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About Pyralux tk Laminate

DuPont Pyralux TK features a layered dielectric, comprising a core ply of Kapton® covered on both sides with a low lamination temperature fluoropolymer.

This bond ply can be used to encapsulate etched details for environmental protection and electrical insulation. Using bond ply can eliminate a layer of Kapton® dielectric and a layer of adhesive in low layer count multilayer constructions.

Pyralux® TK can address your highest performance flex and rigid-flex applications where dielectric constant must fall below 3.0.


Storage conditions for Pyralux tk laminates

DuPont Pyralux TK should be stored in original packaging at temperatures of 4 – 29 °C (40 – 85 °F) and below 70% relative humidity.

The product should not be refrigerated or frozen and should be kept dry, clean, and well-protected. Venture strictly adheres to the above handling and storage conditions.

Are Dupont Pyralux tk laminates traceable?

DuPont Pyralux tk is manufactured under a certified ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System facility.

Complete material and manufacturing records, which include archive samples of finished product, are maintained by DuPont. Each manufactured lot is identified for reference traceability.

The packaging label serves as the primary tracking mechanism in the event of customer inquiry and includes the product name, batch number, size, and quantity.


Pyralux tk description

Venture is a professional manufacturer of Pyralux tk in China for more than 10 years. Our Pyralux tk is made from Teflon thicknesses and Kapton core. Our Pyralux tk is available in three clad ply thicknesses. With that, rest assured that your Pyralux tk is manufactured with the highest quality. Because of that, Venture Pyralux tk is applicable in the following applications:

  • speed flex applications
  • stripline and multilayer controlled impedance constructions

Your Leading Pyralux tk Supplier in China

Venture manufactures Pyralux tk which is a flexible circuit material. It is also a flexible bonding film system and a copper-clad laminate. Our Pyralux tk is specifically formulated for applications including high-frequecy flexible and high-speed digital circuits.

We produced high-quality Pyralux tk with 2.3 up to 2.5 dielectric constants. It is also designed with 0.0015 up to 0.002 low loss.

The clad dielectric of our Pyralux tk is a layered proprietary composite of Kapton and Teflon films. Our Pyralux tk is available in 36, 12, and 18 copper foil.

Aside from that, the bonding film of our Pyralux tk is also a layered dielectric constructed from Kapton and Teflon films. It is processed at a lower lamination temperature than the clad.

Pyralux tk article

Some of our Pyralux tk key property advantages include:

  • low dielectric constant
  • thin- 50, 75, and 100 microns
  • low loss tangent
  • better flexibility
  • low moisture absorption
  • tight thickness tolerance

Venture has a Pyralux tk supplying design capacity, we can fabricate hundreds of Pyralux tk every day with our automated production line, so you will always have enough Pyralux tk even in peak days.

Whether you are a distributor, retailer, or fabricator needing top-quality Pyralux tk, Venture is always your most reliable choice! We can always provide your Pyralux tk requirements.

We offer our valued customers great products at the most affordable pricing, flexible payment terms, and the best delivery option without MOQ.

We will give you the one-stop solution for all your Pyralux tk demands. Any type of Pyralux tk, contact Venture, we will provide you the best Pyralux tk design solution.

Send inquiries for your next Pyralux tk orders!

Pyralux TK Laminates: The Ultimate FAQ Guide


If you have any questions about Pyralux TK laminates, you will find the answer right here.

That’s why this guide explores all the fundamental aspects about these Dupont PCB laminates materials.

Whether you want to learn about dimension stability, applications, or properties – you will find all information in this guide.

Keep reading to learn more.

What are Pyralux TK Laminates?

Polyimide Flexible Pyralux TK laminate

Polyimide Flexible Pyralux TK laminate

Pyralux TK is a double-sided polyimide or fluoropolymer copper clad laminate that you will use in high-speed applications.

It also has bondply laminates or bonds that increases the bonding strength thus necessary for high-frequency applications.

How Does the Pyralux TK Laminate Compare to the Pyralux FR Laminates?

Pyralux FR and Pyralux TK laminates are both suitable for lamination of different types of printed circuit boards.

You will also use similar materials including copper and polyimide in the manufacturing process of both types of laminates.

Apart from that, they share quite a number of similarities in terms of electrical, physical and chemical properties.

Despite the above similarities, you will also note that Pyralux FR and Pyralux TK have a couple of differences.

Pyralux TK laminates are double sided while Pyralux FR can either be single sided or double sided.

Apart from that, you will use Pyralux TK on high speed and high frequency applications.

On the other hand, Pyralux FR are most suitable for flexible printed circuit boards in harsh environments.

Implying that Pyralux FR laminates are quite flexible and can withstand external mechanical and physical forces.

How Much Does the Pyralux TK Laminate Cost?

Your expenditure in purchasing Pyralux TK laminates will range between 1 and 25 US dollars per kilogram.

There is a huge price variation considering that you might want to have different types, sizes, and quality of laminates.

High quality Pyralux TK laminates will definitely force you to pay more than the price of low quality Pyralux TK laminates.

Apart from the quality factor, you will also pay a lot more for different sizes or dimensions of Pyralux TK laminates.

Here, you will look at the different sizes in terms of thickness, where thicker Pyralux TK laminates cost more.

What are the Applications of Pyralux TK Laminates?

You can apply the Pyralux TK laminates on different types of printed circuit boards.

Well, these circuit boards will help in promoting proper performance on different types of applications.

You will use the Pyralux TK laminates in applications of very high frequency and high speed.

Here are some of the applications where Pyralux TK laminates come in handy.

  • Automotive Industry
  • Space Exploration
  • Medical Industry
  • Assembly and Robotics Industry
  • Electronics Industry
  • Gas and Oil Drilling Industry
  • Water Treatment Industry

Which Features Define the Pyralux TK Copper Clad Laminates?

You have to be very specific whenever you decide to settle down on purchasing Pyralux TK copper clad laminates.

To increase precision, you will have to know the main features of Pyralux TK thus avoiding unwanted confusion.

Here are the main features of Pyralux TK laminates that you should pay close attention to.

Quality Certifications

You can identify Pyralux TK laminates through the quality certificates which include IPC 4203A/13 quality certificates.

Apart from that, there are other numerous quality certificates that are unique to Pyralux TK that you should consider.

Varying Dielectric Thickness

You will also note that the Pyralux TK laminates have different dielectric thicknesses such as 2, 3 and 4 mils.

Implying that the performance of Pyralux TK laminate is also as diverse as the dielectric thickness.

Varying Copper Thickness

You also have the freedom of choosing the most suitable copper thickness which is available in 12, 18 and 35 microns.

In addition to that, you can also opt for custom copper thickness according to the demands of your applications.

Dupont Pyralux TK Laminate

Dupont Pyralux TK Laminate

Different Material Types

Apart from that, there are different types of materials that you can use in manufacturing of the Pyralux TK laminates.

For instance, you can opt for one of the grades of copper which could either be RA type or the ED type of copper.

What is Dupont Pyralux TK Bondply Composite Laminates?

Dupont Pyralux TK bondply laminates are materials that you can use in encapsulation of two etched details.

It helps in the protection of the environment and also in the insulation of different electric appliances.

You can construct the Dupont Pyralux TK bondply by using polyimide films on both ends and fluoropolymer adhesives.

How Do You Identify the Dupont Pyralux TK Bondply Composite Laminates?

You can identify the Dupont Pyralux TK bondply composite laminates by looking at the main features.

Here are the main features of Dupont Pyralux TK bondply laminates that you should pay close attention to.

Ease of Registration

Dupont Pyralux TK laminates do not have tacks thus making the process of registration very simple.

Encapsulation Ability

You can also identify the Dupont Pyralux TK bondply through the perfect encapsulation abilities.

Varying Dimensions

You have the freedom of choosing the most convenient dimension that will suit your application specifications.

For instance, you can get Pyralux TK bondply in various thickness such as 3 mils, 4 mils, and 5.5 mils.

Quality Certifications

You can check on the quality of the Pyralux TK bondply by looking at quality certificates such as IPC 4203A/5.

Which Parameters are Involved in the Processing of Pyralux TK Laminates?

You should understand that Pyralux TK laminates has the ability of shrinking more than the others after etching, lamination and baking.

In reference to that, you must be very careful when drilling the fluoropolymers as it resembles the PTFE materials.

Apart from that, you have to maintain certain temperatures and pressure over a certain period of time.

Here are the main parameters that you should pay close attention to during lamination process of Pyralux TK PCB laminate.

High Temperature

You should maintain a high lamination temperature ranging between 280 and 290 degrees centigrade.

High Pressure

In addition to temperature, you must also ensure that the lamination pressure ranges between 240 and 260 psi.

Processing Time

Your lamination processing time should also last between 1 and 2 hours thus producing the best laminates.

What is the Peel Strength of the Dupont Pyralux TK Laminates?

Peel strength is the force that you will apply on the Dupont Pyralux TK laminates to separate them from the substrates.

Rigid-Flex Pyralux TK Laminate

Rigid-Flex Pyralux TK Laminate

You will look at the peel strength of Pyralux TK laminates in three different modes including:

  • As received, which is 1.2 N/mm or 7.0 lb./in
  • After Soldering Process which is 1.2 N/mm or 7.0 lb./in
  • After HAST which is 0.2 N/mm or 7.0 lb./in

You can test the peel strength of the Pyralux TK laminates using the IPC-TM-650 2.4.9 test methods.

What is the Dimensional Stability of the Pyralux TK Laminates?

Dimensional stability is the change that will occur on your Pyralux TK laminates upon exposure to different temperatures.

This type of PCB laminate boasts of having one of the most dimensionally stable properties.

It reacts uniformly to changes in temperatures and will not affect the normal operations of the appliances.

You will look at the dimensional stability of the Pyralux TK laminates under the following circumstances.

  • After Etching which is plus or minus 0.05 or 0.07 percent
  • After Thermal Exposure which is plus or minus 0.07 or 0.13%

The best test method that you can use in this case is IPC-TM-650 2.2.4.

What is the Moisture Absorption Rate of Pyralux TK Laminates?

Pyralux TK laminates is one of the best laminates that you can use in moisture laden applications.

It is the best type of laminate in such scenarios because of the low rate of moisture absorption.

Under the test method of IPC-TM-650 2.6.2, you will realize that Pyralux TK laminates has moisture absorption rate of 0.6%.

What is the Significance of the Pyralux TK Laminates Decomposition Temperature?

Decomposition temperature is the temperature where your Pyralux TK laminates will chemically decompose.

You will use the information on decomposition temperature to understand the limits of decomposition on the Pyralux TK laminates.

Pyralux TK laminates have a decomposition temperature of 531 degrees centigrade at 2% and 548 degrees centigrade at 5%.

You can test the decomposition temperature of Pyralux TK laminates using TMA method of the Dupont method.

How Do You Read the Product Key of the Dupont Pyralux TK Laminates?

One of the most convenient ways that you can identify Pyralux TK laminates is through the product key.

The product key has particular information or details which your manufacturer will easily identify.

For instance, you can have a product cod key of Pyralux TK 25 25 25.

Here are the key details that the product code key of Pyralux TK 25 25 25 laminates hold.

  • Name of the Product is Pyralux TK
  • Thickness of the fluoropolymer layer is 25
  • Thickness of the Kapton polyimide materials is 25
  • Thickness of the second fluoropolymer layer is 25

With this information, your manufacturer will be able to identify the type of Pyralux TK laminate.

Apart from that, it will be simpler to trace and identify the Pyralux TL laminate you have in your possession.

What Does the Dupont Safe Handling Guide Entail on Handling Dupont Pyralux TK Laminates?

As soon as you receive your Dupont Pyralux TK laminates, you must read the handling manual. Reading the manual provides you with the information on how to handle Pyralux TK laminates.

In the Pyralux TK Laminate Handling Manual, you will note that you need to wear protective clothing and gloves on your hands.

This will limit exposure of the harmful reagents on the Pyralux TK from affecting your skin.

Apart from that, it will protect you from getting unnecessary cuts on your hands from the sharp edges.

It is also important to wash your hands with soap and water after handling the Dupont Pyralux TK laminates.

What are the Available Sizes of the Dupont Pyralux TK Laminates?

Pyralux TK laminates are available for you to choose in sheet form and in standardized sizes.

The most common sizes of Pyralux TK laminates that you can opt for are:

  • 610 x 914mm
  • 610 x 457mm
  • 305 x 457mm

Apart from that, you also have the freedom of choosing the most suitable custom size for your applications.

Which Types of Copper Foils Do You Use in Manufacturing Dupont Pyralux TK Laminates?

Well, copper is one of the most important materials that you will use in the manufacturing of Pyralux TK laminates.

You should consider using copper because of the good electric and heat conduction capabilities.

There are different types of copper that you can use in the manufacturing process of Pyralux TK laminates.

Here are the two main types of copper that you can use in processing of Dupont Pyralux TK laminates.

  • Single-treat Annealed-wrought (RA) copper foil
  • Electro-deposited (ED) copper foil

What is the Difference Between the Dupont Pyralux TK Laminates and Rigid Teflon Products?

Well, the main difference that you will note in Dupont Pyralux TK and rigid Teflon products is the application.

You will use the Dupont Pyralux TK laminates in high frequency and high-speed applications.

On the other hand, you cannot use the rigid Teflon products in high frequency and high-speed applications.

Apart from that, the construction materials and details on both Pyralux TK laminates and rigid Teflon products vary considerably.

Obviously, you ought to understand that the dimensions on both products also vary accordingly.

What is the Reason Behind Signal Loss on the Thin Dupont Pyralux TK Laminates?

The main reason behind signal loss in this context is the thickness of the Dupont Pyralux TK laminates.

You will note that the thicker Dupont Pyralux TK laminates do not exhibit high rates of signal loss.

On the other hand, thin Dupont Pyralux TK laminates exhibit a very high rate of signal loss.

The factor that underline high rates of signal loss on the thinner Pyralux TK laminates is high rate of resistance.

Thinner Dupont Pyralux TK laminates have narrow lines which help in achieving impedance thus resulting in more resistance.

The higher the resistance on the Dupont Pyralux TK laminates, the greater the chances of signal losses.

Can You Use Dupont Pyralux TK Laminates on Flexible and Rigid Flex Printed Circuit Boards?

Yes, you can use Dupont Pyralux TK laminates on both flexible and rigid flex printed circuit boards.

Flexible Pyralux TK Laminate

Flexible Pyralux TK Laminate

In fact, it is the most suitable laminate that you can use in lamination of all types of printed circuit boards.

In other words, you will use it in lamination of rigid PCBs, rigid flex PCBs, as well as flexible printed circuit boards.

At Venture Electronics, we will help you choose the best PCB material.

For any questions or inquiry about Pyralux TK laminates, contact Venture Electronics now.

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