Electronic Contract Manufacturing

Electronic Manufacturing Services Provided by Venture Electronics

Electronic Contract Manufacturing is a one-stop solution, including electrical design, PCB layout, component supply, PCB manufacturing and assembly, product maintenance and after-sale services.

Our customers can let their R&D department do the design work and outsource hardware manufacturing to us, we will help to source components, manufacture and assemble PCBs, and finally assemble the end products.

Electronic contract manufacturers typically do not manufacture components. This is because components come in many different package sizes.

1-Electronic Manufacturing Services Provided by Venture Electronics
2-Benefits of Electronic Contract Manufacturing Service

Benefits of Electronic Contract Manufacturing Service

Electronic contract manufacturing can significantly reduce supply chain costs by 50%. Electronic contract manufacturing makes it possible for companies to get rid of all or most of their in-house manufacturing facilities, freeing up valuable company resources for other productive business purposes.

Many companies may choose to outsource their long-needed products to electronics contract manufacturers. As an experienced electronic manufacturing service provider, Venture Electronics can provide complete electronic manufacturing solutions.

Our Electronics Manufacturing Capabilities

Venture Electronics specializes in the assembly of complex components in medium to large volumes. We have fully automatic SMT production lines and semi-automatic through-hole equipment, as well as an experienced manual assembly team. Our electronics manufacturing capabilities include:
Turnkey Assembly
●Supply Chain Management
●Plastic Molding
●Metal Stamping and CNC Machining
●Electronics, PCB Board, Surface Mount
●PCBA Testing – ICT Testing and FCT Testing
●Project management
●Quality Control

3-Our Electronics Manufacturing Capabilities

Your Reliable Electronic Contract Manufacturing Supplier

Electronic Contract Manufacturing

Venture is an electronic contract manufacturing expert in China. We can fabricate electronic contract providing the following services:

Venture handled many other services or processes to make perfect functions for electronic contract manufacturing. We ensure the machine’s functions, skilled designers, professional engineers, etc.

We are capable to help your project or business expansion. We ensure communications always through ensuring the 24/7online and inquiries full support. As a professional provider, Venture presents high skilled, watchful, and well-trained employees to guide the whole of your process and inquiries.

Your Leading Electronic Contract Supplier in China

Electronic Contract Manufacturing
Venture provides one-stop electronic contract manufacturing solutions. As a reliable provider, we are able to provide flexible methods, high quality and functional and well-designed ideal products you need to your business and requirements.

Electronic contract manufacturing or ECM is a services such as testing, PCB manufacturing, designs, box builds, assembly, and many more.

There are plenty of benefits of electronic contract manufacturing. This can help a lot of applications such as:

  • Computers
  • Cell phones
  • Medical devices
  • LED lighting
  • Telecommunications hardware
  • Electronic products
  • Automobiles

Electronic Contract Manufacturing
Venture offers great advantages and benefits when purchasing products. We can provide cost-effective, high-quality, durability, and long life span. You can send your ideal electronic contract manufacturing.

Electronic contract manufacturing is great for many products that make customers happy. It is also perfect when handling business since it is negotiable. It is also profitable that can generate ideal profits.

For your business, whether you are supplying, retailing, wholesaling, or any purposes, we can assure you that this can help you expand your business rapidly.

If you trust Venture as your reliable long term provider, you did an excellent choice.
Electronic Contract Manufacturing
In handling electronic contract manufacturing, Venture we have a complete and high tech modern machines to support fast processes and support the special needs of your business.

If you’re in a hurry and urgently need your orders to be a move to your locations, we can smoothly and securely handle the delivery ahead of time.

Venture electronic contract manufacturing is more flexible in many business companies. You can save costs, gain great profits, and a lot more. It is not easy when choosing or searching for a reliable and certified supplier and manufacturer. since Venture is a reliable partner in many years, we have repeated orders from our customers whether newbie or long term partners.

An extremely affordable cost is what we can offer for you. Save your budget and effort. Let Venture handle the rest and let us be part of your fast success.

Send your inquiries and get a lot of satisfying information at Venture now!

Electronic Contract Manufacturing: The Ultimate Guide


Probably, you’re wondering what electronic contract manufacturing is all about.

Or, you would like to know whether electronic contract manufacturing is good for you.

This guide explores all details you’re need to know about electronic contract manufacturing.

Let’s dive right in.

Meaning Of Electronic Contract Manufacturing (ECM)

It refers to an act where Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) outsource manufacturing services of electrical products for electrical products to manufacturers.

Simply put, it is a solution companies without full-service manufacturing and development team gets from another better-equipped manufacturer.

In some instances, it is known as Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS).

ECM can be quite broad depending on various aspects of the binding contract.

 An Electronic Product Manufactured By ECM

 An Electronic Product Manufactured By ECM

History Of Electronic Contract Manufacturing

Electronic contract manufacturing industry began in the late 1970s after foundation of Solectron.

During that time, most large-scale manufacturing of electronic products was handled in-house.

However, the EMS companies came on board and started to offer flexibility.

It is such flexibility that eased facility and labor concerns for relatively small companies.

Surface Mount Technology (SMT) foundation on PCBs enabled prompt assembly of different types of electronics.

OEMs installed SMT lines in the early 1990s.

Most players in the EMS industry found it relatively challenging to exist since OEM would pull contracts.

In the mid-1990s, most companies offering ECM solutions gained more advantages in manufacturing.

It made OEMs start outsourcing large-scale PCB assembly services.

By late 1990s and early 2000s, most OEMs decided to dispose of their assembly factories to ECM companies.

How Electronic Contract Manufacturing Works

Ideally, vital elements are influencing how electronic contract manufacturing works.

Some of these factors include the following;

  • Getting into a confidentiality agreement that aims at protecting the interests of the involved parties.
  • Undertaking of a technical consultation involving contractor evaluation of the technical feasibility of manufacturing the electronic product.
  • After smoothening out the creases, both parties get into a binding contract manufacturing agreement.
  • Transfer of technology between the two parties follows. It involves the client licensing the EMS company to utilize any patents, trademarks, models, etc.
  • Testing and validation follow to determine whether the product can be manufactured successfully to the required specifications. It is also at this stage that any possible problems are identified.
  • The manufacturing process begins, and it entails scaling up the production, packaged and supplied accordingly.

Electronic Contract Manufacturing Company

An EMS Company

The Advantages Of Electronic Contract Manufacturing

They are quite a several benefits of seeking electronic contract manufacturing.

However, the main advantages include the following;

  • Reducing costs, saving money, and maximizing profits. In the long run, ECM increases turnover and profitability, which are vital in business sustainability.
  • Enables you to streamline your business and its vital relationships. Essentially, ECM enables you to provide reliable quotes and practical timelines.
  • Provides appropriate quality control. ECM demonstrates stringent quality control mechanisms for manufacturing your product.
  • Improves better response to varying market demands. It enhances consistent business flow to enable your business to grow without downtime issues.
  • Enhances rapid production and turnaround. Ultimately, this enables you to get a quicker return on investment since you’ll fulfill orders promptly.
  • Enable you to get access to technical acumen and superior equipment.
  • Enhances better resource allocation since you’ll easily prioritize profitable components based on market demands.

Specific Applications Of Electronic Contract Manufacturing

Primarily, ECM is associated with manufacturers of relatively high-volume products.

Some of these products include computers, telecommunication hardware, cell phones, and various electronic products.

Workers Finishing Up On An Electronic product

Workers Finishing Up On Electronic Products
The other area where ECM is gaining dominance is in the manufacturing of medical devices, fiber optic devices, instrumentation products, and LED lighting.

Essentially, OEM manufacturers of such products are finding it cost-effective to seek ECM services.

Types Of Electronic Contract Manufacturing

ECM sounds like a niche itself, but in an actual sense, it is available in various types, which include the following;

Manufacturing Whole Product From One Company

In this case, the OEM uses the ECM partner to produce most or all its product components from it.

Elements in this ECM type may include PCB layout, PCB manufacturing, assembly, product supply, component assembly and maintenance, aftersales services, etc.

In such instances, OEMs only need to provide concepts, ideas, and preferred delivery time.

Hiring Of Service And Labor

It is a type where OEM lacks required workforce contracts or subcontracts a manufacturing firm dealing with outsourcing labor.

Besides, a company may decide to outsource specialized services from a particular ECM firm.

Manufacturing Part Of A Product From One Provider To Another

Many electronic firms use ECM to manufacture components for their products.

You’ll need to hire a particular EMS company to handle the PCB manufacturing and assembly.

You’ll also hire another EMS company to handle end-product assembly and another one for aftersales services etc.

A Company Hired To Manufacture PCB That is Part Of A Product

A Company Hired To Manufacture Part Of A product

Using Facilities And Equipment

It is ECM type where the company hardly has suitable space, facility, or equipment can deal with EMS.

Instead, they use the facility and equipment of the selected EMS based on their requirement.

In this ECM, you could maintain your R&D teams to handle the design aspects of the project.

In this case, you’ll outsource hardware manufacturing aspects to the specific EMS company.

EMS companies thus, source materials, components and manufacture and assemble PCBs and the respective end-products.

Best Time To Use Seek Electronic Contract Manufacturing Services

Seeking ECM services are handy at different times, such as follows;

  1. When you have just established your business but it is still shaky since running costs are too high and you have insufficient working capital.
  2. If your products have uneven demand thus unnecessary to invest your time, money, and resources the entire year.
  3. If your company has interests in developing quality of the products choosing to work with ECM firm becomes integral
  4. When your business faces financial challenges, given that the ECM services enable you to save on time and money.

Electronic Contract Manufacturing Quote Requirements

Often, the ECM company generates quotations depending on the engineering list.

It also bases the quote on the manner it interprets the job requirements.

ECM quote is usually broken into the following phases;

  1. Representation and mechanical design
  2. PCB plan and prototyping
  3. PCB testing

Nevertheless, ECM quote generation is always effective if both parties involved prioritize accuracy from the start.

An ideal way of accelerating the quoting process in ECM entails providing all the relevant details it needs from the beginning, such as;

  • Inspection requirements
  • The preferred testing
  • Volume and release sizes
  • Inspection necessities

To prevent unnecessary hold-ups and inconveniences, it is recommended to check and confirm with your ECM partner and vice versa.

Electronic Contract Manufacturing Process

The process is quite straightforward but relatively involving.

Here are the aspects involved in ECM process;

  • Determination for a good fit – It merely entails checking all the possible elements that would make the project feasible.
  • Issuing a feature list – This involves expounding on what the product is designed for and what makes it unique.
  • Research – It forms the basis of determining the cost, volume, and component, and the ECM partner carries it out.
  • Quotation – The ECM company generates a quote of the project based on the engineering list and interpretation of the task.
  • Schematic and mechanical design- An experienced ECM company ensures the PCB layout conforms to design for manufacturability practices.
  • PCB assembling and prototype – It is the stage where the actual assembling work begins.
  • Inspection and testing – The essence is to verify that the product works as intended.

Quality Control In Electronic Manufacturing Process

Ordinarily, PCB manufacturing has the greatest quality control measures in place.

The products are often subjected to thorough testing and inspection processes to ensure they meet the required quality standards.

In other instances, ECM partners must follow regulatory steps to keep the product genuine.

The specific industry for the products being manufactured usually determines the exact level of testing.

Besides, the contractor also issues inspection documents and certificates authenticating accuracy of every facet of the product.

Thus, you can be confident that when you receive your products from the contractor, they’ll match the quality standards required.

Factors that Make A Good Electronic Contract Manufacturer

Essentially, an ideal electronic contract manufacturer complies with all the relevant industry standards.

Besides, they can deliver their promised services within the specified timeframe.

You can always screen a company to establish whether it is ISO compliant since it means it meets the minimum required standards.

Other factors, which make a contract manufacturer suitable include the following;

Equipment And Technology Advancement Level

An ideal company should have state-of-the-art equipment and use highly advanced technology in its production processes.

Essentially, this makes the manufacturing process cost-effective and highly efficient.


Ensure the company can deliver all the products you need within the specified deadlines.

The suitable way of gauging reliability is by looking at the reviews from its past interactions with other clients.

Internal Quality Control Systems

An appropriate company should have internal quality control standards that at least match international standards.

It should use a quality management system and also have the ideal measures to produce quality products.

Competent Management

The management and staff of the entity should exhibit high levels of competence in their respective areas of specialization.

It makes operations and production processes relatively seamless.

Highly Advanced Technology And Competent Skilled Workers Are Some Of The Factors To Consider When Selecting ECM

Highly Advanced Technology And Skilled Competent Workers Are Important When Choosing A Good Electronic Contract Manufacturer

Reasons Electronic Contract Manufacturing Is A Successful Business Model

Technically, ECM plays an integral role in reducing manufacturing costs and increasing overall efficiency.

Most electronic companies in the past were mandated to fulfill all the necessary manufacturing requirements for their respective components.

Often, these requirements needed significant resources, time, money, and effort.

Since electronic contracting manufacturing solutions began, electronic companies started to outsource a portion of the manufacturing task.

Thus, ECM allows you to focus on product research and development.

Some typical reasons why this business model has become successful over the years include the following;

  • It focuses on hardware manufacturing while the customer focuses on research and development and, in some instances, marketing.
  • Manufacturing capabilities of EMS manufacturers and high efficiency lead to production of better quality OEM products than if they did all the tasks on their own.
  • Other than manufacturing, ECM companies carry out research and development to optimize the hardware manufacturing process.
  • The entire ECM model is a win-win solution in the sense that OEMs get the products at reduced rates shorter turnaround times. On the other hand, EMS companies get different orders, which they develop and grow.
  • Companies offering ECM solutions procure components and materials are discounted rates since they source materials in bulk.
  • Typically, EMS companies are relatively large-scale production thus have more employees than OEMs.

How To Find A Suitable Electronic Contract Manufacturer

Getting the right ECM partner involves several considerations.

It is a process you should complete meticulously to ensure you are dealing with a suitable contractor.

Here are the important tips you can use when looking for the most appropriate electronic contracting manufacturer;

Research The Market Value

Determine the cost by comparing rates from different players in the industry.

It enables you to know a fair market value of the specific services the potential ECM partner offers.

However, you should be skeptical of the one offering extremely low charges since they could easily compromise the quality.

Avoid Being Too Hasty

Take ample time because being too hasty in your search may easily lead you in the hands of the wrong entity for the job.

Always have in mind that many manufacturing firms are interested in working with new clients.

Thus, take enough time to study different aspects of the industry to determine the best partner.

Conduct Background Checks Of The Manufacturer

Technically, working with an experienced partner in this industry is integral and beneficial.

Inexperience can make it hard for a manufacturing firm to maneuver specific obstacles only solvable by experienced entities.

Carry Out Interviews

Never be afraid of getting personal with your potential ECM partner.

Schedule interviews with their representatives and ask questions about their capabilities, then consider them if you’re satisfied.

Understand Capabilities Of The Company

Different companies have varied capabilities even in the same industry.

Thus, ensure your preferred partner can deliver on what they promise by checking specifications of their equipment.

Also, check their production capacities and many other crucial elements within the company.

Cost Of Electronic Contract Manufacturing

Ordinarily, the cost of electronic contract manufacturing should hardly exceed the production cost.

However, you should understand that cost is not necessarily the only consideration.

Companies sometimes get into ECM agreements since they don’t have adequate technical and logistical capacity to manufacture the component.

As such, cost often fluctuates based on the specific terms and conditions the contracting parties agree upon.

In a nutshell, cost should be competitive enough based on prevailing market rate.

Notably, the ECM partner has to make a profit, which is understandable since they are in business.

But the essential formula ideal for getting the idea of ECM cost is by adding production cost and profit margin.

Other equally important factors you should keep when determining this cost include; labor, cost of materials, machine maintenance costs, and overhead costs.

Important Questions To Ask Electronic Contract Manufacturer

When seeking services of an ECM company, it is imperative to understand your design requirements firmly

Once you know the manufacturing needs, it becomes easy to select a partner that best fulfills them.

Technically, choosing the proper electronic manufacturer is a fundamental step in attaining success with New Product Introduction (NPI).

Besides, selecting the right ECM partner enables you to foster your business growth.

Making a wrong choice in this aspect may trigger revenue loss and customer trust, which in the long run puts you out of business.

Thus, some of the vital questions you must always seek from your preferred electronic contract manufacturer include the following;

Manufacturing Lead Time

Product’s lead time is essential as far as its overall success is concerned.

It is an element directly linked to time-to-market, which is integral in determining the success of your business.

As such, ensure you understand your preferred EMS company’s experience in making similar PCBs to your own.

Some questions you may need to ask the company in this regard are as follows;

  • What is the average turnaround time?
  • How fast can they expedite manufacturing projects?
  • How efficient is their communication and status updates?

Notably, the partnership you foam with the ECM company should entail trust and open communication.

You should note that time-to-market is crucial, and only fostering a good relationship with ECM company guarantees it.

Quality Control

It is always important to find a EMS partner with specific quality certifications that comply with industry regulations.

Ideally, this is usually dependent on your company’s PCB demands and the specific market for your products.

Industry regulations exist since they enhance safety measures.

However, being compliant at times can be a bit challenging for companies.

Nevertheless, working with the right partner can enable manufacturing of your board to meet or exceed the required standards.

Service Level

It is also important to ask your preferred ECM partner the level or type of service they provide.

For instance, it could be providing turnkey, which is an ideal PCB assembly solution for companies with relatively complex design projects.

It enables such projects to attain faster turnarounds times without compromising the overall quality.

Design For Manufacturing (DFM)

The primary goal of a PCB designer is to focus on design precision and functionality.

Even so, irrespective of the designs quality, it needs to be scalable and able to be manufactured.

Thus, when your company meets with a preferred EMS partner, it is vital to inquire about the design for manufacturing (DFM).

DFM is a fundamental element that determines success of your electrical products.

It allows the EMS company to approve if the electronic parts in your design compel special handling.

Acceptance Quality Level (AQL)

It is inadequate to produce a tangible product if its quality is undesirable, especially in PCB.

Thus, it is necessary to ask your potential EMS partner to read the specific quality standards and the specific PCB yield rate.

 Design For Manufacturing Is Vital In The Production Of Electronic products

Design For Manufacturing is Vital In The Production Of Electronic Products

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