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Isola IS410

Venture Isola IS410 is a lead-free epoxy prepreg and laminates. It is a high-performance FR-4 prepreg and laminate that is specifically designed to support any PCB industry requirements. It is suitable for any higher levels of reliability and lead-free solder.

We manufacture Isola IS410 is highly optimized for an improved drilling performance. By this, our Isola IS410 enables a high aspect ratio holes of  ≤10 mils.

Your Leading Isola IS410 Supplier in China

Venture Isola IS410 is equipped with unique resin chemistry. This design allows our Isola IS410 to provide reliable CAF resistance. It also offers long-term reliability for any boards that are built with any small feature designs. Whether you are an integrator, electrical engineer, or distributor looking for a reliable quality Isola IS410 laminates, Venture is your best manufacturer!

As a professional manufacturer, Venture can offer you more valuable services. For more than 10 years, we are persistent in providing high-quality Isola IS410 at a reasonable cost. We also offer flexible payment terms for your Isola IS410 orders to support you!

Full range of Isola IS410
Manufactured with Superior performance
Manufactured with high thermal performance
Fabricated by knowledgeable and expert engineers
Venture Electronics

Your Best Isola IS410 Manufacturer

Venture Isola IS410 offers high thermal performance. It also offers Tg: 180°C (DSC) and Td: 350°C (TGA @ 5% wt loss). Our Isola IS410 can also provide excellent performance by various thermal excursions. It can pass 6x @ 288°C. Our Isola IS410 comes with prepreg standard availability. It comes with a panel or roller form and tooling of prepreg panels. Venture PCB by Isola IS410 can meet your standards and PCB requirements! Our Isola IS410 comes with prepreg standard availability. It comes with a panel or roller form and tooling of prepreg panels.

Do you have a large-scale or small quantity of Isola IS410 orders? You don’t have to worry because Venture offers Isola IS410 without minimum order required!

Why Choose Venture Isola IS410

We also took advantage of high-technology and advanced equipment. We are also equipped with advanced production facilities. Plus, Venture employed well-experienced and knowledgeable engineers. Therefore, you can assure that Isola IS410 manufactured by Venture are all high-quality! For more information about our Isola IS410, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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