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20 Oz Copper PCB

Venture is a leading provider of extreme copper PCBs to the electronics PCB manufacturing industry. We specialize in heavy copper PCB and multi-layer PCBs up to 20 Oz of copper, which are ideal for high power, high current applications. Our services include design assistance for all aspects of your PCB needs, from engineering, materials selection, and prototyping through production and delivery.

20 Oz Copper PCB Applications

With 20 Oz copper PCBs, we can provide the necessary current capacity in a cost-effective manner.

Compared to 4 oz copper PCBs and 10 oz copper PCBs, 20 oz copper PCBs offer higher current capacity and are ideal for uninterruptible power supply systems.

Heavy copper PCBs are well suited for solar power converter applications, providing the required current and voltage-carrying capacity.

20 oz copper PCBs are the ideal choice for nuclear power applications, providing superior heat dissipation and high current capacity.

Venture Electronics

Your Best 20 Oz Copper PCB Manufacturer

Venture Electronics provides top-rated 20 Oz copper PCBs for your most demanding applications. Our experienced team of engineers and production staff is dedicated to providing the highest quality products backed by comprehensive testing and support services. With our in-house manufacturing capabilities, we can quickly fulfill any custom requirements you may have while still meeting or exceeding industry standards.

Why Choose Venture 20 Oz Copper PCB

We take quality seriously, and all our 20 oz copper PCBs are ISO 9001:2015 certified. Our rigorous testing procedures ensure that we can provide superior products every time. Additionally, we offer competitive pricing and on-time delivery to keep your project running smoothly and on schedule.

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