whenever you get a PCB manufacturer who can assemble the PCB at low prices without compromising on quality.

At Venture Electronics, we will handle all your low cost assembly processes.

Of course, every PCB must pass strict quality testing and validation.

Contact us now for all your low cost PCB assembly processes.

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