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What is a Quick Turn PCB?

A quick turn PCB make sure a customer has their printed circuit board faster than ever before.

A quick turn PCB can:

Reduce delays – This make sure the customer does not have to wait quite as long for their desired PCB. Reduce manufacturing times – Manufacturing can traditionally take a lot of time. However, the process is decreased.

Quick Turn PCB
Quick-Turn for Printed Circuit Boards

What is Considered a Quick-Turn for Printed Circuit Boards?

Every quick-turn PCB demands is different in terms of technology, delivery requirements, and volume of parts needed.
If you need a small quantity of 2-layer PCBs there are many Internet-based companies that could get you these parts very quickly and very inexpensively.

However, here at,we focus on more complex PCBs that makere 100% absolute quality and consistency throughout the full life of the development and into production

Production Quick-Turn PCBs

We usually see customers need higher volume quick-turns for emergency orders from customers or when a supplier can’t deliver.
This has become more common recently given the current difficulty in transportation of products from Asian countries. However, if you select the right PCB fabrication partner, this will not be a problem.

Your Best Quickturn PCB Partner

Quickturn PCB

We are a well-known quickturn PCB design supplier in China for over 10 years of proficiency. We provide our valued clients the very leading goods at the lowest pricing. Venture can also provide other design that is relevant to quickturn PCB like:

  • High-Tech Quickturn PCB
  • Copper Block High-Tech Quickturn PCB
  • Four Layer Quickturn PCB
  • Prototype Double-Sided Quickturn PCB
  • Six Layer Quickturn PCB
  • Multilayer Quickturn PCB

Your Leading Quickturn PCB Supplier in China

Venture quickturn PCB is manufactured for different circuit board use. We are a professional quickturn PCB manufacturer in China for over 10 years. Venture quickturn PCB has excellent performance and sturdiness. It includes perspectives like suitable interconnection of wiring and elements, reduced method of range, and decreased weight.

Quickturn PCB

Venture has a preeminent quickturn PCB supplying design variety, we can gather hundreds of quickturn PCB every day with our electronic production line, so you will regularly have enough quickturn PCB even in peak days. We have various sets of quickturn PCB production lines. Whether you are in the request of a quickturn PCB design supplier, merchandiser, a customized quickturn PCB design company, Venture is always your most trustworthy selection because we can steadily build your requirements.

Quickturn PCB

We acknowledge our customers to the very outstanding products at the most friendly price. We will allow you the one-stop solution for all your quickturn PCB demand. Any kind of quickturn PCB, contact Venture, we will present you the most surpassing quickturn PCB design explication, orders or no orders, we’re always happy to support your business.

Quickturn PCB

Venture support maximum power over the type and the ability to produce and offer design to customers’ specs. We can help you to create your product and have the knowledge of speedy manufacture for your evaluation. Our commodities undergo excellent well-defined quality control to feature your request.

Quickturn PCB

Venture is the independent supplier design that furnishes lots of related options such as quickturn PCB. We will assist you to personalize your quickturn PCB orders. Venture has a lots of experience in selling fabrication, we also render an online services site for your online sourcing. So you can buy and modernize your PCB products and supplies. Because Venture supports every consumer up to date with our new product trends in this fast-moving PCB design market.

If you are in want of a quickturn PCB feel free to communicate us for help.

What are Quick Turn PCBs?

Quick turn PCBs make sure the customer gets their printed circuit board faster.

A quick turn PCB can reduce delays by ensuring that the customer does not wait for long to get their preferred PCB.

In addition, it can significantly reduce manufacturing times by the assembly process.

Traditionally, manufacturing takes long periods of time but a quick turn PCB decreases the process.

What Are The Distinct Features Of Quick Turn PCBs?

Quick turn PCB

Quick turn PCB

Some of the distinct feature of quick turn PCBs include:

They have a short turnaround period- just as the name suggests, quick turn PCBs can be made quickly.

In some cases, you can have your PCB in just 24 hours.

Prototype- with quick turn PCBs, manufacturers quickly build a ‘sample’ board with regular materials. The essence is to let the customer design if their design is worth the full production.

Quick turn PCB prototypes are also ideal for detecting any error and flaws and improve on them.

How Much Do Quick Turn PCBs Cost?

The prices for quick turn PCBs are different depending on a number of factors.

Factors will that influence the overall cost of quick turn PCBs include:

  • Number of layers- circuit boards can have a single or multiple layers. More layers translate to more complexity and more manufacturing time.

It is obvious that the more layer a quick turn PCB has, the more expensive it is.

  • Quick turn PCB assembly type- there are several quick turn PCB technologies.

The most common are surface mount (SMT) and through- hole assembly (THA).

In some instances, manufacturers use both THA and SMT.

Different assembling technologies have different prices.

  • Component placement-this can majorly affect the prices of quick turn PCB.

Manufacturers price quick turn PCBs according to their component placement.

For instance, the prices of top layer and double-sided assemblies differ.

  • Machine power and cost of labor- assembling and manufacturing quick turn PCB needs skilled personnel.

The more professionals the project requires, the higher the cost is likely to be. Different circuit boards have machinery specially designed for them.

This might influence the overall cost.

  • Turnaround time- faster deliveries often translate to higher prices.

This is because manufacturers have technicians working round the clock to ensure they fulfil all the orders on time.

  • Packaging and shipping- the price differs for every packing and delivery option.

Courier companies will quote different shipping rates for each quick turn PCB.

What Is Quick Turn PCB Fabrication?

Quick turn PCB fabrication is the construction of a circuit board within a short turnaround time.

This process starts with the fabrication of the board and ends with the assembly.

Most manufacturers use hot air solder level as the standard finish for quick turn PCB fabrication. Other alternatives include:

  • Immersion gold
  • Silver
  • Carbon
  • Organic
  • Hard gold
  • Electroless Tin Lead, etc.

The steps of quick turn fabrication are as follows:

  1. PCB Material selection– the most common materials for quick turn PCBs are Polyimide (PI) and FR-4. Manufacturers use these materials for the quick turn flex PCBs and quick turn rigid PCBs.

For quick turn rigid flex PCBs, PI is used for the flexible part and FR-4 or rigid parts.

  1. Drilling- while some manufacturers do the drilling at the start, others do it after etching.

The drilling is done depending on the requirement. Drilling is an automated process that is carried out according to the Gerber file.

Afterwards, the manufacturer cleans the board thoroughly through various chemical processes.

  1. Copper plating- the manufacturer plate the copper according to the customer’s requirements. Quick turn PCBs require a certain thickness of copper plating which acts as the conductive layer.
  2. Circuit pattern- generating a circuit pattern involves exposing the board to UV light.

Before the exposure, you should apply a photo-resistive film.

When you expose the board to UV light, it forms a pattern.

  1. Etching- the etching process involves removing copper from the unwanted areas of the board leaving the copper on desired parts only.

Quick turn PCBs are quite delicate and you should use the alkaline solution carefully.

You either dip the board in to the etching solution or spray it on top.

  1. Inspection- manufacturers then inspect the board to detect any errors on the surface of the PCB.

There are various inspection techniques including the Automated Optical Inspection (AOI). AOI detects open circuits, solder bridges, excessive solder, etc.

  1. Solder mask, surface finishing, silk screen-applying the solder mask to the board prevents the shortage and creation of solder bridges.

Silk screen is the labeling of components and symbols using different color inks.

  1. Applying a surface finish to the board prevents oxidation of the copper.

There are tons of surface finishes to choose from.

  1. Testing –the last step is testing and cleaning. Manufacturers carry out tests to find any errors on the board.

What Are The Various Types Of Quick Turn PCB Fabrication?

PCB Fabrication process

PCB Fabrication process

. There are various types of quick turn fabrication including:

  • Quick turn flex PCB fab- this fabrication process involves using flexible material such as Polyimide (PI).
  • Quick turn multilayer PCB fab- a quick turn multilayer PCB is basically a circuit board with more than two layers.
  • Quick turn rigid PCB fab- the fabrication for quick turn rigid PCBs involves rigid materials such as FR-4.
  • Quick turn rigid-flex fabrication- this involves combining both rigid flexible circuit boards.

The process of fabricating quick turn PCBs is almost the same as rigid PCBs. It involves the following steps:

What Are The Quick Turn PCB Fabrication Capabilities?

Majority of high quality quick turn PCBs have the following manufacturing capabilities:

  • Multilayer with up to 24 layers.
  • Minimum trace width of 4 thou.
  • Minimum track width to feature spacing- 4 thou
  • Material thickness ranging from 0.35-6.4mm.
  • Copper thickness of up to 6 Oz Cu.
  • 560mm* 420mm maximum circuit board size.
  • Standard surface finish of hot air solder level, etc.

What Is The Quick Turn PCB Fabrication Lead Time?

Lead time is the time taken from the time your order is confirmed to the shipping time.

You can calculate the lead time of quick turn PCB fabrication from the time all the preparations of PCB preparations are complete.

PCB fabrication and assembly can take anywhere between 3 to 5 days. Sometimes this can be longer in case of delays or the complexity of the PCB.

In that case lead time could be up to 14 business time.

PCB Manufacturing process

PCB manufacturing process

What Is The Quick Turn Assembly Process?

Quick turn PCB assembly is all about reducing production delays.

This is to ensure that customers receive their PCBs in the shortest turnaround time.

Quick turn PCB assembly is ideal circuits such as, basic, complex and fully assembled ones.

Benefits of quick turn assembly include:

  • Time saving- quick turn PCB assembly reduces production times significantly.
  • Cost saving- quick turn PCB assembling sees to it that production times are significantly reduced. This in turn reduces the cost of each PCB. You should seek out a reliable PCB assembler that is favorably priced.

What Are The Different Quick Turn PCB Assembly Types?

During the assembly process, manufacturers can use the following technologies:

  • Surface mount assembly (SMT) – this technique involves mounting electrical components directly on the board stack up.

Then the manufacturer fastens using soldering materials.

  • Through-hole Assembly (- with this technology, engineers simply mount and solder through-hole components on to empty circuit boards.
  • Mixed assembly- with this technique the quick turn PCB manufacturer combines both the SMT and THA technologies.

What Are The Applications Of Quick Turn PCBs?

Quick turn PCBs are can be found in the following industries and applications:

 Quick turn PCB

Quick Turn PCB

  • Telecommunication- quick turn PCBs can be found in telecommunication devices such as: laptops, radios, computers, etc.
  • Auto- you can find these PCBs in automotive applications such as in car parts.
  • Aerospace- quick turn PCBs can be found in the aerospace industry. For instance, these PCBs can be found in jet engines.
  • Defense and military- for instance in missiles and other defense equipment.
  • Down hole drilling- quick turn PCBs can be found in down hole drilling devices.
  • Medical- you can find quick turn PCBs in certain medical equipment.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Quick Turn PCB?

  • Cost-effective- quick turn PCBs help reduce manufacturing timeframes and procedures. This in turn leads to decreased production costs.

Cost effectiveness is one of the major reason why manufacturers are embracing quick turn PCBs.

  • Quick turnaround time- as their name suggests, quick turn PCBs are faster and take manufacturers the least time frames than conventional methods.

This is regardless of the complexity of the board. Quick turnaround time prevents customers from unnecessary delays.

  • Variety to choose from- there is a wide range of quick turn circuit boards. Manufacturers are able to cater for every customer’s need and specification.
  • They avoid rework and component replacement through the making of PCB prototype before the manufacturing process.

This is because prototype help detects flaws and production defects on the board.

As a result, it ensures manufacturers do not repeat them in the main production.

Are There Any Limitations Of Quick Turn PCB?

The main downside to PCB is that they can be extremely expensive.

This is because quick turn PCBs are need faster production.

The turnaround time for quick turn PCBs can be as little as 24 hours. This means there are engineers and technicians working round the clock.

They also require modern technologies and equipment for quality results. Quick turn PCBs require a couple of quality certifications and standards.

This factors can cause the price of quick turn PCBs to be high.

What Are The Factors To Consider When Choosing A Quick Turn PCB Manufacturer?

  • Experience- for best results, it is best to choose a manufacturer with lots of experience and a proven track record in the PCB field.

Satisfied customer reviews are proof that you are dealing with a genuine and experienced manufacturer.

  • Speed-different manufacturers have different turnaround times. Ensure the manufacturer’s timelines actually align with your requirements.

I some cases you should expect pay more for short lead times.

  • Quality- as much as quick turn fabrication aims to be faster and avoid delays, this should however not compromise the quality.

Ensure you work with a manufacturing partner who offers both top notch quality and short lead times.

On top of that, their work should conform to the international standards and guidelines; and have the necessary certification.

  • Cost- the manufacturing cost is another factor to consider.

It is with no doubt that you will find quick turn PCBs to fit any budget. Quick turn PCBs range from the most affordable to pricy complex ones.

However, it is advisable that you do not go for the really cheap options. ‘You get what you pay for’ applies to PCB manufacturing as well.

  • Equipment- the best manufacturers have the latest technologies and state of the art equipment. This ensures that they produce high quality circuit boards and also meet customer requirements in good time.
  • Board customization- ensure you are familiar with the customization offers that the manufacturers have.

This will help you determine if they are suitable for your quick turn PCB requirements.

Can You Order Customized Quick Turn PCB?

It is certain that different circuit boards have different requirements.

Users and customers can be able to get a customized quick turn PCB according to their needs and specifications.

It is best to check with your manufacturer. Find out what customization offers and policies that they have and if it is possible for them to produce your specific order.

Better yet most manufacturers provide prototypes.

Customized quickturn PCB

Customized quick turn PCB

They design board prototypes very quickly and ship them to you.

The idea is for you to decide whether or not you want to continue with full production of your design.

It is a good way to alert the manufacturer of any defects or flaws within the PCB.

What Certification And Quality Standards Should Quick Turn PCBs Have?

Quick turn PCBs should have the following certification as well quality standards:

  • ISO 9001-This ISO certification ensure quick-turn PCB manufacturers follow international quality assurance guidelines.
  • AS 9001 – this assures that quick turn PCBs conform to the aerospace PCB quality standards.
  • Military – quick turn PCBs need to be up to the MIL-PRF 1-4, 50884 and 55110.
  • J-STD-001 ES – Quick turn PCBs have to be up to the quality standards for medical, aerospace and military.
  • UL (Underwriter Laboratories) – quick turn PCB need to be up to UL’s quality standards.
  • ITAR, ROHS among others.

For all your PCB fabrication needs and requirements, contact Venture now.

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