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Excellent PCB Prototype Services in China by Venture


pcb prototype service china

Venture is a trusted PCB prototype service provider in China. We guarantee you world-class quality products and services. Venture also offers the most competitive PCB prototype services in the world. Moreover, we have in-house PCB prototype services and fabrication so you can assure authentic products.

Venture is an expert when it comes to giving customers with the best assembly turnkey services and PCB fabrication. We offer easy deliverable, affordable, reliable, and fast services to international customers. Venture offers one-stop solution for your PCB Prototype with on-time and quality services.

  • Through hole and SMT assembly
  • PCBA online quote
  • PCBA wave solder; and more

The Best PCB Prototype Services in China

pcb prototype service china

In order to know if your PCBs are suitable for mass production or not, PCB prototype is needed. Whether you have changes in design or any alterations, you need PCB prototype for testing purposes. A PCB prototype is fabricated specifically for testing your design if it is line with your requirements. PCB prototype is essential before starting mass production.

PCB prototyping has a lot of advantages for your business or your projects. The following are some benefits of PCB prototyping:

  • Error detection. With Venture PCB prototype services, errors can be easily spotted on your design so you can easily make some modifications.
  • Money and Time Saving. Venture offers fast and affordable prototype PCB prototype services.
  • Improvement in Design. With Venture PCB prototype services, we can help you improve your PCB designs for the best results.
  • Error-free final products
  • Ready for bulk production

pcb prototype service china

Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable PCB prototype services in China, you can always lean on Venture! Venture is dedicated to providing customers with convenient and fast PCB prototype assembly services.

At Venture, we offer PCB prototyping services for PCB types requirements such as rigid PCB, flexible PCB, rigid-flex PCB, and HDI PCB. We also provide PCB prototype services for high TG PCB, Aluminum PCB, LED PCB, and more.

Aside from that, Venture also offers you 8 layer, 6 layer, 4 layer, 2 layer, and single-sided PCB prototype services. All services are offered at an affordable and reasonable rate. We have an efficient turnkey service so we can quickly provide you prototypes in few days. Just send us your BOM list, Gerber file, and quantities to build to get your PCB prototype services quote.

pcb prototype service china

Venture is also equipped with advanced technology and state-of-the-art facility. We always adhere to safety standards and strict quality control. Venture is surely your trusted provider of PCBA prototyping services in China!

Inquire now to get your PCB prototype services!

PCB Prototype Service China: The Ultimate FAQs Guide

Most PCB Prototype Service China offer partial Turn-key and full Turn-Key PCB assembly services. They concentrate on both flexible PCB prototyping and rigid PCB prototyping.

PCB prototype service China quality driven operation makes sure that your final PCB product is of the topmost quality.

Can PCB Prototype Service China Fabricate All Types Of PCB?

PCB Prototype Assembly Service China

PCB Prototype Assembly Service China

Yes, PCB prototype service China can manufacture all types of printed circuit boards including:

  • Ordinary Rigid FR4 PCB
  • Flexible PCB
  • Rigid-Flex PCB
  • Metal Core PCB
  • RF/Microwave PCB (Taconic PCB, Rogers PCB, Arlon PCB, Teflon PCB etc.)
  • HDI PCB (2+N+2, 1+N+1)
  • Multilayer PCB

Why Should You Choose PCB Prototype Service China?

Here are some of the benefits of working with PCB prototype service China for your printed circuit board projects:

  • Excellent Quality

The PCB manufacturer China employ high-end automated precision manufacturing machine and intelligent management system for PCB prototyping operation.

These, in addition to observing international quality standards, ensure you get reliable products.

  • Quick Delivery

You will be guaranteed of quick lead time when you opt for PCB prototype service China, with 24 hours client support.

  • Technology

PCB prototyping service in china apply modern PCB fabrication techniques to enhance quality and efficiency of production.

They use the latest automatic lines to manage thru-hole, SMT and high-mix technology.

With highly experienced programmers, engineers, and soldering and SMT technicians, PCB prototype service China guarantee quality within the shortest turnaround time possible.

  • 24 Hour Support

China PCB prototype service offers professional technology and warranty support round the clock.

What Are The Assembly Capabilities Of PCB Prototype Service China?

Most China PCB prototyping service providers can fabricate circuit boards applying these assembly techniques:

SMT PCB Prototype Assembly

SMT PCB Prototype Assembly

Does PCB Prototype Service China Help In Parts Management?

Yes, most PCB manufacturers have well-established, efficient parts sourcing system for affordable PCB prototype assembly.

They have dedicated team that handles the procurement and management of your PCB components.

Why Should You Choose Turnkey PCB Prototype Service China?

Turnkey PCB prototype assembly implies that the manufacturer will manage all the PCB project aspects.

These comprise of the procurement of components and fabrication of the PCB prototype.

Turnkey PCB prototype utilizes internet cloud-based software, which helps in quick, efficient and cost-effective PCB prototyping for small businesses.

Basically, turnkey solution gives you the freedom to concentrate on the PCB design while the supplier manages the remaining PCB operations.

For that matter, here are some of the benefits of choosing turnkey PCB prototyping service china:

Easy Management

With turnkey PCB prototype service China, you are required to manage only one supplier. This saves you from the frustrations of miscommunications and delays with different vendors, in case you did the outsourcing yourself.

Typically, when working with turnkey PCB manufacturer, you will have one point of contact. This implies that you will have only one quote and any modifications necessary can be implemented seamlessly.

PCB prototyping can usually be a slow and costly operation. Therefore, having to coordinate between several suppliers can at times be challenging.

High- Or Low-Volume Assembly

Full turnkey PCB prototype manufacturers give the versatility of amalgamating several small PCB orders into a single large order. After perfecting the PCB design, the manufacturer is able to fabricate as many PCB amount as you require.

With the help of the cloud-based PCB software, the manufacturer can handle orders of different sizes to ensure your convenience.

Multiple Services

Most PCB manufacturers that provide turnkey PCB assembly services can equally provide extra services that might be convenient to you.

PCB Prototype Service China can normally offer more than only fabrication and assembly.

They can provide shipping and inventory services as well.

This implies that you are capable of shipping in PCB materials, checking your inventory and developing PCB prototype.

Which Is The Best Option Between Full Turnkey Vs. Partial Turnkey PCB Prototype Service China?

There are two types of Turnkey PCB Prototype Service China:

Partial Turnkey PCB Prototyping Service

In partial turnkey PCB prototype service, you only outsource part of the circuit board prototyping process.

You retain responsibility for some part of the PCB prototyping process, which can be involvement in parts sourcing or assembly.

Typically, partial turnkey PCB assembly service will leave you the responsibility of procurement, sorting and delivery of PCB components to the manufacturer.

If you have most the required PCB parts ready, this model can fasten the PCB manufacturing operation and cut cost.

Full Turnkey PCB Prototyping Service

Nevertheless, full turnkey PCB prototype service china is the most ideal option when you:

  1. Do not have the PCB components ready
  2. Are not certain where to purchase the right components
  • Are not sure of the most suitable parts for your PCB design

Full turnkey PCB prototype assembly delegates all the responsibilities to your chosen PCB manufacturer.

They will source the PCB components and manufacture the PCB prototype as per your specifications.

All you need to provide for seamless circuit board fabrication include:

  • PCB Schematic
  • Gerber Files
  • Bill of Materials
  • PCB Specifications
  • Packaging and shipping details

Normally, full turnkey PCB assembly requires more investment in comparison to partial turnkey circuit board assembly.

However, it greatly exposures you to the process of PCB prototype manufacturing, specifically when you are fresh to dealing with printed circuit boards.

How Do You Choose The Right PCB Prototype Service China?

It is exceptionally vital to work with the right supplier who can provide you the best PCB prototyping services.

Let’s look at some of the factors that you should consider before choosing PCB prototype service China:


The PCB quality being provided is the most essential parameter, and the prototype should be fully operational and tailored-made to your specifications.

Errors can be expensive particularly because time-to-market is an exceedingly vital element of success.

Errors can be more costly when you will use the PCB prototype to exhibit minimal viable product to likely investors.

Therefore, make sure to conduct an extensive research to evaluate the quality element of the China PCB prototype service provider.

This includes confirming whether the supplier has a devoted team for PCBA prototyping.

Moreover, check the industries the PCB manufacturer serves and how their customer experiences have been.

You may check the customer feedback and even contact some directly to hear about their experience.

Minimum Order Quantity

Being a PCB prototype, likelihood of having a very high order quantity is low, since the first prototype is prone to changes.

However, it might be disadvantageous for you in case the PCB supplier has a large MOQ requirement.

Therefore, it is advisable to clarify this beforehand to avoid the unnecessary inconveniences.

The best PCB Prototype service companies can manufacture you small prototype quantities at affordable prices.


Cost definitely is a crucial element of any business and PCB prototyping service china is no different. Nonetheless, cost alone needs not to be the deciding factor.

Generally, PCB manufacturers who provide high quality products could equally offer higher prices.

Therefore, deciding entirely based on cost might lead to choosing a low-quality PCB prototype, which will imply extra expense and time.

For that matter, it is wise to conduct extensive evaluation of the PCB prototype service provide and price before making any decision.

Lead Time

Quick lead time in current dynamic world is a crucial requirement.

For that matter, it is important to confirm the lead time of your chosen PCB prototype manufacturer.

Furthermore, it is vital to check the manufacturer’s past track record and whether the customers can attest to their commitments.

Custom Options

You might require some PCB prototype customizations for it to satisfy your bespoke requirements.

Therefore, make sure that you opt for a supplier who can provide these customizations capabilities and not one who provides one-shoe-fits-all board.

Custom China PCB Prototype

Custom China PCB Prototype


It is advisable to confirm that your PCB prototype service china provider delivers to your final destination.

This helps in avoiding delivery problems or experience unwanted delays, which may cause a domino’s effect across various other areas.

Quick Quotes

You definitely want to work with a PCB prototype supplier who is fast and gives quick quotes at various order levels.

Consequently, this enables you to plan elements like product costing easily.

Industry Experience

Working with an experienced PCB prototype manufacturer is a very important consideration. An experienced manufacturer may even help during the PCB design phase and help avoid any problems that might emerge later.

This would be invaluable since you should not repeat any expensive mistakes.

Other Services

Often, you might be required to also outsource services like PCB assembly.

Owing to this, you need to select a manufacturer who gives a variety of PCB prototype services China to avoid dealing with several vendors.

Packaging And Shipping

Safe packaging is essential since damages to the PCB prototype during shipping can mess your whole plans.

Therefore, you should ensure that the PCB prototyping service provider observes safe packaging practices.

They should also have express shipping option in case you require to utilize it.

What Is The Lead Time For PCB Prototype Service China?

It is hard to specify the time needed to fabricate the circuit board prototype since all PCBs are different.

However, typically, mid-range PCB prototypes may require a few weeks, whilst prototyping other PCB types take months.

Moreover, supply chain interruptions may equally delay the turnaround time.

The PCB prototype design may be finished, yet lead times on some components can considerably affect your timeframe.

What Files Are Necessary For PCB Prototype Service China?

The following files are important in helping your PCB prototype service provider China to actualize your PCB design successfully.

Together with these, make sure to incorporate board outline within solder mask and drill drawing images:

  • Gerber File
  • Centroid File
  • Bill of Materials
  • NC Drill File
  • Assembly Drawings
  • ReadMe Text File

Is PCB Panelization Possible With PCB Prototype Service China?

Yes, PCB panelization is possible and enables mass production of smaller PCB prototypes.

The boards are linked together as a solo array, enabling movement across an assembly line.

PCB Prototype Panelization

PCB Prototype Panelization

You can easily remove or depanelize the individual circuit boards from the array.

To enjoy the benefits of bulk manufacturing that come with PCB panelization, you need to consider the following design parameters:

PCB-Array Strength

There is a compromise between the array integrity and ease of depanelization during PCB prototyping process.

Increasing the number of boards per array may reduce vibration and increase strength.

Component Layout

Placement of PCB parts and connectors, specifically those dangling off the circuit board edge can restrict the panelization options.

Pay keen attention on the position of delicate SMT parts towards the margin of the board.

PCB Shape

The shape of PCB prototype can make the panelization operation complex, with rectangle being the ideal shape.

However, if you are working with complex board shape, you can optimize panel space by swapping images to 180 degrees from 90 degrees.

Utilize a CAD program for fitting irregularly shaped PCBs into the array.

How Do You Avoid RF And Signal Integrity Issues When Using PCB Prototype Service China?

There are numerous problems with PCB prototype design related to signal integrity, EMC and RF considerations.

The many ways of avoiding the issues are related to the way you do the trace routing, which include:

Avoid Routing Traces In Parallel

Traces running in parallel through any length will experience a higher crosstalk level. In this scenario, signals on one trace appears on another.

Crosstalk can result in several issues in the PCB prototype, which can be hard to eliminate after designing and building the board.

Cross Traces At Right Angle

If two signal tracks should cross, you need to cross them at 90 degrees. This helps in reducing the level of mutual inductance and capacitance between the 2 signal lines.

What Is The Cost Of PCB Prototype Service China?

PCB prototype service China costs are not one-size-fits-all. There are a number of factors that dictate the overall cost, which consist of:

Board Size

The larger the size of PCB prototype, the costlier it will be and vice versa.


Certain PCB substrate and laminate materials have higher cost than others. Obviously, the PCB prototype material you choose will be costlier when high performance is a priority.

  • Complexity

Having a denser board complex wiring, or high components volume will increase the general cost of the PCB prototype.


You will incur higher cost if you need quick PCB prototyping service China to meet your timelines.

You realize that it is difficult to estimate the price of PCB prototype service china until you start engaging your manufacturer. The prototyping service could be as low as few dollars, or hundreds of dollars for bare board only.

The PCB prototyping service China price depends on the materials, components, design, complexity and size. This makes it difficult to have a general cost estimate.

Generally, you will incur higher PCB prototyping costs if you have a smaller production batch. The manufacturer will charge more for prototyping service with a final yield of 10 boards compared to when the yield is 1,000 boards.

How Do You Ensure Quality Of PCB Prototype Service China?

The key quality control tests during PCB prototyping process before the boards are shipped to you include:

Functional Testing

PCB functional testing aim is to pinpoint manufacturing flaws that impact reliability, incorrect or missing parts, and shorts/opens in solder connections or nets.

Aging Screening

PCB aging tests helps in evaluating the extended reliability of PCB prototype that might be in continual operation for beyond 100,000 hours.

The tests examine the whole PCB assembly, therefore giving information on the general bare board and its components reliability.

Vibration Testing

PCB vibration testing involves shocking or shaking the PCBA or components to observe how they will cope up in real life environment.

It tests the ability of PCB prototype assembly to endure real life scenario when operating or being shipped.

In-Circuit Testing (ICT)

This is the most robust and common method of PCB quality control. PCB ICT is an automated testing that checks for opens and shorts in the circuit board, and can detect 98 percent of faults.

Boundary Scan Testing

Boundary scan test examines the PCB wire lines. This method is commonly applied to screen integrated circuits if it is challenging to access all the circuit nodes.

Burn-In Testing

This quality control method for PCB prototype service China enables you to analysis the performance and pinpoint hidden faults in the board. Burn-in test is highly efficient and accurate.

Automated X-Ray Inspection

Automated X-ray Inspection uses X-rays that go through the PCB prototype and components body producing 2D or 3D solder joints images.

For this reason, it is suitable for concealed joints like those on BGA and other underneath pads.

Furthermore, AXI can equally sense solder voids and several others not detectable by other optical inspection techniques.

X-Ray Inspection of PCB Prototype China

X-Ray Inspection of PCB Prototype China

Which Are The Vital Specifications For PCB Prototype Service China?

Here are the key specifications of PCB prototype that you should communicate to your manufacturer:

  • Layers
  • PCB Size
  • Quantity
  • PCB Thickness
  • Copper Thickness
  • Surface Finish
  • Solder Mask Color
  • Minimum Trace/Space
  • Minimum Drill
  • Solder Paste Stencil
  • Lead Time

Venture offers affordable and reliable PCB prototype services in China – contact us now for all your PCB fabrication needs.

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