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Hard Gold PCB

Are you looking for the most trusted manufacturer of hard gold PCB? You are in the right place! At Venture, you can get benefits from our 10 years’ manufacturing experience.

Your Leading Hard Gold PCB Supplier in China

Venture hard gold PCB is different from immersion gold. Their thickness varies by controlling the duration of the gold plating cycle.

Due to its relatively poor solderability and high cost, our hard gold PCB is not commonly applied to solderable areas. With regard to the nature of this hard gold PCB, they join tape grip and thickness tests. Nonetheless, the cost of it needs strong process controls. The gold is only one all the more methods to enhance the user’s PCB sourcing background.

Affordable Hard Gold PCB
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Venture Electronics
Why Choose Venture

As a leading hard gold PCB manufacturer in China, we will be taking care of steady progress, brand strategy, and continuous innovation.

At Venture, we will provide high-efficiency and excellent quality service to our valuable customers at any time and allow you a carefree procurement process.

Through our 2 hours of rapid response services from our 24/7 sales and tech support team, and professional after-sale service, Venture will be your most trusted hard gold PCB manufacturer and supplier in China.

Please feel free to contact us anytime!

Why Choose Our Hard Gold PCB

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