PCB Peelable Soldermask

  • Reliable performance within high temperature
  • Easy to remove without residue
  • Offers maximum protection to PCB
  • Screen printed to protect PCB shapes

Your Trusted PCB Peelable Soldermask in China

PCB Peelable Soldermask

Printed Circuit Boards often needs protection for its components or areas during assembly process or surface finish. That is why, Venture manufactures PCB peelable soldermask that offers cost-saving, reliable, and time-saving process.

Venture PCB peelable soldermask comes with fluid piece. It will allow you to peel off the soldermask in one pull. Our PCB peelable soldermask offers a lot of advantages such as:

  • Certified and fully compliant
  • Compatible with water-soluble flux types
  • Non-corrosive, non-staining, non-contaminating
  • Stable under high temperature

Choose Venture as Your Trusted PCB Peelable Soldermask Manufacturer

PCB Peelable Soldermask

Venture is a trusted manufacturer of PCB soldermask in China for over a decade. We offer a wide range of PCB peelable soldermask to suit your requirements. Venture offers you a total solution for your project or business needs.

PCB often have a selected area that needs protection during the assembly process or surface finish in order to avoid solder to flow in to PTH, terminals, or contacts.

Unlike resistant tapes, Venture PCB peelable soldermask offers reliable, cost-saving, and time-saving processes. It also provides maximum protection to your PCBs in various soldering process like reflow soldering, surface finish, wave soldering, and more.

PCB Peelable Soldermask

You can apply Venture PCB peelable masks through screen-printing. It can also be applied in different shapes or design. It also comes with fluid piece. It will allow you to peel off the soldermask in one pull.

Venture PCB peelable soldermask can be easily removed without residue. It does not require additional cleaning. You just lift off the mask from the surface and slowly pull it away from the lifted part.

Aside from that, Venture manufactures PCB peelable soldermasks are non-corrosive, non-staining, and non-contaminating. These are manufactured according to international quality standards such as RoHS and more.

PCB Peelable Soldermask

With that, you can trust the quality of our PCB peelable soldermasks. At Venture, we have a professional team who will work with you to understand your needs. We will always cooperate with you so we can deliver the right products for you.

Besides PCB peelable soldermasks, Venture also manufactures PCB board cleaner spray, dot PCB board, IC test board, laser cut PCB, waterproof PCB, and more.

Inquire now for your next PCB peelable soldermask orders!

PCB Peelable Soldermask: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

PCB Peelable Soldermask The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you have any question on PCB Peelable Soldermask – all answers you’re looking for is right here.

So, keep reading to learn more.

What Is PCB Soldermask?

During mass soldering, selected holes protected against plugging.

We use Peelable Soldermask to achieve this.

We need to protect printed circuit boards of the selected board areas.

Soldering processes like wave soldering, hot-air solder leveling and reflow soldering are protected by peelable solder mask.

PCB peelable soldermask

PCB peelable soldermask

Why Do You Need PCB Peelable Soldermask?

Here is why you need PCB Peelable Soldermask:

  • When assembling, PCB selected areas are protected.
  • It is easy to remove and no residue is left behind.
  • When it comes to high temperatures, it is very stable.
  • Its shape and complex structure is protected by screen-printing.
  • It is low when it comes to cost, not time consuming and very reliable than taping.
  • When it comes to manual masking with tapes that are heat resistant, they have long surpassed it.
  • There is overprinting of carbon ink.
  • When it comes to its shelf life, it is excellent.
  • PCB eliminates errors thus reduction in inspection time.
  • It is very easy to check the damages and replace where the component has failed.
  • It is very accurate with no chance of short circuits of loose connections.

Are There Limitations Of PCB Peelable Soldermask?

Some of the limitations include:

  • Once damaged, it is not easy to repair.
  • PCB surface finishing is uneven.
  • When it comes to fine-pitch, it is not reliable.
  • Once printed we cannot be updated.
  • For one type of circuit operation, redesigning is required.
  • It is used for a specific function only.
  • There are contents of lead in PCB peelable.

How Do You Apply Peelable Soldermask On PCB?

Bare board protective coating is called a solder mask.

It does not only protect accidental solder bridging as assembly mask covered but the board is also protected from the environment.

Coating of polymer-layer on the metal trace of a board is called a solder mask.

Depending on application demand, solder mask comes in very many different media.

-Procedure For Application

  1. Clean the production panel thoroughly dust particles are not trapped under the mask.
  2. Cover the panels completely with liquid mask on both sides.
  • Put the coated panels in the oven to tack-dry the mask completely to finish the processing.
  1. For each side of the board, a film of solder mask gerber file is made.
  2. Where mask is to be removed, the board will be black while clear where film is to be sticked.
  3. The film is precisely aligned over the tack-dried board placed into UV developer.
  • Uncured mask is washed off after exposure to UV lamps leaving mask in the places needed only.

Is Temporary Soldermask Same As PCB peelable soldermask?

One kind of temporary soldermask is peelable mask.

Are all used in protection of the PCB surface finishing or assembly process of PCB of selected board areas.

temporary soldermask

temporary soldermask

They both have soldering prevention properties, they guard contacts and terminals.

Electronic circuit boards assembly uses temporary solder mask.

In wave soldering, engineering of solder mask was done for protection through holes.

Great peel-ability and high temperature acceptance.

During finishing or assembly process, selected areas are protected.

When it comes to high temperatures it is very stable.

Both processes are time and cost saving.

 peelable soldermask

peelable soldermask

Where Can You Use PCB Peelable Soldermask?

Here is where you can use PCB Peelable soldermask

Wave Soldering Open Vias Protection.

Mask is applied strategically to ensure no solder in the process of wave soldering and thus vias stay open.

Both metal and fluxed can be soldered without discriminating.

Areas underneath won’t be affected because there will be no sticking of solder to the mask.

Low Stand-off Masking Around Components.

The surface of the board and space between the components have very low stand-off areas.

You run the risk when the material is drawn through capillary action under the component.

When applying conformal coating with a sensitive spray system.

The component is surrounded by a mask to create a dam and avoid problems.

Masking Conformal Coating And Contact Areas.

It is important to avoid contact area when applying conformal coating to a circuit board.

Coatings are very insulative so the function of contact, switches and anything that requires metal-on-metal contact will impede.

Moving elements and components that are solvent sensitive need to be masked.

Soldering Two Sided Board.

Because gravity helps hold the components in place as the solder melts and solidifies.

Running top-side of the board through the reflow oven becomes very easy

To hold the component into place, you must count on the surface tension of the solder.

For the flipped board to run the bottom side for the small components.

BGAs corners secured with spot masks are always there for large component.

Sensitive Temperature Components Are Protected.

In the reflow process, sensitive temperature components are protected against thermally insulative latex mask.

Since it was intentional, manufacturers are assisting in qualifying the products.

Painting, Powder Coating And Plating Process In The Masking Areas.

Potential application temporary solder mask is used as the liquid masking tape.

Does PCB Peelable Soldermask Require Curing?

The curing process begins from the outside then on the inside.

Depending on the beads’ thickness and type of mask, the time it can take is anywhere from 30minutes to 24 hours.

Liquid component of the mask vaporizes immediately when uncured mask hits molten solder.

It then makes it exit forcefully if the cured skin is not thick enough.

Causing creation of voids in the mask.

The board is lifted out of the solder in extreme cases and solder beads are thrown all over the PCB.

A margin of error is provided by wave solder pre-heat zone which doing all the curing is not recommended.

When put on the wave conveyor, curing of the mask fully is not important but cured to touch with a firm skin.

Within your own process a test will be done depending on the mask material, thermal profile and thickness of bead.

Which Colour Do PCB Peelable Soldermask Comes In?

Green, among others it is the ideal colour for printed circuit boards.

The components placed on the colour ensures clear visibility.

Between the planes, traces and vacant spaces, green PCB has vary has very fine contrast.

The base resin when it was originally produced was brownish-yellow in colour.

Its hardener are very muddy brown in colour, mixing them together it gives green.

colored peelable PCB

Colored peelable PCB

Being tasted under different types of adverse conditions, the green shade produced the right contrast with white legend ink.

Green colour stands out so much because of the incredibly thin copper layer on a PCB.

During soldering process, the layer is covered with solder mask which comes in green to prevent it from oxidation

Among the colours green stands out to be the most visible colour in human eye.

Why Do You Need PCB Peelable Soldermask During Soldering Processing?

After processing at the PCB manufacturer or assembler.

Peelable solder mask which are applied by screen-printing to act as in-process protection are removed.

Protection in soldering process such as wave soldering, reflow soldering, hot-air solder leveling are provided by peelable solder mask.

Peelable solder mask are reliable with long surpassed manual masking.

They have time saving and cost saving application with heat resistant tapes.

To protect circuit by screen printing, peelable masks are also applied on already soldered mask PCB.

Soldermask can be mechanically removed or peeled-off by hand when processes are over and soldermask is no longer needed.

Which Features Should You Consider when Choosing PCB Peelable Soldermask?

Easy To Remove Method.

Choosing a solder mask that is easy to remove is a plus, you can choose water washable mask.

They can be cleaned with no clogs in the filters or damage in ion filter beds.

Peelable solder mask is commonly used when cleaning environments with solvents

In conformal process, peelable masks are common.

They are used for contact area masking and over sensitive chemical components.

Soldering With High Temperature Conditions.

Lead-free soldering high temperatures can be withstand.

PCB component free areas are protected during wave soldering due to its high temperature resistivity.

It has no adverse effect when introduced into a preheated oven within 4 minutes of application.

During conformal coating process, it is used in protection of pins, posts, contacts and edge connections.

Masking For Conformal Coating.

During soldering, it protects components-free areas with natural latex formulated with high-temperature resistant compounds.

Used for protection of connections of pins, posts, contacts and edge during the process of conformal coating.

Masking Large Vias.

Works well due to its high viscosity properties.

It a compound with high temperature resistivity that protects component-free areas during wave soldering.

When preheated within 4 minutes in the wave solder, there are no adverse effects.

Pins, posts, contacts and edge connections are protected during conformal coating processes.

Sensitive metals.

The mask that is low odor and safest on sensitive metals like copper is a Non –Ammoniated solder masked.

It is safe to use in sensitive metal due to its fast curing, a latex and ammonia free peelable temporary spot mask.

During wave soldering, it protects compound-free areas because of its high temperature resistivity property.

During the process of conformal coating, pins, posts, contacts and edge connections in the solder reflow oven are protected.

Easy to remove and is a strong peelable natural latex mask

Quality Standards To Comply With PCB

  • RoHS- Restriction of Hazardous Substances compliant to reduce environmental impact from hazardous substances within electrical and electronic equipment.
  • IPC-2221 – Ensures manufacturability and design reliability standard.
  • IPC-2222- Standard for rigid organic printed board design.
  • IPC-2223- Standard for flex PCB structure design.
  • IPC-2581- Industry standards.

How Can You Remove PCB Peelable Soldermask?

You can try any of the following options:

Machining And Milling

Precise and most effective technique for solder mask removal is a milling machine.

They have very sharp cutters that will penetrate into the board surface with depth control precision.

Scraping And Grinding

Is the most common solder mask removal technique, it is done by use of scrapers and knives in the areas where you don’t want it.

It doesn’t need any special set up, it is done manually.

Chemical Stripping

When removing solder mask from copper planes or soldered surface, chemical stripping technique is used.

To isolate the area for stripping, protective materials are placed on the circuit board surfaces.

With brush or swab chemical stripper is applied.

Chemical will attack the coating just like a paint stripper which is liquid and difficult to control and break it down.


Removing solder masks from large areas of the surface of circuit board technique.

A brasive material which is propelling through a shaped hand-piece pencil blasts a way the coating.

Substantial friction and static charges are created in the process.

Microblasted system is designed to eliminate potential ESD damage when working on circuit board containing static sensitive devices.

To control the areas to be removed, significant preparation time including masking is needed.

How Does PCB Peelable Soldermask Liquid Photo-Imageable Solder Mask?

Liquid photo-imegeable components solder masks are silkscreened and coated with spray to the PCB ink compounds.

Techniques that are commonly used are solder leveling with Hot air, electro-less nickel finishings and surfaces with immersion gold.

The bare copper of the board is protected by liquid photo imageable solder mask.

Shelf life is lengthened and high quality PBC assembly of the product facilitated.

Giving distinct solder mask colour to the board making it exposed permanently onto the surface PCB.

A clean environment application process is require free from contaminations and particles.

Curing process is the next stage after PCB is completely covered with solder mask on both sides.

Curing is easy because of its sensitivity to UV light.

How Do You Determine When To Use PCB Peelable Soldermask?

Peelable solder mask have purpose that are very specific to serve.

During the reflow soldering, wave soldering and surface finishing process.

For prevention of accumulation of excess solder on the empty pads prior to PCB assembly.

Peelable solder mask over the pads or plated through holes of that part is applied.

To ensure that the correct finishing is applied to only peelable solder mask desired areas.

PCB is require for selective surface finishes like soft gold PCB surface finishes or hard gold PCB surface finishes.

Why Is Peelable Soldermask Important During PCB Assembly Process?

When assembling the PCB, solder mask is very important.

For accident prevention of solder bridging, make sure that you put solder mask pads between the mount pads surfaces during assembly.

With these, the amount of rework required to remove shorts is reduced.

Solder mask prevent solder starvation, it prevents solder from wicking from its intended location.

Tenting and plugging vias to prevent wicking solders away from the pad and down open via resulting in intermittent or no connection.

How Does PCB peelable soldermask compare to PCB Conformal Coating?

Is a coating protection applied to the bare printed circuit board covered with mask during assembly.

This is done to prevent solder bridging accidents.

While a coating protective applied to the assembled board rather than unpopulated bare board is a conformal coating.

PCB Conformal coating

PCB Conformal coating

Will PCB Peelable Soldermask Provide Protection During Hot-air Solder Leveling (HASL)?

Critical process on peelable soldermask is hot-air leveling.

It requires high temperature resistance, strong adhesion and high mechanical stability at the same time.

Peelable solder mask in vertical hot-air leveling equipment that can only be used with acceptable safety process.

For horizontal procedures, peelable solder mask are not recommended.

Despite the exception when using leaded solder, thermal combined with mechanical load is too high.

This is due to the tinning station rollers at its inside and outlets together with the air knives.

 Can You Apply Peelable Soldermask On All PCBs?

  1. To the contact area, apply the mask to protect.
  2. Give the mask time to fully cure.
  • Using natural latex mask, conformal coating is then applied.
  1. Touch to confirm if the coating is dry, peel the mask off before it is fully cured to get a clean masked edge.

For any questions of inquiries about PCB Peelable Soldermask, contact us now.

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